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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 01/31/2003

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:38 I'm done for the day-see you next week-check the great comments in chat room ______%-)____
3:36 covering here 849.25 for +1.75-back to the 20 EXMA and late in day__________________________________
3:32 stop 850-can press hard according to 20 EXMA______________________________________________
3:26 stop 851 - at break or bounce point ______________________________________________________
3:20 stop 852-on fast break us the yellow 20 EXMA as stop guide________________________________
3:16 break pretty fast so press stop to 853_____________________________________________________
3:08 getting break - sold 851 stop 854_________________________________________________________
2:54 price crossing 110 EXMA, won't break until below +M000-watch patiently___________________
2:48 Ticks have just dropped sharply from +750 to 0,so down turn is probably setting up_______
2:39 at the turn, want to go with the flow out of it -EXMA's will lead the way ________________
2:12 now coming into Tide turn-notice support on +M000 flux - if broken 20/110 EXMAs will signal sell
1:44 turned down on -M090 Moon flux-it will be 9 points lower on Monday-can carry prices down_
1:28 We have traded near 855 fro 5 consecutive trading days-so have a congestion,more downside_
1:20 now looks like top is forming -still on the Sun/Jup/Nep flux_____________________________
12:52 now meeting resistance-3 hour rally is typical,so is 4 hgours___________________________
12:23 broke the +M000 to Sun/Jup/Neptune, 18 points up from low near Sun/Jup/Nep-email prices_
12:14 You can see here the physics of highs at the sam price-a strong electric field flux line_
12:00 that white line and the +M000 moon flux now form a rising wedge triangle-ends near 2:00_
11:44 The diagonal dotted white lines are the S&P Harmonic Grid-note how they form a trendline_
11:38 picked up energy from the Moon, so should rally back to the +M000 moon flux, maybe -M090_
11:25 It is good to have something else to do on dull days, so you don't make things up-don't stare_
11:05 minor move-low on Mars flux,high on Chiron flux-green Tide-now coming to Moon_____________
10:50 now the 110 and 20 EXMA's tangle, confirming a flat market-stay out of them-can last hours_
10:32 In a trading range (congestion) you see both MoonTides-here green +, now red - ____________
10:23 846 is a Chaos balance level-midway between +M000 and -M180 Moon flux lines->trading range_
10:08 hindsight is wonderful-now it shows taking my +4 was wise-good example of using rules______
10:05 rally stopped on +M000 Moon electric field flux line,which turned it down hard-_____________
10:01 I could have used the fast trade rule-and gone for more-OK that I didn't-more trades coming_
9:58 Looks like there was more-never worry about the money left on the table-just get yours______
9:51 out +4- MoonTides were right, tracking indicators and rules worked-forecast-plan-track-execute_
9:49 stop 842 -use 20 EXMA as guide on out of band entries ______________________________________
9:41 bought 842 stop goes at 839-cover is at +4=846_____________________________________________
9:34 early trades are riskier than later-out of band buy if rally,put buy stop 842______________
9:20 looks like early turn was before open outcry session-out of band condition__________________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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