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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:53 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-no clinic next week-speaking at AstroEcon conference_
The Astro Economics Conference is next weekend in Scottsdale,AZ-www.astroeconomics.com_________
2:49 pretty bumpy today- that joyride to nowhere cost me 2.75 points, which is OK______
2:46 stopped 862 -the support was off the black lines=Moon M015 flux - _________________
2:40 if I make it that far, my cover time is still 3:20 -5 hour fractal time still good_
and the hot price is the +M000 moon flux-or the Node flux ______________________________
2:34 I have a saying "counter Jude gets you screwed" - gross but accurate________________
2:30 Chaotic systems always have two solutions that compete-at bifurcation they balance-__
to trade them have to go with the flow coming out of the bifurcation-stop 862_______________
2:28 the reason I aborted and reversed was the continuation sell in the 20/110_____________
2:24 sold 862 -sell 1 monre 861.75 stop 864_____green +Tide won_____________________________
2:23 covered other 863 -_______________________________________________________________
2:20 covering the extra 3 864-keep_____________________________________________________
2:12 this trade setup is in the Fractal of Pi course -be nice if it works_____________
2:10 that low was it-part of the fractal pattern - buy 3 more 864.5 _________________
2:04 stop is where it should be-make it a stop and reverse_____________________________
2:02 should know outcome in about 10 minutes___________________________________________
1:57 here we have a classic chaos theory "bifurcation"-choose +Tide or -Tide___________
1:54 must rally now or I'm out-it toched the boundary of the fractal____________________
1:48 stop 862-Jude chickened out_________________________________________________________
1:44 prices need to get above the Sun flux at 865.5 to rally-need to be patient_________
1:36 if this fractal is good, high is on +M090 Moon flux 874.5-we shall see-_____________
1:29 tough market today-now looks like 5 hour Fractal of Pi off the 10:20 low-peak 3:20___
1:24 broke the trendline of the decline - buy 864 stop 861________________________________
1:22 2 hours up, 2 hours down _____________________________________________________________
1:18 there are no more hotline trades today-but I will hang around and buy if Jude does ___
1:02 then the red lines cross at 1:50-and an hour + a bit latter is the Quarter Moon______
12:56 the S&P harmonic grid gives a clue about when a change in the nature of the market could come_
look at the diagonal white major grid lines and the dark red one-cross about 1:40__________
12:52 I'm back - looks like not much happened - 10 day MoonTide suggests late rally________
12:16 I need to run an errand-back in about an hour-_______________________________________
12:12 20/110 crossing-may just go flat -I made one try at this turn so I'll not do another_
11:54 that was not out of band so don't sell it unless get 20/110 crossing__________________
11:52 out -1 _______________________________________________________________________________
11:42 another continuation buy-stop 867-with this broad of a turn I do not want to assume much
11:37 867 was resistance, now support__________________________________________________
11:32 like all trades,this is a risk-but the slope of the 110 EXMA is up,matching the red -Tide_
11:24 stop 866-either peaking on green +Tide or inverted to red -Tide-if latter, I want on_
11:19 continuation buy 868 stop 865________________________________________________________
11:10 this next Tide turn is flat and broad, so I do not expect it to be real precise_______
11:03 close enough - I'm just covering 867 for +5 -_________________________________________
11:01 stop 865______________________________________________________________________________
10:59 I have two timeouts comine up - 11:10 is 90 minutes into trade, and the next Tide turn_
10:54 so far so good-Saturn time line should be hot-Saturn flux was a base price______________
10:49 stop 864 - ____________________________________________________________________________
10:45 getting fast move, so I will try for more than 4-stop 863_______________________________
10:44 slow, sloppy, and choppy-_should pick up soon-back to 3 hour FOP________________________
10:38 stop 861-_______________________________________________________________________________
10:34 good reading for traders is the Book of Job-it's all about patience_____________________
10:29 since this was an out of band entry, my normal target is +4 pts=866____________________
10:25 the new data now says it is a 4 hour fractal of pi-even better-be patient_______________
10:22 the market still acts like it wants to rally-so rebought 862 stop 860___________________
10:16 the reason I aborted is that the 20 EXMA turned down and did not cleanly break 110 EXMA_
10:14 aborting 862 - just don't like it not moving _________________________________________
10:12 stop 860_moving 1 point each 30 minutes________________________________________________
10:08 if I have the fractal right, should move up after 10:09_________________________________
10:01 this little pullback is a normal part of the fractal pattern____________________________
9:55 that black line that just popped a spike is the Jude trading system saying buy____________
9:53 I now have a 3 hour Fractal Of Pi pattern saying up until 12:30-_________________________
9:48 opening trades are tough -just have to decide fast and place a bet-I bet on green Tide _
9:43 taking this as out of band buy at 862,stop 859_-was out of band before open,breaking 20 EXMA_
9:38 I'm waiting to see how prices react to the Node,Ven,Ura=passing in time, support 858_______
9:32 opening moderately down in lower part of trading band______________________________________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

3/28/2003 01:48:01 PM Mountain bkw:: out plus 1.5
3/28/2003 01:35:51 PM Mountain G9:: 3:30 high
3/28/2003 01:26:46 PM Mountain ken:: out - .75
3/28/2003 01:23:23 PM Mountain wlj:: adv issu near hi of day with sp way down from hi, last tide may rally?
