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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 03/16/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:47 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week___________________________________
3:33 yesterday the Moon passing Saturn made the low in time, today Moon passing Mars made high__
3:09 the Mars/Moon/Jup square the Sun cluster is the attractor-probaly close near 1238_________
2:57 nope-still on green +Tide-I won't chase it-too tired-up +5 for day________________________
2:42 looks like picked up red -Tide-buy 1252 stop_____________________________________________
2:32 I don't like it -not moving-cover 1247-___________________________________________________
2:19 sold 1247 stop 1255 cover 1242 or better__assuming on green +Tide_________________________
2:11 Pulling back to Node/Venus/Moon flux bundle - can sell 1247 ___-put stop 1255_____________
2:00 Note also that Uranus set yesterday's low, now setting this high________________________
1:40 earlier I said the Merc energy could lift $ to 1251.It did.Sun/+M270=low,near Sun/+M090_
1:32 stopped out. I almost aborted the 1ADay because the 36 minute trend went flat at 1:01_
1:29 sold 1247 put stop at 1250 and buy 1244 or better.____________________________________
1:13 raise sell stop to 1247________________________________________________________________
1:09 raise sell stop to 1246.50_____________________________________________________________
1:05 raise sell stop to 1244________________________________________________________________
12:53 sell 1245.50-3=1242.50 stop________if hit trail buy stop $+3 cover on 3 pt gain__________
12:46 36 minute trend is up,shown by green linear regression-trail sell stop $-3_at 12:50______
12:32 1ADay is on myscreen.gif--trade counter the 36 minute trend if clear_____________________
12:26 stalled- cover 1247 for +6, net +8 for day________________________________________________
12:21 bought 1241 move stop to 1241 __cover 1251 or better_____________________________________
12:16 bought 1241 - put stop at 1238 __________________________________________________________
12:07 Moon passes Mars near 1:00-should release energy-buy 1241 stop___________________________
11:50 Moon passes Saturn yesterday-prices attracted to Sat flux-may have inverted to red -Tide_
11:35 see how -M270 flux turned back up-in trading range go for small,quick gains_______________
11:16 now trapped in the -M270/+M000 trading range. 11:07 going flat bought 1233 cover 1235 for +2____________________________________________________
10:57 This flux bundle is Jup/Mars/Moon/Plu squaring Sun-following green +Tide ___________________
10:53 bought 1233,move stop to 1233 and up to Pluto flux-_____________________________
10:47 dark blue line is 110 minute exponential moving ave on 1 minute bars-good trend indicator_____
10:38 met resistance at Jupiter Flux-Moon is passing it-can see in evening sky-____________________
10:32 Mercury added a lot of + energy-could reach 1251 today=Merc flux line___________________
10:27 bought 1233 put sell stop at 1227 and hold _____________________________________________
10:25 broke out of the trading range-buy 1233 stop____________________________________________
10:18 the vertical lines mark where the Xchg passes a planet.Now passing Mercury,set yday high_
10:12 Got support near the Sun flux line, and back to Venus-this is "vibration" ala WD Gann____
10:10 The + and - M270 Moon electric field flux lines are forming a trading range______________
9:55 A little choppy-first high matches green +MoonTide, but not yet enough data ______________
9:42 Breaking above the -M270 flux line. It was resistance until late yesterday-an attractor___
9:33 opening on Venus flux line__expect a slow start____________________________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________

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