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Here are Al's comments
1:08 that was my "shock and awe" trade for the day-I'm done for the day-screens will run to close_
enjoy the chat room-see you next week_____________________________________________________________
1:03 the high came right where the dark red Angel of God diagonal lines crossed-high energy point____
12:56 the black EXMA like line is the Jude trading system tuned to the 20/110min cycles______
it uses my fractal variable moving average and simple stop and reverse-spikes are signals____
12:52 red -Tide shows a turn soon-891 is a key price-Moon flux cross-but may go Node to Node_____
12:48 out 890 +7 on second effort-so +11 overall -OK to get back in if you pressed stop too close_
12:44 stop 887.50____________________________________________________________________________
12:38 stop 886______________________________________________________________________________
12:33 cover will still be 890-if we get there by next Tide time ____________________________
12:29 stop 885_______________________________________________________________________________
12:24 note how the slope of the 110 EXMA is the same as the white diagonal Harmonic Grid lines_
12:18 stop 883.50 __________________________________________________________________________
12:14 stop 881.50 ___________________________________________________________________________
12:09 rebought 883 stop 880__________________________________________________________________
12:03-out 882 -got the normal +4 - may be more but it is hard to react to spikes like this___
11:53 my cover is 890, entry +12-stop 882_____________________________________________________
11:51 stop 880-I'll go for more -breaking above the equinox 882 Tide is up for 3.5 hours______
11:44 normal out of band cover point is +4=882-I'll wait-stop 879____________________________
11:41 stop 878 -back to 882 equinox level-____________________________________________________
11:37 an out of band entry gets you back to the 110 EXMA-return to the mean-then be patient___
11:30 OK, got a good entry-act like you've been there before-stop 877-fast break_______________
11:29 bought 878 stop 875_______________________________________________________________________
11:12 coming into Tide turn, and nearing the blue line=lower band edge-setting up out of band buy_
11:01 those swings up and down are still tracking a 3 hour Fractal of Pi ending near noon_____
10:55 MoonTides help see what is going on; trend still following red -Tide_____________________
10:53 learning not to trade-i.e. not to make things up-is harder than learning to trade________
10:48 the 20/110 EXMA's are tangled=snake pit-stay out__________________________________________
10:43 this is a "2 Moon Day" -a frequent pattern is Moon-Noon-Moon______________________________
10:34 out -2 ; 882 continues to attract prices - now need to be patient and wait for Tide turn_
10:28 sold 879-couldn't resist-stop 881 - cover will be 876- using 3 point quantums_____________
10:22 no rally there-on clinic chart the pattern is fitting a 3 hour Fractal of Pi______________
10:15 the SP2Day chart shows a possible rally-wait until Tide turn to trade_____________________
10:05 out for 0 - today the 882 level will be a strong attractor -may congest about it all day__
10:01 stop 882 - this is where it breaks lower or goes flat-control risk-all you do control______
9:55 stop survived blip-will lower soon-plan to cover 877 if we get there-still looks like red -Tide
9:48 stop 883- if it goes flat I want to be out quick____________________________________________
9:45 sold 882 stop 884 -not the hotline trade-just met reading chart-basically selling qtr moon___
9:40 got an early out of band sell on 20/110 EXMa's-so market will likely flatten out or turn down____
9:34 opening near 882, square the Equinox-also near Mars-God of War______________________________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

3/21/2003 02:00:26 PM Mountain wlj:: close enough mm, a mini bing
3/21/2003 01:56:40 PM Mountain wlj:: G9, some ally gator skin luggage please
3/21/2003 01:53:49 PM Mountain wlj:: a little bingo music please
3/21/2003 01:48:20 PM Mountain mm:: As I wrote earlier, 896.50 would be the next bingo - let's wait and see
3/21/2003 01:41:17 PM Mountain wlj:: 894 maybe it, low 17th 822, 360 deg in price up is 894
3/21/2003 01:36:42 PM Mountain G9:: whoo ha........sppedline comes in at mid 890's
3/21/2003 01:36:25 PM Mountain wlj:: looks like node to node 18 jump
3/21/2003 01:31:24 PM Mountain wlj:: maybe near 5 waves up from 877 low
3/21/2003 01:27:20 PM Mountain wlj:: thank you
3/21/2003 01:25:02 PM Mountain bkw:: lol-laugh out loud!
