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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 04/26/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

4:06 cover 1074 for +9 -on Moon flux - I'm done-have a good weekend-see you next week___
4:00 still here-still short -I'll cover about 4:13 ______________________________________
3:49 sold 1083 lower stop to 1080 -testing Feb lows, so look out below____________________
3:36 got 20/110 EXMA continuation sell signal-______________________________________________
3:33 got support on Node flux - but it may not hold-sold 1083 stop now 1082_________________
3:12 this is a pattern called the Hannula Hurricane-spins around a fireball__________________
3:05 lowered stop to 1083.50 __-possible meltdown____________________________________________
2:59 I'm back-quick bite-sold 1083 on firball - stop 1085.50_________________________________
2:36 stopped for -2 - pretty choopy today-I'm going to lunch__________________________________
2:30 stop raised to 1084 -may be gettin inversion to red Tide -did yesterday___________________
2:17 another corner if that hex pattern was Mars/Saturn-near 3:30_______________________________
2:14 Now the EXMA's look better- both up, and price above yellow 20-____________________________
2:00 rebuy 1086 stop 1083_I flinched-_this s a EXMA trend continuation buy_______________________
1:59 this is a very choppy market because of the cluster of planets in Taurus and Gemini_________
1:55 just cover 1083.75 EXMA broken_______________________________________________________________
1:52 need to rally soon- stop now raised to 1083__________________________________________________
1:35 I anticipated the EXMA's a bit there based on my experience and the steep slope of the rally_
1:28 buy 1085 stop 1082 _________________________________________________________________________
1:25 that hex pattern had Neptune as a corner-this streak came as Xchg passed Neptune_____________
1:20 now getting a price move that could turn the averages up_____watch for confirmation___________
1:13 now have a double bottom spread 2 hours=12th of the day-could produce rally_____________
1:04 we just had a hex pattern recognized at 1082-this means it is a high energy point________
1:01 we mad a low at 1:00 yesterday-this is where we pass the Sun______________________________
12:48 tracking the green +Tide - I want to see how we come out of this turn-EXMA's will tell me_
12:32 covered 1084 for +.5 - turned of some clutter so I can do the 1ADay______________________________
12:25 coming into the 1ADay trade turn-looks like may be on green +Tide, but wait til clear_____
12:15 A SA/SR is like a hot stove-you'd like to get close to it, but the heat drives you back___
12:07 I have marked the Sun/Moon chaos theory strange attractor/repellor(SA/SR)with light blue rings__
11:54 now the market has gone flat on the Sun/Moon flux bundle-may get a Tide inversion ________
11:43 I also knew 1089 was the balance level,& that prices would move as far below it as above it
11:42 I knew the Moon flux was an attractor and a rebound should at least reach it, as it has___
11:31 bought 1083.50 raise stop to 1083.00-it does not take guts to buy that low-it takes knowledge_
11:20 bought 1083.50 put stop 1080.50 __Jupiter/Chiron flux was support as Xchg squared them___
11:12 lower the buy stop to 1083.50-may get a bounce of this stretched rubber band move_______
11:08 back to the 2 day screen for this size move-red Tide shows a a flat this hour____________
11:03 the red -Tide is still in effect-the blue 110 EXMA and 20 EXMA are tracking it well______
10:51 look closely: you see this move went down a green minor grid channel on the Harmonic Grid.
10:46 now trying to bottom-buy 1087.50 stop_____________________________________________________
10:40 stopped for -2-that's OK, the odds on that trade are good and the stop is close___________
10:32 came back above the Moon flux-buy 1086.50 stop 1084.50 ____________________________________
10:23 pretty sharp drop-now getting support on the Sun flux -may go to the +M180 Moon flux________
10:14 switched to my 1 day screen for now-it shows the S&P Harmonic grid-see current down channel?_
10:08 looks like the Mercury flux is the attractor right now-watch for prices to attract to it___
10:00 now probing for support on the -M090 Moon/Venus/Uranus electric field flux line bundle______
Ystrdy was a congestion tween the sun electric field flux at 1085+ and the Moon/Sat/Mars at 1095__
9:43 The time for the 1ADay trade will be 1:00, not 2:40 -an email correction has been sent_______
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at & Moneytide.com___________________
_New article on site;__FOGGERS-a new chart in the FOGGER's ROOM____________________________

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