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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 03/23/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:41 Stopped 1149 for +1 - move peaked on Saturn-done for the day-see you next week____________
3:37 raise stop 1149 __________________________________________________________________________
3:29 bought 1148 raise stop to 1147 and hold_-Saturn was very hot yesterday____________________
3:24 bought 1148 put sell stop 1143 and hold_-watch for Saturn energy to raise prices_________
3:21 lower buy stop to 1148 __________________________________________________________________
3:09 Lower buy stop to 1149__above the Mercury flux, which is now resistance_________________
3:03 shifted MoonTide looks accruate__________________________________________________________
2:52 poked above +m000 but stop not hit yet __________________________________________________
2:41 cover 1148.25 for +4.25 and put buy stop at 1151__-hit the +M000 moon flux_______________
2:30 bought 1146 stop at 1139-raise to 1140 and hold___________________________________________
2:27 add a buy 1146 stop-above the Uranus flux_________________________________________________
2:24 stuck on the Neptune flux - trade not working-cover 1141-leave 1139 sell stop in__________
2:17 here is where you have to be patient-bought 1144 stop 1138 raise to 1139__________________
2:08 bought 1144 leave sell stop at 1138 for now_______________________________________________
2:01 Fitting a 6 hour Fractal of Pi -near U4 -buy 1144 stop and sell 1138 stop_________________
1:56 we may be getting a second inversion-sell 1138 stop_______________________________________
1:52 stopped for 0.0 -pretty tough trading today-note we are only a few point from the open____
1:34 The green +Tide is now shifted left by 38 minutes,aligning vertical part with Saturn______
1:27 bought 1140 raise stop to 1140 and hold-could see 1154 Venus or even 1163 Saturn___________
1:18 bought 1140 raise stop now 1137 and hold-assuming on green +Tide and turn was early______
1:08 bought 1140-put stop at 1134 for now __________________________________________________
1:04 Buy 1140 stop _______________-let market enter us long if it moves_____________________
12:50 got nice little down move as Exchange passed Venus-may be coming to a low______________
12:20 stopped for -3 -always take little bites, so you don'g choke when they don't work______
12:04 Did invert-sell 1138 stop 1141_________________________________________________________
11:56 I don't like it-cover 1140 _-if in doubt, get out_________________________________________
11:50 Looks like just a pullback - buy 1142 stop 1138___________________________________________
11:45 may be getting an inversion to green +Tide________________________________________________
11:35 so far running on red -Tide-Shape of Jude line is matching shape of -Tide_________________
11:25 Tides give you a way to look ahead and wait for a good trade time, near 1:20______________
11:11 I rescaled the chart-rally started on Mercury time, now hit Mercury price_________________
11:02 got more energy as the Exchange passed the Moon - too late to buy this rally so wait______
11:00 still having some technical problems_______________________________________________________
10:49 This market is not moving very efficiently-big swings,little motion________________________
10:33 Light blue line is Jude trading system-has sold and bought and gone flat--stay out for now__
10:31 going back to 2 day screen-________________________________________________________________
10:27 stopped for -2 ____-started a few minutes earlier, the trade would have worked________________
10:26 lower stop 1131_____________________________________________________________________________
10:25 sold 1129 buy 1132 stop cover 1126 or better_____________________________________________
10:22 sell 1129 stop_____yellow line is the 36 minute trend____________________________________
10:20 switching to 1 day screen for 1ADay-counter 36 minute trend at 10:22______________________
10:06 Wild-1ADay coming up on myscreen.gif-36 minute trend shown by magenta "floating stick"____
9:53 following red -Tide early___________________________________________________________________
9:48 Late start due to technical problem-starting out on Mars/Plu/Moon270 flux__________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________

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