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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 01/25/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

4:00 cover 1133-done for the day-see you next week_____________________________________________
3:37 buy 1134.50 stop 1132-may get late streak move as per green +Tide shifted left 12 minutes_
3:32 I covered 1133.50 for +1_. may see a mistyped line-_______________________________________
3:28 Moon conjoin Node after close is holding prices on Moon/Node flux pair.___________________
3:22 sold 1134.50 lower stop to 1134.50 and cover 4:00_________________________________________
3:11 sold 1134.50 lower stop to 1135.50_-just focus on moving stop now_________________________
3:06 shifted green +tide right 50 minutes to see what might fit-hold short-sold 1134.50________
3:00 now comes the moment of truth-110 says trend has turned down,but could just go flat________
2:35 rolling right-sell 1134.50 stop 1137.50_-bet is inverted to green +Tide____________________
2:29 notice the left to right symetry with yesterday-it says chop,rally,drop-may not be tradable_
2:25 one reason I pressed the stops was I saw 7 swings in the rally=a Chaos Clamhell____________
2:25 have nnow dropped back to the congestion zone-so may not get another trade_________________
2:19 stopped out,+1 and +1.5-that cover on +4 was better-lost comments on sp1day and nq2day charts_
2:05 stalled-needs to rally here-raise stop on 1ADayto 1135.50, same as #1___________________________
1:50 raise stop on 1ADay to 1134.50,bot 1134.50.#1 bought 1134 stop 1135.50.__________________
1:45 lots of selling at yesterday's highs-have to chew through it before can rally fast________
1:33 just had Moon 15 Saturn aspect-getting lift -rally should accelerate going into Qtr Moon__
1:27 bought 1 1134 x 1135.5. bought 1Aday 1134.5 stop raise stop 1133.50 ______________________
1:23 if you had waited until 12:40, this is the dip you would buy-I'm long 2, which is enough_
1:19 I just noticed the email said to cover the 1ADay at 4 points-I'll hold for more__________
1:10 I have the -Tide shifted left 20 minutes-that matched the first low and second high_______
1:05 now watch for a rebuy opportunity-20 min EXMA comes down toward but not to the 110, then up_
1:00 rally stalled a bit.Raise stop #1 to 1135.50-bought it at 1134_______________________________
12:50 bought 1134 and 1134.5.stop 1134 on #1.Raise stop on #2 to 1132.5-raising 1 pt every 30 min_
12:46 the SP1DAY chart shows the blue 110 and yellow 20 minute EXMA's clearly-show a solid rally_
12:32 bought 1134 and 1134.5, raise stop on first to 1134, 1ADay stop 1131.5 until 12:50_________
12:29 one reson I pressed is I saw the letter M pattern up from the early low -M is for Money_
12:22 I pressed the time by about 20 minutes based on real time action-stop goes at 1131.5_____
12:19 110 EXMA starting to rise and crossed upward by yellow 20 minute EXMA-1ADay buy now 1134.5_
12:10 bought 1134-put stop at 1131-1Aday is looking for blue 110 EXMA to start moving__________
12:02 lower the buy stop to 1134-not 1Aday trade-it waits for more info from EXMA's____________
11:54 pulling back as per red -Tide-market flat.1ADay trade looking to go with move near 12:40_
11:28 1134 is balance level,between -M270 and +M270 flux lines-can buy above-buy 1136 stop______
11:07 That high was set by the -M270 Moon electric flux line and Jupiter flux-still on red -Tide
10:48 Now getting some buying-still on red -Tide, so should peak soon___________________________
10:40 still flat and choppy-S&P spends 51% of its time going nowhere____________________________
10:22 I've added today's Chaos Clinic comments to the sp1day and nq2day charts-explore a bit_____
10:13 That little high came as the Xchg opposed Jupiter-shown by vertical blue line marked with J_
10:09 This is a congestion. They can kill you, so stay out.Tides show better odds later.________
10:01 Chaotic systems have more than one solution. Markets are provably chaotic._______________
10:01 Markets will follow +Tide, -Tide, or a combination of the two.____________________________
9:55 now a bounce up from 1128 at 240 degree-note 60 deg move from yday high-choppy so far_____
9:47 looks like on red -Tide-compare slope of EXMAs with slope of forecast -Tide_______________
9:34 opening a bit down on Saturn electric field flux___________________________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic_____________________________________________________________
_______________For the new Chaos Clinic, go to Daytradingforecasts.com__________________________________________________________________________________

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