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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 02/22/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:15 stopped out 1090 on 2-gain=+22.5 on 2.Net +14.25 for day_I'm done-see you next week_
3:09 pausing at sun electric field flux line__-hold______________________________________
3:05 raise stop 1090-cover 1098_____________________________________________________________
3:01 raise stop 1088-cover 1098-moon passed Node last night,making node flux hot at1096+
2:57 raise stop 1085 long 2 from 1078.75 - love these resonant streaks___________________
2:55 This is both a Sun 90 degree move to 1093 and a Moon 90 degree move to 1098_________
2:52 raise stop to 1084 bought 2 1078.75___don't like this stall_________________________
2:45 just got a hex pattern at 1085-could go 12 points higher-long 2 1278.75 stop1081____
2:39 I take Tai Chi classes, which are all about energy flow-it helps me visualize moves__
2:35 now getting some velocity-possible switch to green +Tide-raise stop 1081_____________
2:30 long 2 1078.75 stop 1074 raise now 1079 as 110 EXMA passes 1080______________________
2:22 still long-coming to 2:30-3:00 "acceleration area" _note acceleration 2:50 yesterday_
2:07 sketch 7 swings up from the low-now in 5-those are 7 moves of a Chaos Clamshell________
2:02 long 2 ave 1078.75 stop 1074-got ave.price below 1080,& know range should center at 1080
1:50 midday low still holding and have letter M pattern up from it-a buy pattern,so hold____
1:47 dropped back below 1080 and 110 EXMA has gone flat-still holding long________________
1:25 getting a curl up in the blue 110 EXMA and cross by yellow 20 EXMA at -Tide turn=buy__
1:13 breaking above 1080-long 2 1078.75 average stop 1074-target 1086______________________
1:06 bought 1 1079.50 stop 1074 buy #2 1078.25 stop 1074____________________________________
1:01 If you look at 2 day chart, you can visualize a sine wave -up,down,turning up now_______
12:49 buy 1079.50 stop 1074 - I expect some trading above 1080-110 EXMA tracking red -Tide___
12:45 Planets stir the sun which produces enery focused by the moon to change trader's moods_
12:43 I've added the Sun electric field flux line-it supported the lows_____________________
12:20 this is lunch in NY=doldrums-tested lows of week-they held-nothing to trade right now_
11:58 cover 1079-not moving_____________________________________________________________
11:38 bought 1081-put stop 1077-need wider stops in congestions-________________________
11:31 Congestions have mixed Tides and are hard to trade-buy 1081 stop____assumes +Tide_
11:27 If you have taken Cash In On Chaos/Fractal of Pi,lay a 6 hour fractal horizontal_
11:25 the S&P spends 51% of it's time congesting and not trending-today,congest_______
11:20 stopped at 1080-OK-only risked 1.25 points-market not going anywhere so I'm out_
11:16 blue 110 EXMA say trend still down,red -Tide drops after Ura vertical blue timeline
11:08 pulling back up to the 1080/11:25 SA/SR-stop not hit-just sit tight_______________
10:51 blue 110 slope says red -Tide is in effect -sold 1078.75 lower stop to 1080_______
10:46 The Trading MoonTides tutorial explains the 20/110 system and use with MoonTides____
10:42 that sell was based on break of 1080 and the yel 20 min EXMA/blue 110 EXAM pattern___
10:38 sell 1078.75 stop 1081_______________________________________________________________
10:36 1080 still acting as support-put a buy stop 1082.5____________________________________
10:31 stopped out- got pulled back toward the 1080 attractor-now wait for it to pass_________
10:23 stop survived first test-now move 1 point each 30 minutes-looks like on green +Tide_____
10:19 bought 1084.25 - put stop at 1081.25 -___________________________________________________
10:10 where the yel.Moon electric field flux cross 1080/11:25 is a chaos Strange Attractor/Repellor_
10:05 breaking back below 1080-need to give a major quantum about 5 points "vibration room"___
9:56 buy 1084.25 stop-sell 1074.25 stop-neither hit-Moon flux set 1080 as 18 point quantum today
9:47 1080 is a key level-tested several times in last 2 weeks-looks like buy stop about to get hit_
9:40 opening flat-1ADay is to buy open+5, sell open -5;sell 1174.25 stop buy 1184.25 stop______
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at Daytradingforecasts.com_____________________________
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