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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:55 out-see you next week_________________________________________________________________
3:46 stop 838.5 ________________________________________________________________________
3:38 condestion over, down thrust now-stop 840__________________________________________
3:33 Pretty dull-chaos follows dullness__________________________________________________
3:18 an ellipse around the congestion ends before the close-should see a drop_____________
3:08 adjust stop 843 _lots of chop______________________________________________________
2:58 watch for an accerating decline___________________________________________________
2:50 sold 840 stop 842___________________________________________________________________
2:47 I just instructed positon traders to cover longs-don't want to hold over weekend_____
2:42 the 20/110 is making a "Hook and GO" pattern - get them long, then hit'em_____________
2:39 aborting both positions 840-110 EXMa curled back down ________________________________
2:24 bought #2 at 841 stop 838 to demo Win2Day-20/110 buy signal____________________________
2:17 Fractal of Pi shows lots of detail, like the last low-says hold long___________________
2:14 Crazy Harry is doing fine,with his girl at 839_________________________________________
2:06 the decline fits a 3 hour Fractal of Pi, and another fits this rally-___________________
2:03 if I were not already long I'd shop for a buy here____________________________________
1:54 could get H&S failure now-110 EXMA flattening___________________________________________
1:47 head and shoulders pattern with Mercury flux as neckline_______________________________
1:42 coming into Tide turn, 110 EXMA says on green +Tide-___________________________________
1:32 stop 837_______________________________________________________________________________
1:30 A Face of God Pattern suggests that low was the low of the day-up to close______________
1:20 on SP9Day chart, sketch arc along highs and another along lows-"Bull horn" to 855_______
1:14 bought 840 stop 835 for now-9 day S&P chart shows 6 of 7 moves in up Chaos Clamshell_____
1:10 covered 839-7 swings in the decline-a small Chaos Clamshell______________________________
1:02 stop 840_____stopped on yellow moon flux__________________________________________________
12:55 watch for support 836, Jup/Nep-stop 841__________________________________________________
12:49 high came off of Mars (war) electric flux-coming to Mars timeline 1:20 ____________________
12:44 stop 843-support again on Mercury flux____________________________________________________
12:17 sold 843 on 20/110 break - stop 845________________________________________________________
12:09 Crazy Harry is the conductor of the S&P train-He loves to park it in a station for hours _
11:55 Tides now showing a flat-so it looks like 2 more hours of congestion_______________
11:51 out - broke 110 EXMA-_______________________________________________________________
11:42 buy 845 stop 843 -buying pressure on the highs _____________________________________
11:32 bounced off 110 EXMA, so trend still up_______________________________________________
11:27 test of top failed, so green +Tide still holding-it has gotten pretty choppy___________
11:22 still holding up-may be getting a switch to red -Tide -higher lows on each bar ________
11:07 110 EXMA is still up, so top may get broken -lost comments for a while_______________
11:01 little rally passing Mercury-but top is holding_____________________________________
10:58 MM in chat room posted some his pit price support/resist levels-845.50=Mars flux_____
10:51 out 845 - now looks like a congestion forming________________________________________
10:47 stop 845, cover is 840-out of band is more risky_____________________________________
10:39 have out of band sell at the Tide turn-sold 844 stop 846______________________________
10:32 846 is a Chaos balance price -market going flat here and "scribbling"-may congest______
10:26 now if I look at green +Tide slope, and slope of 110 EXMA, they match, so may top soon_
10:24 out for +3.75 ___________________________________________________________________________
10:22 stop 844.50_______________________________________________________________________________
10:20 this is the hard part-I have my +5,do I cover or go for more? today I goe for more_________
10:14 raise stop to 843-now look at AUX page-it shows the 10 day MoonTide-if true, big day______
10:00 getting the fast move, so raise stop to 841________________________________________________
9:56 I know that a tight cluster like the one coming up can cause a streak move, so ready early_
9:43 bought 840.75 stop 837.75 -signal earlier than forecast but anticipated shift____________
9:38 double bottom on Mercury flux-20 EXMA still above 110, so still cont. buy setup___________
9:35 weak opening-don't read too much into it yet_______________________________________________
9:23 have a continuation buy setup just before the outcry open_________________________________
9:01 opening up as expected-rally may begin early-see the AUX page for my Doodle chart__________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

2/28/2003 02:04:34 PM Mountain Al:: that 837 moon flux was hot
2/28/2003 02:02:28 PM Mountain bkw:: that was no gerbil-that was Grasso-have a good weekend guys! CYA
2/28/2003 02:01:45 PM Mountain wlj:: para-gerbal caught caught in up draft
2/28/2003 01:59:19 PM Mountain bkw:: out-hey a win is a win.
2/28/2003 01:56:53 PM Mountain bkw:: stop 839
2/28/2003 01:53:53 PM Mountain prt:: I'm outta here. Have a great weekend, everyone.
2/28/2003 01:47:07 PM Mountain bkw:: ditto on the stop.
