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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 01/18/2002

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These are the comments made during the live session

3:47 1ADay stopped out for 0 at 128 - "could cover here" was +1.5 -I'm done-See you next week__
3:38 got support on Mercury flux -coming into low-sold 1128 stop 1128 cover 4:00-could cover here_
3:10 sold 1128 -lower stop 1128 - cover at 4:00_______________________________________________
3:03 This is moment of truth-if stay under arc, drop will accelerate_____________________________
2:57 Sold 1128 lower stop 1129 -arc will tend to accelerated this move unitl about 3:40_________
2:50 market still sitting near the low-have Mercury 0 Saturn helio at 3:42 - lots of energy late_
2:42 sold 1128 put stop 1131 ___________________________________________________________________
2:32 1ADay =sell 1128 stop-note still "stuck on Saturn"_________________________________________
2:18 getting some selling presssure-I added concentric circles-see the "rolling right" action?__
2:08 This is a marginal setup-low slope on 110 EXMA-but I'll try 1ADay-Sell 1128 stop-trail $-2.5_
1:54 stopped out for 0-choppy low range day-a Twentyman Grinder__________________________________
1:52 Bought 1030.5,raise stop 1130.5,cover 1:15-coming to 1ADay-countertrend near 2:20_______________
1:32 getting rally as per green +Tide-bot 1030.50 raise stop 1029.50-test page now has comments_
1:07 getting some lift as per green +Tide-buy 1130.5 stop 1127.5______________________________
12:58 still stuck on Saturn_____________no comments to make___________________________________
12:17 trade not moving coming into next Tide turn-cover 1129 for +1.5__________________________
12:05 got support 1128= 60 degrees from Sun/Venus-now back up to Saturn-________________________
11:47 there is the break-sold 1130.5 lower stop to 1130.5 and hold.1140-18=1122 target____________
11:41 had two aspects 11:28 and 11:33-seem to have set the high of this hour_____________________
11:37 still not moving-blue 110 minute EXMA still says tend is down-_____________________________
11:22 may have a short trade setup here based on green +Tide - Sell 1130.50 stop 1133____________
11:10 Right back to the Saturn flux-may have gotten an inversion in the Tides-pretty choppy_____
10:55 passing Jupiter ended the dullness-still on green +Tide-1134 is a balance price___________
10:33 Moon/Node flux stopped the rally-looks like on geen +Tide-still too dull to trade_________
10:26 Also getting energy from 10:35 Moon 30 Uranus aspect______________________________________
10:24 That little high came as Xchg passed Chiron-a minor planet but very effective in markets__
10:18 note move from 1140=300 degrees to 1128=240 degrees-1/6 of circle-S&P runs on 6th harmonic_
10:05 Yesterday's high was set by Sun/Venus-Aux page shows wheel-note Venus conjoin Sun-__________
9:55 Got high as Xchg passed the Node -still "stuck on Saturn"_____________________________________
9:48 If your are watching at,you can see 3 other screens by clicking links_
9:45 Tides show a slow start and a more volatility later in the day_______________________________
9:33 opening down near Saturn electric field flux _______________________________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic_____________________________________________________________
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