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Here are Al's comments
3:02 I'm done for the day-no clinic on Good Friday-have a Happy Easter _____________________
3:00 this was a hook and go and I'm out- which is fine-I want to be out as soon as possible_
2:57 prices now bounced of the 110 EXMA -good sign - hold__________________________________
2:54 here I know I either have a good signal, or a "hook and go" sell -so stop is in ______
2:51 stop 867 - I acted quickly because late moves are often volatile do to covering _______
2:41 I did not pick the 3:00 Tide turn for a trade because it is late in the day-but it may_
be a good one-I will demo it-20 /110 buy , support on them on pullback-bought 869 stop 866_
2:32 nice day in the park-I see that market pulled back up to Sun et al-possible rally _
to close at 873 where Moon flux pinch____________________________________________________
2:04 Tides now go flat for an hour,so I'm taking a break-Ace and Scout tell me it's park time_
2:00 at my next Tide turn timeout, covering 865.5 +4 __________________________________
1:57 stop 867 and have 864.50 or better buy order in____________________________________
1:53 stop 867.75 - 1 tick above last high_______________________________________________
1:50 here the 20 EXMA is flat,not up, so stop probably safe_____________________________
1:41 at this point I have locked in a profit, and am ready to accept more if it comes___
1:33 stop 868.5 _________________________________________________________________________
1:27 stop 869.5 - so far so good -________________________________________________________
1:22 stop 871 - sold 869.5 -cover is 864.5________________________________________________
1:20 While it is dull I have looked at the high with a Face of God pattern. It suggests __
weakness after passing Mars________________________________________________________________
1:10 Thrust-congest-thrust is a common day pattern-suggests late decline_________________
1:01 I flinched - when in doubt, get out, because you can get right back in______________
12:58 reselling 869.5 stop 871.5 ________________________________________________________
12:55 not working -aborting 870 -.5 _______________________________________________________
12:43 selling 869.50 stop 872.5 as a continuation sell_______________________________________
12:34 cancel that -20 EXMA staying under 110-weak -setting up possible continuation sell_____
12:24 may get a 20/110 buy signal-I'll just put a buy stop at 871.50_________________________
12:18 so far we rallied to out of band on top band, then though the band to lower band, and back
into the middle of the band -now likely to congest about the middle __________________________
12:12 out +.5 -may make a second effort, but for now that's all the market gave me-going flat_
12:08 stop 869.50 -now as 20 EXMA comes to 110, it will cross or stall-press the stop________
12:04 stop 869-have now returned to the mean so I can press stop to break even-cover is 873___
12:01 stop 868________________________________________________________________________________
11:57 stop 867.50 _-the 110 EXMA is following the red -Tide so far ___________________________
11:50 an out of band trade is just a trade for a return to the mean -the 110 EXMA-it may turn_
into a change in trend, or just be a correction in the trend-so we use close stop and small target_
11:40 coming into Tide turn-may come early like the first one-was out of band, now breaking___
20 EXMA - buying 869 stop 867_________________________________________________________________
11:30 a flux bundle is an attractor/repellor-have out of band condition going into Tide Turn __
11:08 now getting support on the Sun/Mar/Chiron flux bundle near 868 -day may degenerated into______
a congestion from here _______________________________________________________________________
10:47 I'm skipping this trade-just not a good setup unless you went with the early sell_____
and this continuation sell is out of band so has low potential-wait for next Tide turn________
10:36 looks like still on red -Tide. I placed my entry stop above the flux bundle so I would__
not get stuck in the mud inside it. Time may run out on me before the stop is hit ____________
10:32 decline is probably over - may just go flat on Jup/Nep/Mer/Moon flux___________________
10:23 now have an out of band buy setup - buy 874.50 stop - above the 20 EXMA________________
10:18 sometimes you see moves too fast for even the 20 EXMA to keep up with-too fast to trade_
10:12 now we have an out of band on the lower band with support on the Jup/Nep/Mer/Moon flux____
10:08 there was a good out of band sell that came early, but I missed it-don't chase the market_
10:02 broke 110 EXMA-no buy setup -at least not yet-pretty wild so far-very streaky__________
10:00 now have a possible continuation buy setup-watch yellow 20 EXMA to turn up_____________
9:54 Going into this Tide turn we had an out of band condition, but are coming back in-wait_
9:42 this type move is very hard to trade-it is "out of band" but still going up_________________
9:32 opening up-now 18 points up from yesterday's low on the Ven/Plu/Sat flux bundle______________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

4/11/2003 12:01:31 PM Mountain wlj:: so far down 18 pts from hi
4/11/2003 11:41:27 AM Mountain bkw:: out-luuvvv it.
