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Here are Al's comments
2:00 I'm done for the day-have some other things I must do-thanks for coming-screens and _
2:00 chat room will run-sse you next week____________________________________________________
1:44 now popped up to the War flux bundle as the MoonTides near the flat zone________________
1:27 turned back down across the -M090/Node/Ura fluux bundle.It and +M000/Mer set trading range_
1:12 getting strength, but lots of overhead at Plu/Mar/Sat "War flux"-suspect close on it___
12:55 we have now seen joy and gloom, and talk of impending doom-we planned and made 2 trades_
12:55 and won on both-time to say Thank You Great Engineer, relax and watch______________
12:49 out +4 - just take the normal target on this one___________________________________
12:42 stop 817___________________________________________________________________________
12:40 stop 815.50 _-out of band traget is +4, or 821______________________________________
12:34 stop 814.50-out of band entries are riskier, so use 20 EXMA as stop guide_____________
12:32 bought 817 stop 814 _______________________________________________________________
12:15 going into the Tide turn, prices are on the +M000 moon flux line, and out of band--
12:16 so a possible out of band buy is setting up_________________________________________________
12:04 good continuation sell on the 20/110 EXMA's about 818-I skipped it, but watch bwk in chat room_
12:00 today the news and worry is about war-Mars is the God of War, and 826 and 808 are Mars prices_
11:54 now on green +Tide, probing for low-now wait for next Tide turn and look for trade then_
11:33 It would be easy to say "Gee, I missed a good trade"-the truth is you have missed a million _
11:33 good trades in the past, so one more should not bother you-there are a million more coming_
11:27 819 is a Chaos Balance level where the +M000 and -M090 Moon electric flux effects cancel _
11:18 I gave 4 key prices-816 (low),822(congestion),831(high), and 808 (not hit yet)__________
11:18 813 will also be important now, 18 points below the high-a normal day harmonic move_____
11:15 now back to the 110 EXMA - may now get mixed tides as the UN report gets digested_______
11:09 in last night's Email, I pointed out that Moon/Chiron were hot, and 831 was 18 points___
11:09 up from the 813 low late yesterday-this is harmony inside the chaos______________________
11:03 I pressed my stop hard, which was a judgement call-that's part of trading-I almost covered_
11:03 at 831 based on other stufff I use,like the Chiron flux line, but that is not a Win2Day rule_
10:58 stopped for +3 - a +5 was there but I elected to try for more-oh well____________________
10:54 stop 826.50 -interesting how the moonTides knew about today's news_______________________
10:51 stop 825 - cover is at +12 points, or 835.50 _____________________________________________
10:49 stop 823.50 ______________________________________________________________________________
10:46 move stop up to 821 - using fast move rule and the 20 EXMA as guidance____________________
10:37 filled long, stop 820.50 _________________________________________________________________
10:33 buy 823.50 stop to catch any breakout ___________________________________________________
10:26 Everyone is watching the security council meeting-EXMA's are flat-so wait_____________
10:15 not turning down, could be red -Tide-EXMA's will tell which as we get past 10:35______
10:11 the diagonal white grid is the S&P Harmonic Grid-unique to this site-__________________
10:08 looks like on green +MoonTide-if so, will get a 20/110 EXMA crossing sell ______________
10:03 possible continuation buy setting up, but need to break away from the 110 EXMA___________
10:00 still pretty flat, as per the 110 EXMA----------------------------------------------------
9:50 choppy and spikey as come to the Moon_______________________________________________________
9:32 opening failrly flat, support on Jup/Nep flux _______________________________________________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

2/14/2003 02:09:03 PM Mountain wlj:: going for 838
2/14/2003 01:59:54 PM Mountain mm:: BINIGO
2/14/2003 01:56:04 PM Mountain mm:: 832.65 is a resistance level for the pit - they almost got it up there at 10:52
2/14/2003 01:55:53 PM Mountain bkw:: yes we are-every day.
2/14/2003 01:55:20 PM Mountain bkw:: The tapepainters are loose-who in hell would want to be long over a 3 day weekend right now?? Have a good weekend guys-cya Tuesday
2/14/2003 01:55:13 PM Mountain gs:: Are you guys in here everyday?
