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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 02/08/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

4:04 covered just in time - Globex shut down - that's why you always have stops IN-CU next week_
3:53 close enough- cover 1195 on 2. Stopped at Moon's Node_+12 andd +11.5, net +17.5 today____
3:46 long 2 1083/1083.5 stop 1090.5 raise to 1092 cover 1098 OB -should get 18 point move_____
3:41 paused at Saturn-going higher___________________________________________________________
3:34 raise stop to 1090.5 - cover 1098 _Today's square was Jup/Chi/Moon______________________
3:32 Isn't this fun? love them Moon Tides___________________________________________________
3:25 sell 1098 or better or at 4:00_________________________________________________________
3:17 long 2 1083/1083.5 stop 1079 -raise to 1086-cover at 4:00______________________________
3:01 If you make another copy of price mirrored below 1080, you will see a Mandelbrot set___
2:57 long 2 1083/1083.5 stop 1079 -raise to 1083 - plan to cover on close___________________
2:47 I just sent out a Chaos Trader's Email flash for Position traders -buy 2-see email_____
2:45 should get lots of weekend buying off this 3 day low-see 9 day chart___________________
2:40 in a few minutes, the Xchg will pass the S&P natal Moon -usually a hot spot____________
2:36 stop survived again-there must be a God-sharp up candle on green +Tide low_____________
2:30 survived another test of 1080-hold tight-green +Tide low coming_______________________
2:23 1080 tested again-stop not hit-hold tight _____________________________________________
2:15 prices vibrating abour Mars-Moon is moving to square Mars-Xchg passing at 3:30=HOT_____
2:05 long 2 1083/1083.5 stop 1079 - hold -blue 110 curl up, yellow 20 EXMA cross=buy signal_
1:56 buy #2 1083.5 stop 1079 -momentum turning up__________________________________________
1:52 stopped again-just too choppy-tides are mixed-1080 held-again buy 1083 stop 1079_______
1:47 looks like move 7 in down Chaos Clamshell developing-suggests late low-hold short_______
1:40 the blue 110 EXMA is down, the yellow 20 dipped up to it, then down=a resell signal_____
1:37 sell 1080 stop 1083 - having trouble holding the last low_______________________________
1:32 inverted to green +Tide-says low near 2:30-shop for trade then__________________________
1:28 stopped out 1081-don't want to be long when stop making higher lows______________________
1:23 I did that based on the higher minor lows-showing signs of an acceleration_______________
1:19 buy #2 at 1084 stop 1081 raise stop on #2 1081-bought it at 1083__________________________
1:16 still long-that rising +M090 Moon electricfield flux line is applying upward pressure____
1:09 coming to red -Tide low and got higher low-bought 1083 stop 1079.5_______________________
1:02 little dip down to Chi/Jup support flux - I jumped in early but OK still viable__________
12:39 buy 1083 stop 1079.5 -moon sq is support, Xchg squares moon late in day-probable rally___
12:35 price square moon 1082- cover for +2 -got bounce off the 1080 balance price_______________
12:18 sold 1084 lower stop 1084 cover 1078.50 as forecast by red -Tide_________________________
12:12 sold 1084 lower stop to 1085.5 -still on red -Tide-move accelerating_____________________
12:05 lower stop to 1086 -_____________________________________________________________________
12:00 may get another leg down -sell 1084 stop 1086.5 ________________________________________
11:54 now lookslike market going flat again-may get mixed tides-so 3 points was good___________
11:49 covered on 3 point gain 1084.25 as per 1ADay email-may be more_______________________________________
11:42 sold 1087.25 stop 1086.25 - just keep moving it-_________________________________________
11:34 sold 1087.25 stop 1088-just focus on moving stop_________________________________________
11:31 price just hexed with Jupiter/Moon/Chiron/A ____sold 1087.25 stop 1089.25 -hold___________
11:25 sold 1087.25 stop 1090.25 -trail it by 3 points above price__-lower to 1089.75____________
11:23 raise sell stop 1087.25___________________________________________________________________
11:13 start trailing sell stop $-3, now sell 1087 stop__________________________________________
11:06 1ADay trade is to go counter the early trend near 11:20-coming into that soon_____________
10:50 Sun square is keeping lid on rally-kill the long at 1087___________________________________
10:44 bought 1088 (late) stop 1085 -blue EXMA says trend is up, so hold-on red -Tide_____________
10:41 the alerts are fired by programs that watch for key events-in this case $ sq to Moon, etc.
10:39 fixed alert summary page bug-when you hear a ding, you can check the alert page for why__
10:35 alert summary page is not working right-have had several alerts so may have heard many dings_
10:27 if you have a sound board, you should hear a ding from a wizard alert-buy 1088 stop 1085_
10:23 Market going flat-blue 110 minute EXMA is the trend indicator-price sq Mer as Xcg passes it
10:17 pretty choppy action-moon is vertical, so get unproductive "pops"________________________
10:06 stopped out on pop up to square Sun-trend changing to up_________________________________
9:57 rally stopped square Neptune-probably a high as per green +Tide-sell 1085 stop 1088_______
9;41 I expect an early congestion here-probably running on green +Tide-1ADay trade near 11:20_
9:32 opening on Mars, Square the Moon - new chat room code is up and limping___________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at Daytradingforecasts.com_____________________________
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