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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 01/17/2003

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:07 I'm done for the day-screens will run to close-sse you next week_________________________
3:04 that Venus energy was not enough to move prices off 900, I'm outa here________________
2:59 how nice-theory that works-raise stop to 900_____________________________________________
2:52 stop 899-if you haven't done so, check the chat room-some good traders there_____________
2:47 now coming to Venus-my analysis says it is HOT, so we shall see soon_____________________
2:42 if this rally gets a following, it should run up to the +M090 Moon flux__________________
2:36 looks like that inversion I was concerned about came-now buy 900 stop 898________________
2:28 covering 899-broke 20 EXMA_______________________________________________________________
2:21 stalled between Pluto and Saturn flux lines _stop is where it should be___________________
2:18 Watch the Venus time line near 2:53 and flux near 896 -Venus is hot today_____________________
2:08 stop 899.5-this is the point where it breaks or comes back to the 110 EXMA_______________
2:05 the Saturn time(vertical cyan S lines) to Saturn time fractal in the email looking good_
2:01 Still OK-lower stop to 900-may get fast move again_______________________________________
1:56 stop 901--be aware that may have switched to red -Tide and are coming to a low___________
1:51 lowering stop to 901.50 because of fast move_____________________________________________
1:48 now getting some curl on 110 sell 900 stop 903 ___________________________________________
1:42 no curl-still int the congestions zone-try to stay out of them-they can be expensive______
1:35 second turn may be coming eary-have a possible continuation sell on 20/110, but weak______
1:22 turning down passing the Jupiter time line-still in trading range________________________
1:11 The S&P goes nowhere 51% of the time-______________________________________________________
12:56 Crazy Harry is the conductor of S&P train-loves to park it in a station,like Station 903_
12:42 this is a dull period-if new, check out rest of site, especially tutorial_____________
12:29 getting resistance at 903 Mercury-setting 900-903 as trading range_____________________
12:12 being attracted back to the Moon/Mer/Chi flux bundle-note low on Lower Larson Band-LLB_
12:08 stalled-mid day is often dull-a frequent pattern is thrust-congest-thrust_____________
11:40 stopped for +4.5 - one trade at a time,peck,peck,peck makes a turkey fat_______________
11:38 Green +MoonTide flattens out here, then rises-suggesting a congestion________________
11:31 stop 901.50 -900 is a Chaos balance level-and 9 points from highs_____________________
11:26 stop 902-using the 20 minute EXMA _____________________________________________________
11:21 breaking Chiron means 897 possible-lower stop to 903-___________________________________
11:09 right on Chiron flux-lower stop 904-using fast break rule-______________________________
11:05 stop 905-Chiron et al could be support-903 is attractor, can become a repellor__________
10:58 lowering stop to 906 - getting more volatility as come to the Moon and friends__________
10:52 stop 908-above the 110 EXMA ____________________________________________________________
10:46 as Xchg comes to Moon/Chiron/Mer, 903 becomes attractor_________________________________
10:44 possible continuation sell-sold 906 stop 909_____________________________________________
10:39 here you can see both the + and - MoonTides. They balance each other to form congestions_
10:33 110 EXMA is very flat, right on the Neptune (illusion) electric field flux line _________
10:25 looking at Wheel of Fortune page tells you the Xchg just passed 225 degrees to Jupiter__
10:20 the Jupiter flux at 909 is a chaos theroy "attractor/repellor",also know as support/resistance._
10:12 rally faded, so looks like entering congestion zone-110 EXMa flat-cancel the buy stop_
10:02 looks like market is going flat or going to rally -I'll buy 910 stop___________________
10:01 not a good entry, so covering 907________________________________________________________
9:57 not moving much-early trades are more risky, so I may get stopped__________________________
9:50 sold 905, stop 908_-a continuation sell__________________________________________________________________________
9:49 first Tide turn is near now, and prices hit at the 110 EXMA, and dropped sharply______________
9:42 opening down and choppy, on Sun flux, 18 points from yesterday's spike high at solar noon_____
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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