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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 03/30/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:10 cancel sell stop-Looks like rally will stall out here-too late to trade__see you next week_
2:58 sell 1166 stop __pattern could still be down-up-down & have a double top with yesterday_
2:52 stalled at 90 degrees - cover 1170 for +4 __-becasue average move is 90 degrees__________
2:46 symetry could take us up to 1182 Uranus-watch for fast move on Saturn time line___________
2:36 bought 1166 stop 1164 move to 1167-made the 1172 flux bundle -1176 is a trine move from low_
2:30 still stuck-hang tight_____2:33 OK,there we go__________________________________________
2:22 at Mars/Moon flux-need to break above to realy go________________________________________
2:14 here's the fast rally -bought 1166 move stop to 1164___1172 flux cluster probable_________
2:06 fast rally dead ahead-Vortex swirl is up__________________________________________________
2:02 Following red -Tide-got stopped long before I could cancel-put sell stop 1162_____________
2:00 don't like it cover 1164 for -1.25_____Buy stop 1166 was hit too__________________________
1:46 again hit Jup and dropped - resell 1162.75 stop 1166_-Jup/Sat hot-3:15,3:50________________
1:45 note low was at 11 and high at 10. 3 hours & 4 hours from them is 2:00, harmonic time_______
1:36 stopped for 0 - Back up to Saturn-forming a converging triangle---___________________________
1:24 stop not hit but being tested-do nothing____________________________________________________
1:06 sold 1162 lower stop to 1162-Jude now short-Fractal of Pi match holding_____________________
1:01 turned on 3 hour "floating stick"-left end goes up,rt goes down-sold 1162 -lower stop 1166_
12:50 Jude system is now about to sell-I anticipated it a bit-Saturn flux bearish______________
12:38 sold 1162 put stop at 1167 for now -also, a 6 hour Fractal of Pi down is fitting-on D4___
12:24 put sell stop at 1160_____12:28 raise to 1162____________________________________________
12:19 I have now also turned on the Jude Trading sytem=light blue line-now long________________
12:13 I have shifted the green +Tide left 23 minutes,aligning "overnight jerk" with ystdy Moon_
12:00 Passing Sun and Venus-rallied off 1154 Sun/Ven flux-rally should slow now__________________
11:48 Back to 2 day scrn.Today's pattern is the green +MoonTide-down,up-down.Maybe sell near 1:00_
11:43 There is the +3. It would have worked, but I won't look back. More trades ahead__________
11:39 had you done the 1Aday, it would have been a buy at 1156 with stop $-3=1154 covering 1159_
11:30 Since this is not a clear change in trend WE WILL SKIP EXECUTING THE 1ADAY_____________
11:30 I have put up a 1 day screen for the 1Aday-the yellow line is the 36 minute trend=FLAT_
11:16 1ADay is to trade counter 36 minute trend at 11:28-cover current short 1153 for +4 _____
11:06 1154 being set by Sun/Venus at 12:00____________________________________________________
11:02 still short from 1157-now lower stop to 1158 -cover 1150________________________________
10:56 having some technical difficulties-1Aday coming up on myscreen.gif_______________________
10:30 all the way back up to the Saturn flux-really a choppy day-Xchg passing Mercury_______________
10:16 energy is coming from Mer/Quarter Moon-set price at 1150-sold 1157-put stop 1167 for now_
10:12 It's easy to get caught in "whitewater" like that -just have to keep looking forward___
10:10 sell 1157 -- hang tough ________________________________________________________________
10:08 not looking good -just cover 1160 --too wild____________________________________________
10:03 bought 1166 - pretty wild - put stop at 1158 for now____________________________________
10:01 stopped for -3 -may have inverted - buy 1166 stop _______________________________________
9:57 sold 1159 put buy stop 1162 cover 1156 ___________________________________________________
9:52 still on Saturn flux, Jup set high, may be turning down - sell 1159 stop__________________
9:34 opening on Satrun flux-odds favor early rally since Moon is above price ___________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________

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