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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 03/08/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

4:06 cover 1167 for +2- done for day-thanks for coming-see you next week________________
3:55 I'm still long from 1165 - sell 1168 or better_____________________________________________
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3:37 Remember when I noted the 1 hour cycle, turning 12 minutes after the hour-still there_
3:29 when we have a Sun aspect, like today, we often close at a Sun flux=1168______________
3:27 sell 2 at 1162.50 stop so reverse if this trade fails__________________________________
3:24 stopped for +9.5 on 2 - now buy 1 at 1165 _____________________________________________
3:21 stopped moving - lower stop 1164.25____________________________________________________
3:14 continuing down-lower stop to 1165.50-cover at 1157 or better__________________________
3:08 passing Mars-lower stop 1167-short 2 from 1169__________________________________________
3:00 Recall my early targets-1163, 1158.First is in. 1159 Mars flux hot-Moon 1156.5__________
2:57 lower stop to 1169- sold 2 at 1169-hang on_______________________________________________
2:55 put stop 1170-note I was buying and selling crossings of 1170 balance price______________
2:51 a break of 1167 could be good for 9 points________________________________________________
2:33 sell 2 at 1169 __2:30 high or low often sets up a big move-also 3 drives to a top_________
2:31 stopped out 1169-could not escape the mud in the middle___________________________________
2:31 bought 1170.25/.50 put stop 1169-coming into red Tide high, so be safe_____________________
2:24 MoonTides shift left and right-sometimes I can figure the shift out-shifted green +Tide left 1 hr
2:21 buy another 1170.50 _______________________________________________________________________
2:19 we got a low on Sun/Pluto flux at 1:59,giving us a CIT-(Change in Trend)___________________
2:14 I bought as 20 EXMA crossed 110 and passing quarter Moon-put stop 1167 ____________________
2:10 aw, just buy it 1170.25_____________________________________________________________________
2:07 The 110 EXMA looks like the green +Tide-suggesting late rally-put buy stop 1171____________
2:05 The congestion has a negative bias by the blue 110 minute Exponential Moving Average (EXMA)_
2:03 This is a "congestion trap" between the +M180 and -M000 Moon flux lines___________________
2:03 This market is like taking someone to the zoo to see the lion, and he died________________
1:59 stopped for -1. coming into Quarter Moon-actually where Exchange squares the Moon_________
1:53 sold 1168.50-lower stop 1169.50___________________________________________________________
1:50 imagine arc along the high-the market is "rolling right"-possible late drop_______________
1:44 sold 1168.50 before I could cancel stop-OK-hold it-put stop 1170___________________________
1:43 cover 1169.25 -for 0 -not moving, so kill it_______________________________________________
1:38 bought 1169.25 target 1173-put stop 1168.50-needs to move or die___________________________
1:23 buy 1169.25 cover 1173 or better-note 1 hour cycle-CIT 12 minutes after hour_________________
1:18 out for +1.5 -more pop corn-Moon flux setting trading range___________________________
1:16 earth squared Pluto 1:59 Am-can show up 12 hours later 1:59 PM_________________________
1:13 continuing on green +Tide-sold 1170 -lower stop 1168.5__________________________________
1:04 go support on -M000 Moon flux -lower stop 1169 -sold 1170_________________________________
12:55 sold 1170-lower stop 1170-getting "right roll" now - 1163 one target -1158 from FOP______
12:52 My Face of God pattern says about to sell off_____________________________________________
12:46 If you trade Nasdaq, note that the 20/110 EXMA are close to a sell on NQ2Day chart_______
12:44 Still stuck on 1170-should move after Xchg passes Venus___________________________________
12;37 This move is D3 in the Fractal of Pi pattern from FOP course_______________________________
12:33 We are near a MoonTide turn,& yellow 20 EXMA down, blue 110 curling down->green +Tide______
12:30 sell 1170, stop 1171.5 -Move coninues_____________________________________________________
12:27 +1.5 - sometimes, in a slow market, you have to live on popcorn-I knew 1170 was balance $_
12:20 sell 1171.50 buy 1170 or better - a "popcorn" trade, based on Moon flux stopping move_________
12:16 On a congestion day like today, often get 1 or 2 switchs between Tides-no on green +Tide______
12:12 1ADay stopped for -1. NArrow range day so far, trapped between Sun and Moon flux____
12:04 sold 1172 lower stop 1173-cover 12:20-looking marginal____________________________
11:55 should get a small drop into the 12:20 cover time, according to Fractal of Pi______
11:39 got support off Sun/Pluto flux-Sun squares Pluto today_____________________________
11:30 sold 1172 - now lower stop 1174-cover 1166 or 12:20_________________________________
11:15 looking good_________________________________________________________________________
11:06 the 1ADay is to cover on 6 points, so buy 1166 or better ____________________________
11:02 prices have now come back to the blue 110 EXMA-it can go flat, or turn down here______
10:56 Sold 1172-Place stop 1175_____________________________________________________________
10:47 Getting stuck on a Moon flux is often the cause of the market suddenly stalling_______
10:29 stuck on the Moon M+180 flux line-place sell stop 1172_________________________________
10:21 I will sell on a break below the yellow 20 EXMA, say 1173, for a return to the blue 110_
10:19 stopped out-now forget that trade-1ADay is looking for a change near this Tide turn_____
10:15 my early trade is about to get stopped-maybe-but I made my risk I stick to it_
10:04 I sold 1170 stop 1176-if doing 1ADay now, I'd sell a break below yellow 20 min EXMA____
10:00 The yellow 20 minute EXMA has caught up with price,but blue 110 is far below-expect pullback_
9:53 The rising +180 Moon electric field flux line has made for a marginally higher high_______
9:50 The overnight move was called by the red -MoonTide________________________________________
9:45 Sold 1170-on this type move need a wider initial stop, so use 2 quantums=buy 1176 stop____
9:42 Here prices are at the 1173 quantum, so sell 1170 stop_____________________________________
9:40 Another technique is to sell a 3 point quantum move-quantum is $ div 3, as 1172, 1170______
9:38 In this case, for the 1ADay, we can sell a break below the 20 minute EXMA___________________
9:35 Prices are 13 points above the blue 110 minute EXMA-an extreme-they will return to the 110___
9:33 Because of the large overnight move, the 20/110 EXMA's will not work for the 1ADay trade______
9:27 opening with prices 180 degrees to the Moon____________________________________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at Daytradingforecasts.com__________________________________

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