3/28/2003 01:19:23 PM Mountain ken:: Have a good week Al
3/28/2003 01:17:12 PM Mountain ken:: stop 63.5
3/28/2003 01:11:46 PM Mountain bkw:: sold 863 stop 866
3/28/2003 12:56:58 PM Mountain ken:: sold 62.75 stop 64.5
3/28/2003 12:55:30 PM Mountain wlj:: if lower, sp sup/res at about 857. trend line about 854
3/28/2003 12:49:51 PM Mountain wlj:: also qqq just hit sup/res back to 14th
3/28/2003 12:45:33 PM Mountain ken:: 8104 low going back to the 18th on the Dow
3/28/2003 12:41:11 PM Mountain bkw:: out-that was a nice one-858 is key we breakit and she rolls over.
3/28/2003 12:36:26 PM Mountain G9:: oh, sure.......I walk away for a few min and they break'em
3/28/2003 12:35:33 PM Mountain wlj:: this little decline started at the third touch of a down slope trend line from todays hi. now at trend line back to 25th, and a.m. low
3/28/2003 12:28:35 PM Mountain bkw:: look out below.
3/28/2003 12:27:47 PM Mountain wlj:: now that we head down
3/28/2003 12:26:42 PM Mountain wlj:: we shud hear from bkw any time now
3/28/2003 12:25:44 PM Mountain bkw:: in e waves a bifurcation is a fork away from the main trend that terminates or interrrupts it.
3/28/2003 12:18:53 PM Mountain Al:: read Glieks's book, Chaos-the making of a new science-he explaines it well
3/28/2003 12:11:06 PM Mountain wlj:: "bifurcation". from time to time i have to get my dictionary out to find out what al is talking about.
3/28/2003 11:56:20 AM Mountain G9:: bkw.......are u ever long? hee hee
3/28/2003 11:51:46 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 864 stop 867
3/28/2003 11:47:43 AM Mountain G9:: I'll vote headfake for the record ;) no trade just yet
3/28/2003 11:43:58 AM Mountain wlj:: lets try red tide. see if i can win more luggage
3/28/2003 11:37:00 AM Mountain G9:: headfake or Red tide?
3/28/2003 11:28:57 AM Mountain Al:: good cya bkw
3/28/2003 11:24:17 AM Mountain bkw:: not moving out plus 1.
3/28/2003 10:54:51 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 864 stop 867
3/28/2003 10:14:12 AM Mountain ken:: 864.5 trendline support from this ams lows and bo level for s&p this am at 10:40.
3/28/2003 10:11:25 AM Mountain ken:: looks like a coil forming, 8150-8200 on dow 8175 balance point. could be interesting later today or monday..
3/28/2003 10:02:07 AM Mountain wlj:: :20 :40 or on the hour getting turns
3/28/2003 09:45:18 AM Mountain wlj:: at trend line that was hi 25-26-27-now
3/28/2003 09:20:03 AM Mountain wlj:: full dow fut just filled open gap
3/28/2003 09:09:24 AM Mountain G9:: ahh so.......thanks.....still learning....up 2 pts here
3/28/2003 09:08:13 AM Mountain Al:: I said the Fractal of Pi forecast that, not the Moon Tides-it is a different tool
3/28/2003 09:06:14 AM Mountain G9:: said in the Clinic you expected the move to last until 12:30, but the tide and e-mail has a CIT 11:00-11:20?
3/28/2003 08:56:42 AM Mountain wlj:: 867.0 is full sp open gap
3/28/2003 08:38:08 AM Mountain wlj:: 864.5 is a trend line sup/res going back a few days, down slope
3/28/2003 07:54:44 AM Mountain wlj:: that vert ura/node has been good for a short term c.i.t. all week

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