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Here are Al's comments
3:21 I'm done for the day-Thanks for coming-see you next week_____________________________
3:18 there is no trade on the last hotline time-no good EXMA signal-cancel my stop________
3:14 raise sell stop 928 ___failed to top 930____________________________________________
3:10 doesn't look like there was much to day trade today if you started slow_____________
3:05 this looks like a distribution top prior to a hard break down_______________________
2:58 raising sell stop to 925.50, new break down level __________________________________
2:51 by a 3 minute bar 20 bar Bollinger band chart we are getting toppy___________________
2:46 note that we have not gone anywhere for 4 hours-so we hang here or sell off hard_____
2:42 did not really cross-breaking point is 925- I'll put a sell stop there________________
2:38 getting 20/110 sell-watch for follow through__________________________________________
2:31 I have drawn a fireball Strange Attractor/Repellor at this top,-a sell may now set up_
2:22 earlier I said we should hit the +M270 Moon flux-we finally did,band gap jump is done_
2:20 right here, the 110 EXMA should be accelerating if rally is real-it's going flat______
2:16 base price was Node/Moon/Uranus-now there in in time and 90 degrees higher in price___
2:12 Still on red -Tide; I skipped the 1:30 buy because the volatility was very low ________
2:08 now 4 hours from the early high-going back to one day chart____________________________
2:03 dropped everything off the chart except the EXMA's -helps see things better-double top_
2:00 still stuck in the mud of the 4 planet + Moon flux bundle-I'm passing on 1:30 trade_____
1:49 minor rally suggests still on red -Tide - no EXMA signals yet-be patient________________
1:42 if UR bored-check out Space Weather link on List of Charts page-big sunspot,Mer transit_
1:38 Crazy Harry is the conductor of the S&P train-loves to run it fast, then stop for hours_
1:33 the 20 EXMA has turned up, as in a continuation buy,but 110 EXMA is flat-stay out_______
1:30 covering short from 927 at 926.50- not moving____________________________________________
1:26 I'm putting a sell stop at 923.50 - just in case -________________________________________
1:22 lowering stop to 928_______________________________________________________________________
1:20 Moon, then Merc, now Neptune resistance ___________________________________________________
1:15 minor rally -linear regression floating stick left end down dip,right end up-will roll later_
1:10 going into the Tide turn have a marginal 20/110 sell-I give Tide turns about -/+ 20 minutes_
1:00 three highs, each lower-signs of the "roll right" - stop 929-watching for 20/110 cross___
12:48 the Wheel of Fortune shows price is squaring Mercury-1:30 Tide turn is on Mercury-$square t_
12:45 the regression line is rolling right, getting less steep -hang tough____________________
12:34 the S&P moves 49% of the time and sits 51% of the time-this is a sit-____________________
12:24 on this chart, the black line through price is a floating regression line-as the left end_
rides up the early rally, the right end will come down_________________________________________
12:16 not a hotline trade-sold 927 stop 930-cancel sell 924 stop_______________________________
12:06 right after 13:00 yesterday(sun/Mer/et al time and price) market took off-to same now____
12:00 I put up the 2 day chart so you can see the bigger pattern-the Moon ball is the attractor_
11:50 prices are now in the congestion zone between the +M270 and -M000 moon flux-sell 924 stop_
11:46 on the SP9Day chart,we are at the top of the trading band,so going higher will be tough_
11:42 so far we have a rising wedge pattern,with the apex near 931.5, 12:30-___________________
11:26 the 110 EXMA is tracking the red -Tide -rally should make the +M270 Moon electric flux line_
11:11 after Chiron/Venus the next key price level is 926-7-Sun/Mars/et al______________________
11:09 obviously that was a great contination trade-one misses some-goes with the territory_
10:59 had one been quick, there was a bit of money in that continuation trade-but I had made_
my trade attempt, so did not take a second try-more trades come later________________________
10:52 retesting the highs-at Chiron/Venus price, coming to Chiron/Venus time_________________
10:47 on a 2 day chart, I have a Fractal of Pi from yday's low-end soon________________________
10:40 this is a possible countination buy signal coming out of the Tide turn-but too close to _
the upper band for me to jump in________________________________________________________________
10:36 out -1. Good trade because I saw it, took it, and protected well-_________________________
10:32 now both averages are pinching-will either cross in a sell signal, or give a buy continuation
signal-hold stop-risk is 1 point_______________________________________________________________
10:29 out of band trades are using the "return to the mean" tendancy-now back to the 110 EXMA_
10:21 stop survived run to 921-I like that - cover is 915.5-now lower stop to 920.5____________
10:16 stop 921.5 - I like to start with a 3 point stop, then move to 2 quickly_________________
10:12 sold 919.5 stop 922.5 _________________________________________________________________
10:09 Now the rally is failing fast-I'm looking to sell a break of the 20 EXMA________________
10:06 rally has now gone exactly 12 points-typical first streak move___________________________
10:03 Chiron/Ven set low 903 yesterday-+18 poinst to 921 today-setting up out of band sell______
10:01 meanwhile the Jude trading system (black line) bought at 915.75 -getting resistance at 921_
9:57 This rally was a tradable,but I'm waiting for the Tide Turn-want to see how we come out of it_
9:51 that rally did not take out yesterday's late highs=weakness________________________________
9:46 912 has been a key price all week - and the Saturn flux at 918 has been a resistance level_
9:42 the Moon flux held, so now forms support-probably switched to green +Tide_______________
9:33 opening somewhat down-support on Moon +180 electric field flux -currently on red -Tide___
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

5/2/2003 02:00:55 PM Mountain Al:: over the weekend the Moon switches to Saturn
5/2/2003 01:59:40 PM Mountain G9:: out +.5er.......oh well.......see ya next week folks
5/2/2003 01:52:26 PM Mountain prt:: MM: The combination 930 (Ur/Node/Moon) and 930.67 (R2) was powerful indeed!
