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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 04/06/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

4:15 covered 1140.50 for +8.5,net +3.5 for day-see you next week__________________________
4:00 bought 1132 stop 1126 raise to 1132 and cover on close_or 1143 or better______________
3:57 I shift the tide left a bit so I can see an overnight move-this says +Tide to 1140___
3:47 trade still OK bought 1132 stop (2) 1126 __just hold -5 for day-could make it up_____
3:42 note 3 drives to 1128-possible 3 drives to a bottom-coming up on Pluto next__________
3:33 make the sell at 1126 2 contracts so reverse if broken________________________________
3:27 bought 1132 stop 1126 cancel buy stop at 1138-I figured 1134 was still an attractor__
3:21 also sell 1126 stop-if one stop hit,the other protects and is already in ____________
3:19 followed red -Tide all day-may be getting inversion to +Tide here-buy 1132 stop_______
3:04 put a buy stop at 1138-if break that, should rally more______________________________
2:57 stopped out-too choppy for good trading-just stay out_________________________________
2:50 sold 1127 put stop at 1131 -cover 1125 _______________________________________________
2:41 lower buy stop to 1134-leave sell stop 1127___________________________________________
2:39 put a sell stop at 1127 -just under the lows-tides show no big move-but just in case__
2:25 Buy again at 1138 stop _may get another up streak _____________________________________
2:22 note how Uranus flux has stopped the rallies and 1134 flux bundle has attracted price__
2:15 stopped for -5 , net -1 for day-pretty choppy-stay out for now_________________________
2:00 MoonTides warned it would be a choppy day-but looks like the bulls won-hang on_________
1:49 put stop at 1135 -position traders were stopped out at 1136-just rebought 1143_________
1:40 buy 1140 _______________________________________________________________________________
1:39 I am aborting my 1ADAY execution.The turn was obviously a low.Should have been buying___
1:34 raise sell stop to 1130-trail 3 points under price-not idea setup for 1Aday-____________
1:30 36 minute trend up-barely-sell 1128 stop_______________________________________________
1:18 still pretty flat-short magenta line is the 36 minute linear regression=36 min. trend__
12:56 Tides show a vertical move here-note prices attracted to 1134=270 deg_________________
12:50 new low off the Saturn flux-1Aday is to trade counter 36 minute trend at 1:30__________
12:22 Nice break to the Pluto flux line, then back up to the Sun flux-says Pluto 3:52 is HOT_
12:12 Wow-don't like this- cover long from 1136 at 1140 for +4_______________________________
12:01 I'll hold this trade and demo the 1ADay separately-it is on myscreen.gif______________
12:00 back up to that Uranus flux line where we opened-picking up som green +tide energy____
11:45 low still holding-bought 1136 -move stop to 1136-still on red -Tide___________________
10:56 also look at the decline-see 7 swings down? That makes me think the low is in_________
10:44 bought 1136-put stop at 1131_This is a MoonFlux trade-test flux, they held, buy_______
10:36 that low failed, now retesting yesterday's low on the Mars flux-buy 1136 stop__________
10:30 coming to the Moon, Mercury, and Venus Time=lots of energy,sets 1152 price_____________
10:18 now testing the 270 degree support where the Chiron energy is at_probably bottom here___
10:12 back to sun flux line __trend still down-having some technical problems_________________
10:01 bounced back to Uranus-I adjusted Tides to fit-show a lot of chop as they intertwine____
9:52 there is the retest-got support on the Sun electric field flux line-now,will it hold?____
9:41 following the red -Tide- will probably retest yesterday's second low at 1137_____________
9:37 opening at the Uranus flux line-note how it was support and resistance yeaterday._________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________

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