2/14/2003 01:51:23 PM Mountain wlj:: bkw, nice call on 830,strong finish, makes daily stuff bullish
2/14/2003 01:42:43 PM Mountain wlj:: up 9 pts from swing low
2/14/2003 01:13:42 PM Mountain wlj:: hope gerbal does not get whip lash, he has a good lawyer
2/14/2003 01:13:40 PM Mountain bkw:: WLJ-that is so true-next will be-can I borrow a match to light my shoes!
2/14/2003 01:10:07 PM Mountain wlj:: on the radio this a.m. two middle east types trying to buy a crop duster. thats like taking a taxi to the bank while wearing a ski mask and telling the driver to wait you will be right out
2/14/2003 01:06:53 PM Mountain bkw:: watch the wheel hit 830 and reverse!
2/14/2003 01:06:01 PM Mountain wlj:: coming off the wheel
2/14/2003 01:05:07 PM Mountain wlj:: gerbal just hi hi gear, smoke comming of the wheel
2/14/2003 01:01:42 PM Mountain bkw:: Good way to put it-WLJ-where is ML is he sitting quietly in the weeds??
2/14/2003 12:46:13 PM Mountain wlj:: if tide is right we arenow in the gerbal wheel to know were
2/14/2003 12:23:27 PM Mountain wlj:: up slope white dot line support at low and now
2/14/2003 12:14:48 PM Mountain bkw:: out plus 3.
2/14/2003 12:13:47 PM Mountain bkw:: stop 822
2/14/2003 12:09:51 PM Mountain wlj:: bond guys have got the life, they left two hrs early today
2/14/2003 12:06:15 PM Mountain bkw:: stop 823
2/14/2003 11:52:28 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 825 stop 828
2/14/2003 11:47:19 AM Mountain bkw:: NJR-my target for this move 774-783 that shud be rally time.
2/14/2003 11:38:47 AM Mountain wlj:: njr, als stargo calls for a low soon, some gurus have 16th-19th as important dates. if we close up today daily chart indexs will still show vol indicator non/conf bullish. sp has filled oct gap, but nasdaq comp has not filled oct gap. do not want to be long stock market over wk end. terror will test oct lows question is which oct.
2/14/2003 11:34:28 AM Mountain bkw:: out + 1 and change
2/14/2003 11:32:22 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 823
2/14/2003 11:28:36 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 824 stop 827
2/14/2003 11:10:41 AM Mountain Big Daddy:: Al, Yes it does little risk as well. Thanks
2/14/2003 10:55:28 AM Mountain Al:: thanks Big Daddy-it is built one trade at a time using forecast, plan, track, execute. We go for small quick gains, peck,peck,peck. Makes a turkey fat.
2/14/2003 10:52:34 AM Mountain njr:: dow up 133pts during Bliks presetation,now down -17 or so. Three day weekend ahead ,anyreason to be long over weekend?I think NOT.RETEST OF OCTOBER LOW LIES AHEAD,IMHO.ANYONE,ANY THOUGHTS?
2/14/2003 10:49:08 AM Mountain wlj:: that low was 9 pts down from moon/node flux
2/14/2003 10:48:55 AM Mountain Big Daddy:: Al good track record.
2/14/2003 10:45:27 AM Mountain Big Daddy:: Hola Sky and Mon
2/14/2003 10:45:09 AM Mountain Al:: u r welcome ddd
2/14/2003 10:45:08 AM Mountain scm:: yes thanks...lip
2/14/2003 10:37:24 AM Mountain ddd:: hello Al, blue SKYE here today.. thx for the tide chart
2/14/2003 10:28:35 AM Mountain Al:: lt blue on chaos clinic screen is 110 EXMA
2/14/2003 10:24:07 AM Mountain bkw:: out + approx 1-1/2 they are all watching Powell.
2/14/2003 10:17:40 AM Mountain wlj:: 17.5 down may be it, if bonds roll over
2/14/2003 10:12:44 AM Mountain rbh:: Hi Al, new to site, is that light blue line your 110 m.a.? or ema?
2/14/2003 10:12:26 AM Mountain wlj:: getting close to 18 pt jump
2/14/2003 10:12:02 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 817
2/14/2003 09:59:36 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 818 stop 821-Canada just ordered all their civilians out of the arab states doesn't look good!
