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Here are Al's comments
3:33 out +1 - 3 hour fractal fractured ______________done for day -see you next week___________
3:13 stop 831 - now we all know we will close higher-just a matter of how much____________
3:08 not the rally shown by the green MoonTide is clear -stop 830_________________________
2:57 a 3 hour Fractal of Pi suggests rally to 837______________________________________________
2:53 the green +Tide looks like it shifted right about 30 minutes - stop 828________________
2:48 we have now had a 6 hour Moon to Moon decline -watch for a change in market character_
2:39 10:00 was red hot-6 hours later-4:00 may be as well________________________________
2:30 bought 830 stop 827 . 3 drives to 828______________________________________________
2:19 don't like it-covering 829__________________________________________________________
2:07 stop 831- at the 110 EXMA__________________________________________________________
2:02 EXMA's show switched to red -Tide _ 823 Node likely target _________________________
2:00 continuation sell-sold 829 stop 832_________________________________________________
1:55 stopped -3 OK-clears my mind and preserves my capital________________________________
1:50 that stop got me in too soon- EXMA's did not cross - hold stop and wait_______________
1:40 bought 832.50 stop 829.50 _____________________________________________________________
1:35 lower stop 832.50 -both EXMA's tracking green +Tide-___________________________________
1:29 putting a buy stop 833 - in case of fast move___________________________________________
1:24 still waiting-stopped at 110 EXMA-not a good out of band buy,so wait-see if 20 cross 110_
1:12 have a a possible out of band buy setup - but early so I'll try to wait-______________
1:00 support off the Sun flux, and 828 -marginally lower low-may set up a buy later________
12:44 now on the green +Tide - may setup a buy in about an hour_____________________________
12:29 now into the midday lull-still see mixed tides in a MoonTide Fractal Set______________
12:09 low was on Chiron - it formed the centerline of a 27 day congestion __________________
12:00 that move was 9 points - 45 degrees-Just pasted Moon+45 degrees=Mercury___________________
11:47 failure to break out there just confirms that today is a congestion day-______________
11:37 out +1.5 - that was the equivalent of a late throw over the middle-have to be careful_
11:33 stop 839_____________-at Node -90 minutes down, 90 up_________________________________
11:30 stop 838.50 ___________________________________________________________________________
11:23 Trade is already at the band edge, so I will press the stop by the fast rule-stop 837_
11:21 I changed my mind about passing on the trade only after I saw the curl in the 110 EXMA_
11:17 OK, now it looks like it will go- buy 837.50 stop 834.50__________________________________
11:06 now getting a rally -but it may again be unproductive-be patient_________________________
10:54 I'm going to pass on this trade-no good setup-don't make things up-it's expensive________
10:49 stuck on the Moon flux-no curl in the 110 EXMA-no trade yet______________________________
10:46 got a little rally as passed the Node, and possible continuation buy-needs follow through_
10:32 coming to the first trade time-but prices both side of 110, so no setup yet_____________
10:25 back to the 110 minute EXMA and the +M090 Moon electric filed flux-market is flat-______
10:21 on a congestion day, you see both MoonTides at work, as they balance each other__________
10:14 note that the move went from the lower Larson band to the upper-looks like congestion_
10:10 This is a "resonant streak" -it has returned price to the 840-834 congestion zone_____
10:05 now that's support at 828 ! it is 18 points above yesterdays 810 support area___________
10:00 there is lots of support 825-828 with the many flux lines________________________________
9:48 note the early high was on the Moon in time and about 840 Node in price-hot as per email_____
9:46 opening with a correction from yesterday's rally -828 is a base number ____________________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

3/14/2003 02:15:05 PM Mountain Al:: ditto
3/14/2003 02:10:36 PM Mountain prt:: Have a great weekend, everyone. TTFN.
3/14/2003 01:32:00 PM Mountain wlj:: or another push down
3/14/2003 01:30:45 PM Mountain wlj:: just poss short term change in trend
3/14/2003 01:28:52 PM Mountain rbh:: wlj, what are you expecting?
3/14/2003 01:21:11 PM Mountain wlj:: watch about :35 after the hour
3/14/2003 01:17:33 PM Mountain mm:: Thanks, Al, I have a great mentor
3/14/2003 01:15:08 PM Mountain Al:: mm: what I admire about you is that you have great tenacity and work ethic
recording and analizing every trade every day for over 10 years is great
-a lot of people think you can learn to trade in 30 days
3/14/2003 01:07:45 PM Mountain Al:: but now you don't get to hear my voice
3/14/2003 01:05:27 PM Mountain mm:: I wouldn't be your longest subscriber if I were not smart - going back to the horse-and buggy days when one had to call in every morning and listen to your tape!
3/14/2003 01:01:37 PM Mountain mm:: P.S. and I'm still your biggest fan!
3/14/2003 01:00:32 PM Mountain Al:: That's cuz you smart, mm
3/14/2003 12:59:12 PM Mountain mm:: Al, I learned that about you 10 years ago !
3/14/2003 12:41:24 PM Mountain Al:: mm: you know my head is bigger than 3 points :-)
3/14/2003 12:41:15 PM Mountain mm:: To me 13:40 was a perfect sell entry: only 10 min off Al's projected CIT, nice shooting star through the UBB, and right on a S/R level - 90%+ probability of success
3/14/2003 12:29:44 PM Mountain prt:: MM: Well put. And today's trading is a graphic example.
3/14/2003 12:21:43 PM Mountain mm:: prt: or to put it another way: if one disreguards the pit's S/R levels, and enters when a run just gets to one of those levels, instead of waiting to see if, after the routine rest, they continue or turn it around, the probablility is 50% that they hand you your head - as just happened to Al.
