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Here are Al's comments
2:35 looks like now balance 819 +/- a bit- I'm done for the day-have a cold-screens will run__
until the close-thanks for coming-thanks to the regulars for their chat comments- CU next week_
2:31 covering 820.50 for +4 -about to miove stop to that anyway_________________________________
2:25 stop survived the little blip up - lower now to 822 - 812.50 is 12 pt cover ________
2:10 on fast break I lock in 2 and shoot for 12 -stop 822.50____________________________
2:10 remember Moon-Noon-Moon? stop 824___________________________________________________
2:05 notice the separation between price, 20 EXMA, 110 EXMA -good sign -stop 824.50______
2:00 stop 825- ___________________________________________________________________________
1:53 this is a fast break -stop 826 - could go all the way back to 810-more likely 818_____
1:50 sold 824.50 stop 827.50 _______________________________________________________________
1:47 now getting better setup coming out ot Tide turn-watch for 110 to curl down_____________
1:40 that low came right on the Tide time-but the nature of the EXMA's say no trade coming out_
of it-may get one out of the 3:10 turn, but I chose not to use it-too late in day on Friday_
1:32 out +1 - EXMA's now going flat _-also covered my earlier one for +1.75__________________
1:24 stop 826_________________________________________________________________________________
1:23 this is a do or die point-back to the 110 EXMA -if get cross by 20 EXMA trend is down____
1:19 stop 827 - cover is 823 unless get a fast break __________________________________________
1:08 must be careful here-could be on red -Tide -stop 828______________________________________
1:04 sold 827 stop 830_________________________________________________________________________
12:52 getting an out of band sell setup going into next Tide turn_______________________________
12:45 as Xchg comes to Mars,at Mars electric field flux line-no accident-just MarketAstrophysics_
12:36 sold 827.75 stop 831 - not second Win2Day trade-just my chart reading_____________________
12:26 holding 828-low on Jupiter the bull-high on Saturn the bear-seldom works but does today_
12:13 back up to the Mars flux to test the highs - watch for them to hold ____________________
12:00 as the Xcgh passes Saturn, prices are attacted to the Saturn flux 826.5 _________________
11:54 this is what I call a two Moon day-vertical yellow ines with Moon balls on them___________
often get a Moon-Noon-Moon pattern_______________________________________________________________
11:45 got resistance at green Sun electric field flux as approach noon-just above Sat is strong_
11:33 Now I expect short swings both ways until after 1:00 -times are Eastern_________________
11:16 MoonTides let me anticipate the market as to when a good trade might set up_____________
10:55 The MoonTides tend to forecast the 110 EXMA-I slid +Tide down-fits 110 EXMA very well____
10:41 now back to balance-shown by the 110 EXMA-819 is balance between Moon flux pair in yellow_
10:27 great example of how the unexpected can hit the market at any time-always have a stop__
in the market -place it as soon as you take a position _______________________________________
10:23 now we are back to the 823 level where we congested most of yesterday_________________
10:18 Mars to Mars band gap energy jump -sons of Bin Laden just arrested in Afganistan______
10:13 no stick there - wow -position traders just stopped out 820 __________________________
10:10 this 817.50 was the Hot price in the email-may stick to it a while-Mars also hot 810____
10:03 hit the upper Larson band (magenta line) at 819-if it is going to fail it will do it here_____________
9:54 out +4 - this may be an unproductive spike rally like we saw yesterday __________________
9:46 up to 110 EXMA-could also get a contination sell here if rally fails____________________
9:43 stop 812- cover is 816___________________________________________________________________
9:37 on Mars-god of War flux-out of band buy 812 stop 810______________________________________
9:32 opening gap down - continutation sell but out of band -may not get a good trade setup_______
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

3/7/2003 02:07:07 PM Mountain Al:: yes-the times are ususaly within about 20 minutes but can shift right and left-which is why we use tracking indicators-be sure to read the tutorial
3/7/2003 01:49:41 PM Mountain gs:: Al......looks like the market is a little ahead (time wise) than the you get a little time shift often?
3/7/2003 01:08:55 PM Mountain bkw:: stopped minus 3.after all the crap +2 for day.
3/7/2003 01:03:24 PM Mountain bkw:: the rumour that saved the market bin ladens sons capture-not true! lets see how the market reacts??
3/7/2003 12:37:47 PM Mountain Al:: if that's the only error you ever make you will be a rich man
3/7/2003 12:36:21 PM Mountain bkw:: sold 821 stop 824
3/7/2003 12:33:47 PM Mountain bkw:: thnx Al- I pushed the stops a little to hard-oh well!