2/14/2003 09:55:41 AM Mountain Al:: bkw: you didn't blow anything-you traded well-you made a good entry, controlled your risk, accepted the result, and went on to the next trade. Can't do any better than that.
2/14/2003 09:52:21 AM Mountain bkw:: thnx Al-but I blew that ist trade-all that counts is we're winning.
2/14/2003 09:49:24 AM Mountain Al:: bkw: good cover-you are hot as usual
2/14/2003 09:44:49 AM Mountain Al:: no-I require people to commit to 3 months and $297 - if you cancel you can get credit applied to the newsletter-refunds are just too expensive to process-It takes 3 months for a fair trial, and if the $297 is too steep, you are probably not ready to compete in the Emini or the S&P

This may change in the future, but right now, that is my policy
2/14/2003 09:37:03 AM Mountain gs:: Dr.Larson.........can I sign up for a one month trail?
2/14/2003 09:33:18 AM Mountain bkw:: out +5
2/14/2003 09:27:53 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 822
2/14/2003 09:25:34 AM Mountain Al:: good entry bkw, good luck
2/14/2003 09:23:55 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 823
2/14/2003 09:22:51 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 824
2/14/2003 09:20:01 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 825
2/14/2003 09:17:57 AM Mountain Al:: mka and mce: The trades are made by using the tracking indicators as described in the Tutorial-they do require you to use judgedment, so they are not purely mechanical-so be sure to read the tutorial-the link is on the List of Charts page
2/14/2003 09:15:42 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 826 stop 829
2/14/2003 09:10:05 AM Mountain mka:: Al, thanks! Will the emails answer MCE's question below?
2/14/2003 09:03:55 AM Mountain Al:: ok mka
2/14/2003 09:01:15 AM Mountain Al:: thanks bkw-wild today
2/14/2003 09:00:23 AM Mountain mka:: AL, i just tried to send email request - experienced some website problems, you can just email me samples or back forecasts at: (thanks)
2/14/2003 08:49:44 AM Mountain bkw:: stopped nicked for 3 -good call Al-next resistance 829.93
2/14/2003 08:39:49 AM Mountain Al:: yes-we have been moving our servers, and are behind in our back office work, so please bear with the chaos
2/14/2003 08:34:44 AM Mountain mka:: i signed up for the free newsletter yesterday and sent an email using the link on website yesterday or day before, do you want me to send ANOTHER email request now?
2/14/2003 08:25:31 AM Mountain Al:: mka-If you go to and sign up for the free newsletter on top right side of home page, you get the free email every Thursday night. I give out every Friday's email as a sample to everyone, because free trails are costly to to administer. Also, send me an email now using the link on the home page and I will forward you the ones sent out this week
2/14/2003 08:24:10 AM Mountain bkw:: 823.65 looks pretty solid as resistance so far!
2/14/2003 08:20:47 AM Mountain mce:: I like to know the same, how the signals are provided, do you post and entry/exit and stop loss with every new trade?...or is up to the trade to determine the entry/exits?
2/14/2003 08:17:08 AM Mountain mka:: i requested a sample email of the "tomorrows trade" win2day or whatever the official name is - but have NOT received it. i am ready to subscribe ASAP!
2/14/2003 08:12:55 AM Mountain bkw:: mka-welcome-you can't go wrong following Al's 2 @ day!
2/14/2003 08:12:39 AM Mountain mka:: i'm wanting to subscribe, but want an idea of how the hotline/win2day system works - is there one for today?
2/14/2003 08:09:44 AM Mountain bkw:: stop back at 824
2/14/2003 08:02:36 AM Mountain Al:: welcome mka-on days I trade, I trade the win2day system-many of the other traders like bkw use it as advisory and add in their own techniques, which they sometimes share in this chat rooom
2/14/2003 07:55:06 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 822
2/14/2003 07:51:58 AM Mountain mka:: good morning - new to DTF has anyone been trading the win2day system
2/14/2003 07:40:44 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 821 stop 824
2/14/2003 07:38:04 AM Mountain Oyster:: Good Morning Al et al!
2/14/2003 07:37:08 AM Mountain bkw:: resistance 823.65

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