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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 02/07/2003

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:51 out 829 -see you next week______________________________________________________
3:29 bought 829 again stop 826_-a play on Chiron late in the day_______________________
3:24 out -.25 _________________________________________________________________________
3:18 stop 828 at 110 EXMA __-put up 2 day chart________________________________________
3:05 stop 829.50 -getting curl on 110 EXMA - __________________________________________
2:50 sold 827.50 stop 830.50__________________________________________________________
2:47 possible continuation sell - 110 EXMA still holding_______________________________
2:44 aborting 828 for -1 ; no go________________________________________________________
2:27 I treated this as an out of band buy even though the band range had contracted____
2:22 second low on Saturn - Buy 829 stop 826 ________________________________________
2:10 getting some action as pass Pluto-will it continue?______________________________
1:58 move down from 11:10 has 7 swings-a small down Chaos Clamshell___________________
1:55 When the market gets dull, look out-after the dullness comes Chaos________________
1:49 no confirmation yet-now right at double green Minor Grid crossing__________________
1:33 getting some lift off the low-I'm ready to buy if EXMA's confirm_____________________
1:23 notice the green steep double dotted Minor Grid line up,near +Tide____________________
1:20 Venus to Venus 4 hour move is complete-still looks like green +Tide___________________
1:15 21 point range -828 is 180 degrees, can be major support_______________________________
1:09 broke Chiron as passed Moon's Node-range expansion beyond 18 points_____________________
12:50 Chiron low held again-so still in Mercury centered congestion__________________________
12:43 you are watching a mystery-how can a 220 km rock stop billions of money flow? Electrically_
12:34 pressure is down-110 EXMA is down-TRIN is above 1.0, bearish-+M180 now resisitance_____
12:30 stuck on Chiron-________________________________________________________________________
12:16 testing Chiron again-stopped out_______________________________________________________
12:10 odds favor a 4 hour flat here- 1/6 of the hday-S&P likes 6th harmonic___________________
11:51 pretty boring-flat as forecast-congestion center on Mercury_Moon +M180 flux attractor___
11:38 stop survived retest of lows-now have double bottoms 1 hour apart_______________________
11:34 dip to Chiron passing Neptune-adjusted green +Tide______________________________________
11:23 prices have now been captured by the +M180 Moon flux line-will support it several hours_
11:09 rebuy 834.75, stop 830-have a S&P harmonic grid white diagonal support line___________
11:00 don't like that, out at 833-if they don't move, get out quick_________________________
10:55 this is an out of band buy, expecting a move up to the 110 minute EXMA-_______________
10:50 bought 833 stop 828 for now-just on Moon pattern_______________________________________
10:47 be sure to read The Moon In Action,link on Chart List page ______________________________
10:44 after a 2 moon day like yesterday,the next day,until the early Moon, is often chaotic_____
10:42 A max terrorist alert was issued as the Exchange passed Chiron-now sqauring the Moon_______
10:31 now have gone 18 points Chiron to Chiron flux-a normal day's range in less than an hour_
10:29 stopped-no bounce there-___________________________________________________________
10:20 support on Mercury/M+180 Moon electric field flux-buy 836 stop 833_________________
10:15 switched to 2 day chart for perspective-retesting yesterday's lows_________________
10:10 too aggressive-cover 837____________________________________________________________
10:07 I don't have a any hotline trades this morning, but a buy here is reasonable_________
-buy 838 stop 835 _________________________________________________________________
9:58 bounced down to 837, Sun,Jup.Nep and a Chaos balance level-now Out of Band_____________
9:40 very choppy as we pass Chiron-dropped to Moon's Node and back up-_________________________
9:32 Opening up with high on Chiron, recent low on Mars, and forecast of congestion____________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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