3/7/2003 12:31:15 PM Mountain Al:: good job bkw-
3/7/2003 12:30:24 PM Mountain tjb:: got your stop and dumped ;0)
3/7/2003 12:26:02 PM Mountain bkw:: stopped on both plus 4 and plus 5-good one.
3/7/2003 12:15:23 PM Mountain Al:: yes
3/7/2003 12:13:29 PM Mountain gs:: AL.......did you say you look at the 110's slope to determine which moontide the SP's may take?
3/7/2003 12:11:58 PM Mountain bkw:: stop 822 on both
3/7/2003 12:09:25 PM Mountain bkw:: stop 823 on both
3/7/2003 12:00:59 PM Mountain bkw:: stop 824 on both
3/7/2003 11:57:16 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 825 both trades
3/7/2003 11:51:46 AM Mountain bkw:: still carrying Al's trade stop 826 second trade.
3/7/2003 11:46:16 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 826 stop 829-so with Al's trade I've dubled up
3/7/2003 11:14:56 AM Mountain gs:: got ya. thanks
3/7/2003 11:12:55 AM Mountain wlj:: al emails tide times nite before. als work says 4 hours[ 1/6 ] is important with sp. a move may last 4 hours. just some thing to watch for. tide time and the four hours from the a.m. low are about the same time .
3/7/2003 10:55:38 AM Mountain gs:: wlj.........can you explain that a little more for us new guys,please
3/7/2003 10:50:58 AM Mountain wlj:: 2nd tide will be 4hrs from a.m. low
3/7/2003 10:25:35 AM Mountain Oyster:: These pattern days are not days I like due to possible inversions
3/7/2003 10:10:48 AM Mountain bkw:: stopped minus 3
3/7/2003 09:40:53 AM Mountain bkw:: You're welcom AL-I remain short from 870 to 800-laddered down-nothing has changed.
3/7/2003 09:36:20 AM Mountain Al:: G'Day, mate
3/7/2003 09:31:42 AM Mountain Oyster:: Good Morning Al and gang!
3/7/2003 09:19:03 AM Mountain Al:: bkw: thanks for your comment late yesterday about the market saying to sell 823-I did, held overnight, covered 811.5 this morning-don't usually do overnight, but it looked good
3/7/2003 09:18:01 AM Mountain bkw:: that was plus 2
3/7/2003 09:17:31 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 822 stop 825
3/7/2003 09:15:54 AM Mountain Al:: thanks-this is the toughest game there is-few win-and they 1) work very hard at it 2) never give up and 3) take each trade as a lesson on how to get better
3/7/2003 09:14:00 AM Mountain bkw:: out plus.
3/7/2003 09:11:51 AM Mountain rab:: Al: You are right. I really am impressed by your work. Happy trading!
3/7/2003 08:55:00 AM Mountain Al:: rab: No, you have to do the trades - see the tutorial on how to use the tracking indicators to adjust for the Tides coming a bit early or late - I try to demonstrate that in the Clinic- If I just did the trades I'd just run a hedge fund-not something I want to do - I teach people how to trade and how markets work-in the long run you have to learn, to earn
3/7/2003 08:43:35 AM Mountain rab:: Al do you advice when to get in and out on days you do not chat in this room? Or do you give the tide turns and then I have to find out the rest for myself? I ask this because I see you buying/selling often a few minutes before/after the tide turn point. Please let me know.
3/7/2003 08:42:14 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 821
3/7/2003 08:40:27 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 822 let her rip
3/7/2003 08:37:10 AM Mountain bkw:: raise stop to 824
3/7/2003 08:30:47 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 823
3/7/2003 08:29:27 AM Mountain bkw:: this is a good spot to reload AL that arrest changes nothing!
3/7/2003 08:25:07 AM Mountain Al:: good trade bkw-without your stop it was a -12
3/7/2003 08:24:14 AM Mountain wlj:: an 18 jump
3/7/2003 08:23:02 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 823 stop 826-that was something!
3/7/2003 08:20:25 AM Mountain gs:: Holy Cow
3/7/2003 08:20:07 AM Mountain bkw:: that was a quick minus 3
3/7/2003 08:01:41 AM Mountain bkw:: great call-AL-sold 817 stop 820
3/7/2003 07:57:32 AM Mountain wlj:: gap at 821-822 area
3/7/2003 07:31:44 AM Mountain bkw:: KaChing!- We are goin down well under 800 in the days ahead.
3/7/2003 07:13:34 AM Mountain rbh:: are you expecting support at the SAT, XTIDE around 808.50?
3/7/2003 06:53:13 AM Mountain mm:: The 2-13 L (which Al's CIT hit within 4 min) was at 805.25 - The next lower one goes all the way back to 10-10 which was 769

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