2/28/2003 01:44:52 PM Mountain bkw:: Just in-Bush turned dow Sodumb on the debate-instead he challenged him to a chili cook off!
2/28/2003 01:38:13 PM Mountain Al:: here comes one, wearing a parachute
2/28/2003 01:31:27 PM Mountain wlj:: bring in the stunt gerbal
2/28/2003 01:30:18 PM Mountain Al:: get of his back-I'm on it
2/28/2003 01:30:15 PM Mountain bkw:: I'm holding the line-I think the gerbil died but the wheel is still spinning.
2/28/2003 01:25:28 PM Mountain wlj:: bkw, the union called. your in to over time with that trade
2/28/2003 12:51:50 PM Mountain Al:: email flash to position trader's to cover longs
2/28/2003 12:03:08 PM Mountain bkw:: sold840 stop 843
2/28/2003 11:57:31 AM Mountain wlj:: that a.m. hi was moon parallel saturn
2/28/2003 11:55:01 AM Mountain wlj:: tide coming up in a few min will be 4 hours from hi of day
2/28/2003 11:28:50 AM Mountain wlj:: at vert sat low i have moon 0 deg neptune, at early a.m. dbl bottom low on merc flux the 2nd low was moon 180 deg jupiter
2/28/2003 11:26:04 AM Mountain rbh:: Al, why a 5 point stop vs. 3 pt?
2/28/2003 11:13:18 AM Mountain bkw:: out plus 6.
2/28/2003 11:02:30 AM Mountain mm:: Double bottom on yesterday's close and on the 12:50 CIT
2/28/2003 11:00:36 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 840
2/28/2003 10:58:07 AM Mountain Al:: bkw: 836=jup/nep support
2/28/2003 10:54:35 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 841-Al this could be huge we take out todays lows 827 comes up fast!
2/28/2003 10:41:51 AM Mountain bkw:: yup-stop 842
2/28/2003 10:40:30 AM Mountain Al:: bkw-you got another good one going
2/28/2003 10:40:13 AM Mountain prt:: In the mean time, S&Ps fall, bonds rise. Pessimism.
2/28/2003 10:39:47 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 843
2/28/2003 10:39:29 AM Mountain prt:: That kind of crap swirls around in the pits from time to time. It's just part of the herd mentality. Creates trading opportunities, that's all.
2/28/2003 10:38:49 AM Mountain prt:: The original rumor was that a fighter jet was chasing a cargo plane thru Chicago air-space. Obviously nonsense. Think about it. A fighter vs. a cargo plane -- who's gonna win?
2/28/2003 10:36:16 AM Mountain ken:: Wierd..??
2/28/2003 10:24:47 AM Mountain prt:: Wierd rumors are swirling here in the Chicago futures pits. When they dry up, maybe this mini sell-off will, too.
2/28/2003 10:21:52 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 844
2/28/2003 10:18:00 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 846
2/28/2003 10:17:51 AM Mountain prt:: I'm seeing a lot of arbitrage-related selling in the S&Ps. Bonds continute to strengthen. Someone is getting more pessimistic.
2/28/2003 09:44:20 AM Mountain prt:: Long bonds are firming. Bad news for S&P?
2/28/2003 09:42:56 AM Mountain bkw:: WLJ- key here over 848 quick move to 853-failure here downzo !
2/28/2003 09:25:50 AM Mountain wlj:: feels like we are in that gerbal wheel to no where
2/28/2003 09:08:49 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 846 stop 849
2/28/2003 09:05:03 AM Mountain bkw:: out minus 1
2/28/2003 08:54:17 AM Mountain bkw:: raising stop to 846
2/28/2003 08:45:32 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 845
2/28/2003 08:37:31 AM Mountain mm:: 845.50 is a R level, where they have been hanging out for the last 45 minutes - next levels are 852.80, 855.60 and 862.90
2/28/2003 08:29:10 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 845 stop 848
2/28/2003 08:26:45 AM Mountain wlj:: up 9 merc from dbl bottom
2/28/2003 08:26:27 AM Mountain ken:: thanks, will watch that..noticed in my Fri visits and even yesterday, Chiron certainly seems to have a lot of effect on the market..
2/28/2003 08:22:36 AM Mountain wlj:: ken, count by 3.see left side of chaos chart.3points =15 deg
2/28/2003 08:17:05 AM Mountain ken:: 16 off of yesterdays late pm low.
2/28/2003 08:14:22 AM Mountain wlj:: this rally started 4hours 1/6 at over nite low, up 12
2/28/2003 08:13:44 AM Mountain Al:: yeah, often happens on Fridays because some are afraid they might detract from my clinic-but it is OK to chat
2/28/2003 08:10:37 AM Mountain ken:: Good morning Al, and anybody else here. Seems like a slow morning here in the chat room.
2/28/2003 06:46:30 AM Mountain Al:: early birds: check out the AUX screen

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