5/2/2003 01:49:05 PM Mountain G9:: ...........and in again ;)
5/2/2003 01:46:02 PM Mountain mm:: The 1/13/03 H of course was 935 - may be a goal
5/2/2003 01:44:01 PM Mountain G9:: dadgummit they look me out (close under 16)
5/2/2003 01:43:38 PM Mountain eagle:: Lets break 926 1st...could still be just a trap
5/2/2003 01:41:12 PM Mountain bkw:: This is an impulse wave-look out below!
5/2/2003 01:40:52 PM Mountain eagle:: at 926 I'll follow :-)
5/2/2003 01:39:10 PM Mountain mm:: prt: you started your 10:00 EDT report on the S/R levels with 922.83 - the next one up is 930.65 and we just about hit it
5/2/2003 01:36:56 PM Mountain Al:: subscribers - email flash sell 2 Jun S&P now stop 948
5/2/2003 01:36:51 PM Mountain eagle:: Impressive that 930 supply seemed unlimited :-)
5/2/2003 01:35:31 PM Mountain bkw:: grin
5/2/2003 01:22:31 PM Mountain eagle:: Wow impressive battle...NQ's just made a new high for a sec.
5/2/2003 01:19:48 PM Mountain wlj:: adv issu keep moving up how long does 930 hold
5/2/2003 01:19:07 PM Mountain bkw:: Nominal new high-we go down now.
5/2/2003 01:15:01 PM Mountain wlj:: adv issu on the move
5/2/2003 01:11:36 PM Mountain eagle:: You have THE lowest risk entry long here Close your eyes buy and put a reverse at 926
5/2/2003 01:10:30 PM Mountain prt:: Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z
5/2/2003 01:10:14 PM Mountain eagle:: Short some VRTS or NVDA and try to count how fast you lose money. There is WAY WAY to much leadership in this market to expect this to be THE that I hav esaid it will crash :-)
5/2/2003 01:06:22 PM Mountain wlj:: stuff says down but adv issu at high of day
5/2/2003 01:04:44 PM Mountain eagle:: Up :-)
5/2/2003 01:02:31 PM Mountain wlj:: who wants to win the luggage, place your bets, up/down?
5/2/2003 12:59:44 PM Mountain prt:: Tide 32 calling for (small?) sell-off here.
5/2/2003 12:54:16 PM Mountain eagle:: Last chance for the bears to take control otherwise the cap is off...
5/2/2003 12:51:22 PM Mountain eagle:: Well make or break the apex of the wedge is here. With the E wave or here or down there at 926.50
5/2/2003 12:46:22 PM Mountain eagle:: Now I would sell a breakdown of the 924 maybe even 926 if we fail to make a new high on this move
5/2/2003 12:42:51 PM Mountain Al:: thanks - changing script-should come up now
5/2/2003 12:41:05 PM Mountain wlj:: chaos chart seems stuck
5/2/2003 12:34:47 PM Mountain prt:: The rally falters! I can hear the hearts of all those perma-bears going pitter-patter, pitter-patter! :-)
5/2/2003 12:33:10 PM Mountain prt:: Thanks, Al.
5/2/2003 12:29:25 PM Mountain Al:: good job prt-you protected well
5/2/2003 12:21:00 PM Mountain prt:: Stopped at 928 for -0.5. Should have covered at 930! :-)
5/2/2003 12:19:40 PM Mountain prt:: Looks like that 930 price level is pretty significant!
