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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 03/22/2002

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These are the comments made during the live session

3:40 I'm done for the day-see you next week___________________________________________________
3:35 got another continuation sell-doubt that it is anything more than the train adding cars___
3:23 If you just want to trade, sign up for my hotline.To learn,take the Trader's Trilogy courses_
3:17 Count the 7 swings down from the top-says near the end of the move-no late crash-sorry__
3:07 that little pinch was a "trend continuation" setup-could sell when 20 EXMa turned down__
3:00 now the 20 and 110 EXMA's are pinching, so may get another move as we pass Mars_________
2:49 Your trading must balance with the rest of your life.It should be easy,not a strain_____
2:45 Some would say, "Why didn't you stick around and take that selloff?"-I didn't plan to____
2:42 Back from a good lunch-I see the train went back to the station at 1152-a balance price__
1:01 My Chaos Institute student and I are going to lunch-be back in about an hour______________
12:35 That trades was done exactly as taught in the tutorial_forecast,plan,trade, trade.________
12:34 Off at Sixville-I jump off before the conductor found me, and throw away my ticket-_______
12:24 Time to lower my ticket price to nothing-free-moves top to 1151.50-sell 1157.50 or better_
12:19 Coming to the quarter Moon-looks like I'll get to 6ville__________________________________
12:12 Still stuck-I'll off the train at 1:00 if not caught by the conductor or at 6ville(57.50)_
12:04 at this point the yellow 20 EXMA has dipped toward the 110. I'm off if crosses____________
11:57 If this conductor doesn't move the train, soon, I'm marking my ticket down again___________
11:50 looks like stopped at Somethingville-probably to take on a little coal______________________
11:45 Slowing down-not at +6, so I'll hang loose-in worst case I get my ticket punched____________
11:33 now lowering my ticket price to $110-raise stop to 1149.50-conductor hasn't colected ticket_
11:21 Ok,train moving -pretty soon I mark down my ticket, and I get off at Up6town =1157.50______
11:17 that was a fake by the conductor-train just lurched-may still go, so I'll sit______________
11:09 The stop movement rule is to move 1 pt every 30 minutes-you mark down your ticket if no go_
11:00 The 3 point stop is you setting a limit on what the conductor can charge you for getting on_
10:56 yellow crossed blue=buy, getting up a head of steam-get on board-buy 1151.50 stop 1148.50_
10:55 The blue 110 minute EXMA is the station-the yellow 20 min EXMA is the train-approxinately-
10:47 The trick is not to get on the train on short trips, or when it's parked in the station__
10:40 Looks like the train may next go to Up6town-if the map(red -Tide) is valid________________
10:34 my clue that that was a short trip was the blue 110 min EXMA slope-it matched red -Tide___
10:24 Coming back to the station-Now geting into 1ADay opportunity timezone-_____________________
10:21 You get to decide when to jump on the train-a short trip could cost $150, but a long one is free
10:19 The map (red MoonTide) says this may just be a short trip, so hang loose____________________
10;17 hm, looks like train could be leaving for Downsville-or is it just hitching up another car?_
10:14 When that happens,the conductor rushes to collect your ticket money-you pay for a short trip_
10:15 About half the time, after the train looks like it left, it backs up into the station______
10:08 the destination is Up, or Down. You have to see the train leaving to know-_________________
10:06 Train's still sitting at station-tickets are actually unlimited price unless you set limit_
9:57 back up to 1152-train still in the station-tickets are $150 on the Emini-conductor is a nut_
9:52 got support at 1149, the lower edge of the congestion zone formed by +M270/-M270 Moon flux___
9:43 opening sort of lazy-looks to me like the train is parked at the station-just hang loose_
9:35 Opening near 1152, set by the spring equinox-1Aday is to go with flow 10:30-11:30 ____________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at & Moneytide.com___________________

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