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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 03/16/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:45 I'm done for the day-Thanks for coming-see you next week___________________________________
3:38 Note how the right shift in MoonTides was done by Uran,which pulled the vertical jerk left_
3:30 just cover 1161 for +7 ___________________________________________________________________
3:27 sold 1168 lower stop to 1163 -beware sharp turn___________________________________________
3:17 Sold 1168 lower stop to 1165 -____________________________________________________________
3:05 getting support from Saturn electric flux line___________________________________________
2:54 Sold 1168 lower stop to 1167 and hold-1151 is "hot" as Sun/Moon at 3:45__________________
2:45 Quarter Moon is exact at 3:45 Eastern, so stay tuned_____________________________________
2:33 sold 1168 put stop at 1174 and hold__-this is also a low in red -Tide!!___________________
2:18 we have now formed a converging triangle-can trade breakout -buy 1176 X sell 1168 X_______
2:06 getting peak as per the green shifted +MoonTide-coming to critical time___________________
1:50 getting support on Mar /Pluto flux - Jude TS short but could reverse______________________
1:32 vibrating about sun/Moon flux near 90 degrees-repeats at 0, 180,etc.nearing spring equinox_
1:22 Venus and Uranus often act the same-getting sharp down at Venus time line_________________
1:12 MoonTides now show a flat section, then a final move -I shifted green +Tide down & left_________
12:57 I'm back-Jude TS sold-make 3.5 on first trade-Short now from 1173________________________
12:32 rally met resistance at Neptune flux- I'm going to take a 30 min break now_______________
12:28 Hello you 3 Kiwi's in New Zealand-I'm coming your way in a month-________________________
12:18 back to the two day screen-Jude TS still long from 1169.5-on green MoonTide______________
12:12 1ADAy stopped for -.25 -quite reasonable-it keeps losses small,get small gains,big gains_
12:05 sold 1175.25 stop now 1175.5 -cover 1172.25____________________________________________
12:01 sold 1175.25 buy stop goes at low +3 (green line low pt)-buy 1176.75 stop-cover 1172.25_
11:55 sell 1175.25 stop________________________________________________________________________
11:51 raise to sell 1172.75 stop_->__11:52 1173.75____-note 1 hour down-1hour up_______________
11:47 now sell 1169.25____This is Trail In-Trail Out___________________________________________
11:37 raise sell stop to 1168 ___stop is the highest point of red line_________________________
11:31 sell 1166 stop___-focus only on execution________________________________________________
11:30 sell 1165.50 stop, trail up by $-3________________________________________________________
11:27 switched to new screen for 1Aday-yellow is 36 minute trend,red is high -3 green low+3_____
11:19 may have inverted to -Tide____36 minute trend now up______________________________________
11:08 Jude trading system about to buy-36 minute trend (magenta stick) down but flattening______________________
10:57 slowing down-light blue line is Jude trading system-short,going flat______________________
10:43 Saturn flux support held a second time-Saturn is at 4:00 (16:00)-ends the day_____________
10:32 Another spike low, this one off the Saturn electric field flux line-1ADay on myscreen.gif_
10:25 went right through that-following the green +MoonTide____________________________________
10:23 Sun squares Moon today,now prices are at Sun and Moon flux bundle_______________________
10:16 University of Michigan Consumer confidence released early at Uranus (of) Mercury time!!______________
10:00 Now see how the -M000 Moon electric field flux reversed the drop for a spike low__________
9:49 dropping sharply along the Uranus "time line"-where Xchg passes Uran-see the energy!_______
9:38 opening down and nervous-On Mercury elctric field flux,Xchg passes Merc near 10:12_________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________

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