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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 04/05/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:00 1ADay out for -1 - I'm done for the day see you next week____________________________
2:55 still in the trade-be patient-it works or it doesn't__________________________________
2:36 Raising stop to 1125.50- may now be on red tide________________________________________
2:30 trade looking marginal- will raise stop in a few minutes-______________________________
2:17 At this point I don't care about the Tide forecasts-I just watch the EXMA's & do rules_
2:06 raising stop to 1124.50 - need to be patient-_________________________________________
1:53 so far so good-may be more than 4 points, but I will stick to the plan-pigs don't win__
1:44 cover target is 4 points, or sell 1130.50 or better ____________________________________
1:40 If you watch the same two EXMA's every day,you get a feel for what price will do to them_
1:38 that was a bit of finess based on experience-now have 20 cross 110 and 110 curl______
1:36 Bought 1126.5 stop goes 1123.6 ________________________________________________________
1:33 buy 1126.50 stop again__________________________________________________________________
1:31 minor low as Xchg passed Venus, at Venus flux-not an accident but physical forces______
1:26 the blue XTide line at the bottom of the screen has been calling most minor turns_______
1:21 20 turned down under the 110,a continuation sell-but I'll wait until I see new lows_____
1:16 cancel the buy stop-market has gone flat-stay out _______________________________________
1:11 the EXMA's have turned flat, so unlikely stop will be hit soon-but leave it there for now_
1:02 Buy 1126.5 stop _-if hit sell 1123.5 stop-if hit soon will have 20 cross 110 and 110 curl____
12:58 the 110 EXMA is curling a bit-if prices start to rally, the 20 will cross the 110______
12:50 price now back to the 110 minute EXMA-I want $ and 20 EXMA above the 110 before entry__
12:46 There's a bit of a rally-just says the decline has stopped-______________________________
12:38 Now coming into 1ADay time frame-I'm looking to see if it will rally, confirmed by EXMAs_
12:33 This site does have special features for the serious students who have taken my courses_
12:30 I have just posted a Face of God pattern for FOGGERS to see-sorry, only FOGGERS see it_
12:18 If you haven't done so, be sure to read the trading tutorial__________________________
12:18 the 1Aday is to trade the next MoonTide turn-looks like a buy, but we wait for EXMA's_
12:11 looks like we'll test the +M270 Moon electric field flux line as Xchg squares Moon__
12:05 trend still down as per blue 110 EXMA, saying the green +Tide is in effect___________
11:48 We also have a big letter M pattern-M is for Money-it is a bullish set up____________
11:39 from the late low yesterday,we have a thrust and a pullback to a higher low->bullish_
11:35 1134 and 1125 are both 9 point quantums and natural support/resistance ______________
11:20 may have inverted to the green +Tide-________________________________________________
11:17 answer was no-I bought a ticket to a show that was a dud-you control the ticket price_
11:07 this is just a bet that the Tide turn is real-I'll pay 2 points to find out_________
11:04 this is not the 1ADay trade-buy 1129, stop 1127-____________________________________
11:02 coming to MoonTide turn here-watch for rally-stopped at Uranus flux line_____________
10:39 yesterday the -M180 Moon electric field flux was resistance-today support ____________
10:27 prices have now come back to the blue 110 minute EXMA -may congest here a while_______
10:22 Still going nowhere fast-may drop a bit here as red -Tide turns down steeper___________
10:09 creeping along the red -Tide-the S&P spends 51% of it's time not moving________________
9:57 looks like on red tide-forecast move is not attractive to trade, so I'll be patient_____
9:47 Prices are more than 6 points above the blue 110 minute EXMA-They will come back to it___
9:43 1134 is a natural balance level-stopping there for now-1ADay trade is midday______________
9:32 opening up after yesterday's double bottom-rally started before open as Xchg squared Mars_
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at & Moneytide.com___________________

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