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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 02/15/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

4:10 buy 1103.5 for + 1 and quit-no time left-See you next week_________________________________
4:03 still here-just after close Moon squares Jup/Chi-1101 possible_____________________
3:57 sell 1 1104.50-can't resist__________________________________________________________
3:52 cover 2 1105.5 - done for day-see you next week_____________________________________
3:44 here is hard part-cover or hold-I'll just put a stop at 1107 and hold-cover on close
3:41 Fine, Mars tipped the balance and I have a winning trade-just have to stay at it____
3:27 Coming to Mars-still balanced on 1107-it will end, but might not be today___________
3:20 If you are a FOGGER, put your mylar over the SP9Day chart___________________________
3:08 sold 2 1107 - put stop 1111 and get stubborn-either going down or flat______________
3:01 This is a "Twentyman Grinder" day- they can grind you up like me today______________
2:59 This is a "buy failure"-20 EXMA recrossed 110- so I am going to sell 2 1107_________
2:57 Cover 1107.5 No follow through______________________________________________________
2:51 On a choppy day like today may have several losses-just keep them small_____________
2:47 this is case of Tide turn, 20 EXMA cross 110 EXMA - a buy setup ____________________
2:42 going up red -Tide after the Moon, buy 2 1109.50 stop 1106.50_______________________
2:41 There are 7 moves in the MoonTides today-a very high number-warned of a choppy day___
2:32 stopped on the 1107 at 1109-I'm pressing today-need to back off a bit________________
2:30 here is the Moon -don't like the action so cover the one I sold 1108 at 1108__________
2:21 sold 1108 and 1107 lower stop to 1109 -cover 1098_____________________________________
2:14 Xchg coming to the Moon-Tides show sharp move after___________________________________
2:05 sold 1108 and 1107 make stop on both 1110____________________________________________
1:50 sell another 1107-stop 1110-trend is down and had another "contination sell"__________
1:43 pretty dull-chaos follows dullness-sold 1108 stop 1112-hold there for now____________
1:21 today looks like downtrust, congest, downthrust_-favors green +MoonTide______________
1:15 Got support at 1107 again-if you look at SP9day chart,see it was congestion on rally_
1:05 sold 1108-put stop 1112-this is a "trend continuation sell" ________________________
12:52 gotten pretty slow-midday doldrums-sets up for end of day move_____________________
12:46 the yellow 20 EXMA is pulling back to the blue 110 EXMA-possible continuation sell__
12:36 raise sell stop to 1108____Getting minor rally as Exchange passes Venus____________
12:23 I'm not convinced that green Tide isn't really the strongest-put a sell stop at 1106_
12:04 coming into the next Tide turn-blue 110 min EXMA is down, so following red -Tide __
11:26 Did go flat-best thing to do here is wait for next Tide turn_______________________
11:17 Looks like we could go flat here-so I'm going to cover and take a break-nasty cold_
11:09 3rd time's a charm-sell 1110 stop 1113_____________________________________________
11:07 cover 1112 - looks like a buy failure______________________________________________
10:53 I jumped the gun on that and got stopped-buy 1113.75_stop 1111_____________________
10:50 sell 1110.00 stop 1113 ____________________________________________________________
10:48 if rally here we want to buy-be patient____________________________________________
10:46 blue 110 turned price back-if decline resumes we want to sell______________________
10:42 getting streak up as Xcgh passes Neptune - prices testing 110 EXMA -watch 20 EXMA_
10:40 Here we have the yellow 20 min EXMA dipping toward blue 110 - possible sell for 1ADay__
10:35 Notice the electric flux lines -Sun/Uranus-conjoined earlier this week-getting rally__
10:25 congesting sideways at a Chaos balance point-could snap back to 110 EXMA or drop more____
10:15 now sould get some congestion into about 11:00-1ADay is after that_________________
10:04 where the yellow Moon electric field flux lines crossed at 1116 is a SA/SR__________
A SA/SR is a chaos theory strange attractor/strange repellor-it attracts, then repels price
9:50 think the chart problem is fixed-drop as per green +Tide-position traders just sold__
9:35 having technical problems with chart - working on it______________________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at Daytradingforecasts.com_____________________________
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