4/11/2003 11:27:56 AM Mountain Al:: thanks shl: took some patience
4/11/2003 11:25:52 AM Mountain shl:: Morning, Dr. Al, nice call on that continuation sell :-)
4/11/2003 11:21:25 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 870 stop 867
4/11/2003 10:28:06 AM Mountain mm:: By the way: 882.60 is a S/R level - which means that so far today they ran it up to there - then brought it down and hung out at the H+C levels for a while - then went down to the P and turned it around.
4/11/2003 10:08:52 AM Mountain Al:: that is more accurate-and in a bundle, the flux may be spread, making the level a bit fuzzy
4/11/2003 09:59:30 AM Mountain prt:: MM: I like your point. Based on Al's style of chart reading, I've stopped thinking of them as "support" and "resistance" -- which imply directionality. Rather, I like the "attractor"/"repellor" terminology. It better describes the role of these price levels.
4/11/2003 09:57:07 AM Mountain Al:: mm: I agree
4/11/2003 09:53:43 AM Mountain mm:: I always thought that there is basically no difference between R and S, it just depends whether price is above or below - or to put it another way, S becomes R and vice versa, once price has gone through it.
4/11/2003 09:48:54 AM Mountain mm:: Today's pivot is 868.60
4/11/2003 09:35:24 AM Mountain bkw:: out with a win!
4/11/2003 09:34:01 AM Mountain prt:: AL: Thanks. I always appreciate a reminder to look at the big picture!
4/11/2003 09:27:23 AM Mountain Al:: prt: on the bigger picture we came down to 868 +/- a bit
4/11/2003 09:21:17 AM Mountain prt:: AL: Hey, I have a "Chart Reading 101" type question: You said the 868 bundle is support. But prices rose to that level, not fell, so I interpret it as resistance, not support. Am I missing something here?
4/11/2003 09:20:09 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 870 stop 873
4/11/2003 09:10:48 AM Mountain bkw:: ok-PR-understand now-I think most of us enter our trades and then post to the chat room-there is a delay-unavoidable.
4/11/2003 09:10:29 AM Mountain prt:: S&P futures back to 869 -- the magnetic number, I am beginning to believe!
4/11/2003 08:59:51 AM Mountain pr:: bkf - if you are referring to real time feed for data exchabges then I do have it..BKW - I was referring to your own timestamps on messages posted (that time stamp - I think- has nothing to do with the browser being refreshed but with the time that comment was posted - sorry for confusion..
4/11/2003 08:50:19 AM Mountain bkw:: PR-PRT has given you good advice-if you do not have a live feed you should not be trading imho.
4/11/2003 08:44:39 AM Mountain prt:: PR: You can manually reload your browser page, say, every minute. The page automatically updates every two minues. But like the home page says, this is not real-time.
4/11/2003 08:30:24 AM Mountain pr:: question - your trade was posted qround 2 min from the entry at 8:17 price was around 872.75 and not there a way to receive your comments in more timely matter?
4/11/2003 08:22:30 AM Mountain bkw:: out-nice and fast luuvvvv it!
4/11/2003 08:17:32 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 874 stop 877

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