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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 04/19/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:20 stopped-CME is having a problem-I'm done for the day-see you next week___________________
3:10 bought 1126.75 raising stop to 1125.50__-switched to 1 day screen________________________
3:03 flat and boring_____________________________________________________________________
2:41 the Xchg is now moving up thr0ugh the 5 planets in the evening sky___________________
2:35 fish may be alive on this smaller scale_______________________________________________
2:25 looks like red tide still in effect-buy 1126.75 stop 1125_____________________________
2:15 stopped 1126.50 for +.25 -just a spike low on Mercury__________________________________
2:10 this may be the low in the red tide, or may invert to green tide_______________________
2:01 the 20 EXMA broke the 110 sharply, and shows a good angle of separation-hold___________
1:53 lowered stop to 1126.50-this looks like a possible nasty break_______________________
1:48 I sold 1126.75 stop 1128______________________________________________________________
1:40 enlarged scale- shows tracking red -Tide all day-my, that was a timely cover___________
1:33 Sorry the market is so dull-I don't make'em, I just trade'em____________________________
1:28 I covered when that last little rally made a lower high, and failed to hold Mars price__
1:26 covered 1127.50 for +1-my fish just died________________________________________________
1:18 my fish story is still alive-bought 1126.50 raise stop 1127.00 __________________________
1:12 low volatility like this is often a precursor to a big move________________________________
1:06 this is a Twentyman grinder-there is a trend, but is is slow and grinchy______________
1:00 didn't hold mars-getting little dip as Xchg passes Sun_________________________________
12:52 now breaking above the Mars flux line-Mars is the 3rd planet in the Settin Sign_______
12:48 still fishing-if real, the rally will accelerate_______________________________________
12:39 Now we'll see if the fish is real-green +Tide has a rally-raise stop to 1126.50_________
12:33 now getting support on Venus flus-2nd planet is 5 in the evening sky____________________
12:27 passed the Quarter Moon - now comine to "Fish or cut bait" time_________________________
12:20 I have now drawn the Hannula fish I mentioned-I may be hallucinating,but watch it_______
12:12 have a 20/110 buy and now a pullback-may get more energy after Xchg passes Quarter Moon_
11:55 long from 1126.50 stop 1123.50-expect rally most of day_________________________________
11:53 just discovered Clinic page was not updating-fixed it -sorry-____________________________
11:46 Imagine a big Hannula fish with tail lower left and head upper right of 2 day screen _____
11:44 the reason I jumped on that minor rally was that I counted 7 swings down-a small Chaos Clmshl
11:41 on 2 day chart we have a thrust and a correction, so odds favor a rally in the afternoon__
11:34 now getting a head of steam up - buy 1126.50 stop 1123.50__________________________________
11:30 if you tried the 1ADay trade as written you never got a 110 curl and time has expired______
11:18 the S&P is a train run by the conductor,Crazy Harry-he has it parked in a station-stay off___
11:10 20 EXMA did make near approach to 110 and turn down-have sell stop 1123.50___________________
11:07 Nasdaq is down-S&P may be about to give a 20/110 continuation sell signal-___________
11:02 possible buy set up-may be getting a move out of the congestion_______________________
11:00 note the support on Mercury flux-the lowest planet of the 5 in the evening sky_________
10:57 looks like a flat market-trading both sides of the flat blue 110 EXMA______________
10:53 sell 1123.50 stop___________________________________________________________________
10:47 now have 20.110 sell-wait for the 110 curl___________________________________________
10:46 cover 1125.50 for -2 I did not wait for the 110 curl and I paid the price_____________
10:41 I used a stop finess entry, and may have been early-if needed I will abort the trade__
10:35 have 20/110 buy-often get a false signal then a good one early in the day______________
10:33 bought 1127.50 stop goes at 1124.50 -___________________________________________________
10:27 buy 1127.50 stop - if hit the EXMA's will be a buy set up_______________________________
10:24 have 20/110 sell, but looks like a false signal_________________________________________
10:20 this is a weak setup for either a buy or sell-prices both sides of blue 110 EXMA_______
10:09 tracking red -Tide - I'll be patient and see if we get a turn near 10:27_________________
10:03 here is that pullback-note yellow 20 min EXMA and blue 110 EXAM have converged___________
9:52 pretty dull and flat-have 7 moves up from low, so could pull back___just watch now_________
9:39 the up opening fits the red -MoonTide-1ADAY is to go with flow near 10:27___________________
9:34 opening up a bit-met resistance at Saturn/-M000 Moon electric field flux lines_______________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at & Moneytide.com___________________
_New article on site;__FOGGERS-a new chart in the FOGGER's ROOM____________________________

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