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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 03/16/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:46 I didn't really leave-just been watching my Jude trading system-bought 1231,still long-_____________________
3:21 Stopped for +5, net +8.5 for the day-I'm done for the day-see you next week______________
3:15 bought 1231 raise stop to 1236 -_________________________________________________________
3:08 looking good -may go to 1244 Venus flux/-M270___bought 1231,stop 1229____________________
3:02 yesterday we got a late MoonTide inversion-need one today to keep trade working___________
2:56 Bought 1231-put stop 1229 ________________________________________________________________
2:47 Jude system bought 1231-will it win or loose? __go with it- buy 1231____________________________________________
2:40 covered 1230 for + 7 -Jude system covered at 1227,sold 1244 for +17_________________________
2:35 looking a bit better-cover at 3:00 if 1230 not hit______________________________________
2:24 not looking good-make sell at 1217 2 contracts so reverse if broken_______________________
2:11 bought 1223 stop 1217 cover 1230 __________________________________________________________
2:08 buy 1223 stop move cover to 1230____sell 1217 stop if hit__________________________________
1:54 lower buy stop to 1223 ___cover 1226 if hit_______________________________________________________________
1:48 OK, hit the 1220 +M000 moon flux -lower buy stop to 1225_______________________________________
1:22 lower buy stop to 1231______Hello Latvia!___________________________________________________
1:20 1224 is chaos balance point. flat blue line is Venus flux.Venus only planet left today_____
1:15 still down, Jude still short, look for low on +M000 flux line-if hit 1220 buy 1225 stop____
1:00 XTIDE is the "rumble of the rotating earth" ,useful when market goes flat-note 1:30 move___
12:47 forming a little base-buy 1235 stop________________________________________________________
12:40 cancel both buy stops______don't want to be entered here__________________________________
12:30 MoonTides may shift left or right.I've adjusted the -Tide right-fits today so far_________
12:23 nice little spike on the New Moon.prices may rally or stick to the -M000 flux line________
12:17 hit it,buy 1232 stop, this is a moon bounce setup__________________________________________
12:06 coming to tthe New Moon-may hit -M000-if so put buy stop at 1232___________________________
11:50 almost to the center of the fireball-may get upturn__-note converging decending triangle___
11:36 good move-saved a buck on getting stopped out-Still on red -Tide,Jude held short____________
11:26 don't like it cover 1237, put buy stop at 1242______________________________________________
11:17 I used new Magi Method to find optimum ZD filtered MoonTide,shown in magenta, says up now __
11:15 Looks like we may have inverted to the green +MoonTide- buy 1240, stop 1236_________________
11:07 I added a set of circles centered at 45 degrees and noon.Outer one is fireball limit________
10:53 looks like price is being attracted to the -M000 Moon electric field flux line,set yday low_
10:43 colored vertical lines are where the exchange passes a planet-letter=planet code_M=Mercury____
10:39 Unless the MoonTides invert, the next turn is near noon____________________________________
10:33 Jude takes a much bigger risk than 3 points-it sold 1244, and held through rally to 1251____
10:31 1ADAy stopped for -.5 , which is OK. Got bounce off the +M090 Moon electric field flux line_
10:27 sold 1239 buy stop now 1239.50 -cover 1236 -just want to get a little cash and get out____
10:24 sold 1239 lower buy stop to 1242 and trail it down 3 points above low -cover 1336_________
10:20 price=1242 sell 1239 stop buy 1245 stop______________________________________________________________
10:13 1ADAY:at 10:20 place a buy stop 3 points above price and a sell stop 3 points below____________
10:00 1ADay trade is to go with the flow at 10:20. So far looks like Jude is right _____________
9:38 Light blue line is my Jude trading system.It just sold.We'll see if it's right______________
9:34 Opening flat at a price set by the S&P natal node_and current Node________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ______1ADay on myscreen.gif_____________________________

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