3/14/2003 12:17:35 PM Mountain prt:: S-U-P-P-O-R-T
3/14/2003 12:15:04 PM Mountain prt:: MM: Good observation! I missed that connection. You have a great talent for noticing that sort of thing. I'm trying to learn from your example!
3/14/2003 12:07:33 PM Mountain mm:: prt: was this another fluke or did they turn it on yesterday's H and C levels?
3/14/2003 11:01:02 AM Mountain gs:: amazing stuff.....This will be my 5th Friday in a row I've been here. Every time I am amazed. I say to myself "yeah, ok...anybody can get lucky once....errrr twice?......but FIVE times? LOL........I am sold, signing up today. Thanks for sharing your work with us AL u da man,baby!
3/14/2003 10:57:20 AM Mountain prt:: Another bounce off 828!
3/14/2003 10:57:13 AM Mountain bkw:: out-take the money and run
3/14/2003 10:54:53 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 830
3/14/2003 10:53:06 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 831
3/14/2003 10:48:04 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 832
3/14/2003 10:44:30 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 833
3/14/2003 10:42:42 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 834
3/14/2003 10:37:27 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 835 stop 838
3/14/2003 10:26:08 AM Mountain mm:: Al, check with the CFTC ;-)
3/14/2003 10:24:17 AM Mountain wlj:: you will never get the ladies dates
3/14/2003 10:22:23 AM Mountain Al:: mm: do you know any way to get the dates of birth of all the traders in the S&P pit?
3/14/2003 10:21:49 AM Mountain mm:: As I stated several times before in the last few years, I understand that the pit functions under the influence of the planetary cycles.
3/14/2003 10:21:03 AM Mountain wlj:: an inportant number for today 832. it has been support or resistance 3 times so far, also hi so far is 9 up, and low so far 1/2 of 9 down at 827.5
3/14/2003 10:04:21 AM Mountain prt:: For what it's worth, I'd have to agree with Al.
3/14/2003 09:59:55 AM Mountain Al:: mm: it might be at 5 times the price 4 times the contracts is still not more than half the dollars- but really, the pit numbers are in the planetary cycles, not in the pit-the cycles drive the pit
3/14/2003 09:58:23 AM Mountain prt:: MM, you are ascribing far too much power to the pit. I've worked down there. The traders are at the mercy of the "order flow" -- the orders brought into the pit by the brokers.
3/14/2003 09:54:54 AM Mountain mm:: Al, do you have an explanation why the pit, apparently and demonstrably, still can jerk the S&P around, even though the emini has a volume 4x greater?
3/14/2003 09:53:32 AM Mountain gdb:: Does it look like we are switching to green tide?
3/14/2003 09:48:54 AM Mountain mm:: The pit did, after they picked up the stops at 840.30 resistance - routine procedure
3/14/2003 09:42:57 AM Mountain prt:: Hey! Who pulled the plug?
3/14/2003 09:39:27 AM Mountain mm:: BINGO
3/14/2003 09:33:19 AM Mountain wlj:: 847-848=300 deg 5/6 60 points up from start of rally
3/14/2003 09:31:27 AM Mountain wlj:: 842 over nite hi
3/14/2003 09:29:16 AM Mountain gs:: make that slope
3/14/2003 09:26:59 AM Mountain gs:: AL.......with the 110 slop being up should I being playing the red tide in here for now?
3/14/2003 09:25:49 AM Mountain prt:: It's amazing. Blair stops blabbing and the market resumes its gyrations.
3/14/2003 09:17:55 AM Mountain prt:: Tony Blair is giving a press conference. Lately, the mkt goes sideways when Tony or George starts talking to the press; then it moves up when they finish. Let's see what happens this time...
3/14/2003 08:29:43 AM Mountain gdb:: wlj, re-loging in worked ... thx
3/14/2003 08:25:22 AM Mountain jgs:: 808 to 840 yesterday =32pts, this a.m. 840 to 828 =12pts & fib retrace. Is this the abc correction or is time frame to short?
3/14/2003 08:17:50 AM Mountain mm:: Resistance is at 840.30 and 848.40
3/14/2003 08:17:41 AM Mountain wlj:: gdb, start over and log on again
3/14/2003 08:15:42 AM Mountain bkw:: we keep this up we'll be at 10,000 next week!
3/14/2003 08:15:00 AM Mountain rbh:: another 10 pt flag rally
3/14/2003 08:03:25 AM Mountain gdb:: I am a member...
3/14/2003 08:03:02 AM Mountain gdb:: no it did not, I tried what was suggested but no.
3/14/2003 07:57:41 AM Mountain wlj:: gdb, did chart come up?
3/14/2003 07:55:54 AM Mountain mm:: Today's pivot is 824.40
3/14/2003 07:54:12 AM Mountain bkw:: we need a close above 835 to show this is not a head fake.
3/14/2003 07:52:33 AM Mountain wlj:: if you are on chaos clinic page and have that small x uper left try clicking on back, upper left corner of screen under file edit
3/14/2003 07:49:15 AM Mountain wlj:: are you clicking on chaos clinic?. some pages are not up on free fri
3/14/2003 07:47:59 AM Mountain gdb:: I just get a small Icon with an "x" in it, any ideas?
3/14/2003 07:46:03 AM Mountain gdb:: I can see everything else but the Chaos chart
3/14/2003 07:45:09 AM Mountain wlj:: my chaos chart ok
3/14/2003 07:36:24 AM Mountain gdb:: Chaos chart not operational?
3/14/2003 07:28:06 AM Mountain wlj:: june contract/rally started wed. 787.25 low. hi in early over nite trading was up 48 points= 240 deg= 4/6. sp pulled back then rally hi about 2 hours ago at 841-842=up 54 points=270 deg= 3x18.

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