3/21/2003 01:22:55 PM Mountain wlj:: what is lol
3/21/2003 01:21:44 PM Mountain G9:: I am up a whopping 1.5, one of these days I'm going to hold for more than .75 a trade LOL
3/21/2003 01:20:15 PM Mountain wlj:: shorts have to cover
3/21/2003 01:17:45 PM Mountain bkw:: nicked again minus 3. Amazing how this thing as overbought and overextended as it is grinding higher.
3/21/2003 12:48:30 PM Mountain wlj:: horz/vert nept. time price
3/21/2003 12:44:07 PM Mountain wlj:: if i am correct do i win the luggage?
3/21/2003 12:32:39 PM Mountain wlj:: looks like chrion support, guess green. but will go with the flow
3/21/2003 12:11:34 PM Mountain G9:: Red or green tide into the your bets
3/21/2003 11:53:37 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 887 stop 890.
3/21/2003 11:52:11 AM Mountain prt:: Al: Did I miss something? I don't see the red Tide on the Chaos Clinic chart.
3/21/2003 11:43:34 AM Mountain bkw:: JatBird you hit the nail on the head-gravity will soon take effect.
3/21/2003 11:30:01 AM Mountain mm:: Al asked me that question half a year ago - There have been books written on this subject - I explained my method, which takes me 3 min every morning, on Oct.4, 2002 in the CHAT room, first thing in the morning - I trust Al has it still in one of his dozens of computers and could put it up again.
3/21/2003 11:28:37 AM Mountain jatbird:: when they find SH dead, the market will selloff...886 critical now ."should we we stay or shall we go" ...925ish the plug gets tripped over at the party..the music is so loud i think one of the tweeters are blown...this is a trip !
3/21/2003 11:18:03 AM Mountain jgs:: mm: Where/how do you get your pit S & R numbers that BINGO?.
3/21/2003 11:06:44 AM Mountain mm:: I'm almost tempted to get in again - this is like stealing candy from a baby - these guys are sooo predictable - but of course today they can turn again on a dime, so I stay out
3/21/2003 11:05:59 AM Mountain wlj:: last 3 tops :53 :55 :56 after the hour
3/21/2003 11:05:37 AM Mountain G9:: you da man Al........great stuff on here
3/21/2003 11:03:13 AM Mountain prt:: The "shock and awe" campaign has begun in Iraq. If you're not watching CNN, you should be.
3/21/2003 11:02:44 AM Mountain Al:: G9: just a note-if you look carefully at the clinic screen, prices touched the lower band at 11:12 - that was one of my clues- the rest is patience and procedure
3/21/2003 10:57:44 AM Mountain mm:: Another BINGO - let's see whether they, after the rest, continue or turn it around
3/21/2003 10:52:26 AM Mountain G9:: whew........what a push. Sold way way too soon
3/21/2003 10:51:54 AM Mountain mm:: The pit's R levels are 892.20 and 896.50
3/21/2003 10:49:30 AM Mountain wlj:: the red tide line has been kidnapped
3/21/2003 10:43:39 AM Mountain Al:: guess the difference is that I been in a war and they don't scare me-you just have to be sure to be careful about your stops-and abandon beliefs like war is bad for the marekt or war is good for the market-just trade the pattersn-they work because people are still people-even in war
3/21/2003 10:38:43 AM Mountain bkw:: AL-I agree with MM on the war. I have cut back my trading as well-I too don't like being jerked around by news and rumour.
3/21/2003 10:29:32 AM Mountain Al:: mm: I agree-just wanted to point out that on a big move the you can't keep selling the upper BB-need to wait for the envelope to turn -as it often does near a Tide turn-as far as war-good time to trade-lots of volatility-the energy cycles drive everything-
3/21/2003 10:23:12 AM Mountain G9:: thanks MM
3/21/2003 10:22:25 AM Mountain mm:: First: as I said yesterday, I'm not trading, don't want to be jerked around by stories/rumores of S being dead, the bombers leaving England, etc. I only stated that the BBs gave good signals - Second: G9: I'm using eSignal Advanced Charts, also 3 min, with their standard setting which is 20/2/C - Third: Al: yes, some rumor changed direction again, but one easily could have gotten out even
3/21/2003 10:08:41 AM Mountain Al:: mm: except this last one will likely not work as well due to "running the band edge"
3/21/2003 10:05:35 AM Mountain G9:: MM......can you explain what time frame and settings you use on your BB trades?
3/21/2003 10:04:11 AM Mountain mm:: So far the BB have given 6 entry signals, each good for 3 to 10 points
3/21/2003 09:58:23 AM Mountain Al:: to me it was out of band-things are not perfect-some judgement is required-you can also use Bollinger bands as MM does- Tide turn was on time within minutes-I bought when prices broke 20 EXMA- plus I had good Fractal of Pi and Face of God patterns
3/21/2003 09:55:44 AM Mountain prt:: BBC is reporting that a UK official says Hussein was "probably" killed. Apparently, the market really likes that news!
3/21/2003 09:55:23 AM Mountain bkw:: and I got nicked-out minus 3
3/21/2003 09:55:06 AM Mountain wlj:: G9, sometimes we trade our own trade set ups, not wise to go against the tide.
3/21/2003 09:53:17 AM Mountain G9:: Al...........that wasn't an out of band trade. Can you explain why you went long there?
3/21/2003 09:52:23 AM Mountain shl:: Nice trade, Al
3/21/2003 09:51:10 AM Mountain bkw:: G9-AL's entry is a good one-mine is a bet we reverse back down.
3/21/2003 09:48:50 AM Mountain Al:: if everyone was on the same side there would be not market- you get to pick sides
3/21/2003 09:45:07 AM Mountain G9:: Al is long.......bkw is short....and I'm confused
3/21/2003 09:37:21 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 881 stop 884
3/21/2003 09:32:06 AM Mountain G9:: maybe not........LOL
3/21/2003 09:28:55 AM Mountain G9:: Well, 11:36 is looking like a low?
3/21/2003 09:28:03 AM Mountain Al:: prt: fortunately this is rare in Denver-but I grew up in the Black Hill in in South Dakota, so I get lots of early experience-which is why I don't live there now
3/21/2003 09:24:12 AM Mountain prt:: Al: Wow! And I thought the lake-effect snow from Lake Michigan was bad! I'm sorry you had to battle all that white stuff. Thanks for the pix.
3/21/2003 09:09:03 AM Mountain Al:: prt: I just put a link on the List of Charts page, left side, bottom
3/21/2003 09:03:16 AM Mountain prt:: WLJ: Are the storm pictures on the Web site? (If so, where?) I'd like to see how bad it was!
3/21/2003 08:30:58 AM Mountain wlj:: last couple hours a 30 min cycle
3/21/2003 08:16:40 AM Mountain mm:: First BINGO - they turned it on yesterday's H of 879.20
3/21/2003 08:09:40 AM Mountain wlj:: 879 sup/res back to 19th
3/21/2003 08:01:11 AM Mountain wlj:: the goodyear equinox, timing is everything,
3/21/2003 07:54:51 AM Mountain Al::wlj: sure-they were a lot more fun than the shovelling-I also spent 2 hours laying under my truck changing a flat tire-the only one I've had in many years-
3/21/2003 07:52:53 AM Mountain wlj:: from over nite low a 4 hour rally to 24 pointa above equinox.
3/21/2003 07:39:20 AM Mountain wlj:: thanks for photos of storm

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