5/2/2003 12:14:12 PM Mountain wlj:: from todays low it looks like last tide will be 5 waves up
5/2/2003 12:12:25 PM Mountain prt:: Stop 927.
5/2/2003 12:07:38 PM Mountain eagle:: If it DOESN't break then the only way is higher. Got my finger on Sell if it reverse but for I do enjoy the long side
5/2/2003 12:06:14 PM Mountain eagle:: Just playing the arrogant Bull :-)
5/2/2003 12:06:00 PM Mountain G9:: like I said last week.....E-wave can be useful, however price and trend is king.......trend is up until it isn't
5/2/2003 12:05:47 PM Mountain eagle:: Well I'll buy more then these are the type of day where the Dow could close +250
5/2/2003 12:05:28 PM Mountain prt:: Bot 928.5, stop 926.5. Prices and EXMAs began to separate nicely.
5/2/2003 12:01:23 PM Mountain bkw:: Days not over yet guys-we have finished an ending diagonal and it can hang around 8559 for as long as it wants too-but it will break!
5/2/2003 12:00:21 PM Mountain prt:: Based on the "rally" so far, however, I'd say a long trade has one heckuva small profit potential.
5/2/2003 11:58:03 AM Mountain eagle:: I'm willing to reverse short anytimes but like u all i see is higher highs and higher lows
5/2/2003 11:56:58 AM Mountain eagle:: Trend fighthers...Adv/Decl is **3:1**. It's a kicj off not a top
5/2/2003 11:52:33 AM Mountain prt:: I don't know about your screeen, but mine is showing higher highs and higher lows since about 1:00 Eastern.
5/2/2003 11:44:49 AM Mountain prt:: Tide 32 looking bullish here.
5/2/2003 11:37:43 AM Mountain eagle:: Last chance to load on longs :-)
5/2/2003 11:33:15 AM Mountain eagle:: BKW...and who would be the "other" prominent ewaver...not Precther I hope
5/2/2003 11:27:39 AM Mountain Al:: good one
5/2/2003 11:24:03 AM Mountain wlj:: this is a greenspan speech in chart form
5/2/2003 11:13:13 AM Mountain jeb:: more rally
5/2/2003 11:03:05 AM Mountain Al:: that's fine if Crazy Harry agrees, to0
5/2/2003 10:56:20 AM Mountain bkw:: Neely is wrong this time-I'll share this with the room-the other most eminent e waver just issued this alert- break 8559 rally over-I guess he agrees with us AL!
5/2/2003 10:40:33 AM Mountain Al:: subscribers-check your email for a Chaos Trader's Email Flash
5/2/2003 10:30:36 AM Mountain Al:: agreed bkw-thanks for answering-I thought the technocrap did it again
5/2/2003 10:28:49 AM Mountain bkw:: I'm short now AL-it's building a broad top in here.
5/2/2003 10:23:01 AM Mountain Al:: is this thing broken?
5/2/2003 10:10:52 AM Mountain Al:: bkw: you getting itchy?
5/2/2003 09:41:44 AM Mountain G9:: 974.....1020
5/2/2003 09:39:35 AM Mountain wlj:: if everyone thinks this is a break out and starts buying, how hi is hi.
5/2/2003 09:35:22 AM Mountain wlj:: near 18 up
5/2/2003 09:32:59 AM Mountain prt:: I wouldn't be surprised if we go to 930. That price has appeared in Al's list and the S/R list for several days.
5/2/2003 09:29:02 AM Mountain G9:: thanks
5/2/2003 09:23:09 AM Mountain bkw:: neely is long G9-stop 909
5/2/2003 09:22:49 AM Mountain wlj:: jgs, if you are lucky thats all the pig does to you.
5/2/2003 09:22:28 AM Mountain prt:: Market appears attracted to Al's Mars/Moon level at 925.5.
5/2/2003 09:11:50 AM Mountain G9:: bkw.......was Neely planning on a SAR (stop and reverse) at 924?
5/2/2003 09:03:37 AM Mountain jgs:: Thanks, looks like the pig could be kissing us!
5/2/2003 08:58:36 AM Mountain bkw:: JGS-new Zoran update-have a read.
5/2/2003 08:57:38 AM Mountain jgs:: BKW: I'm in and out. Wondering how many times we have to kiss this pig.
5/2/2003 08:52:27 AM Mountain prt:: Yikes. This market is redefining "choppy".
5/2/2003 08:37:38 AM Mountain prt:: Possible continuation buy developing here?
5/2/2003 08:30:07 AM Mountain prt:: Thanks, Al. Looks like a good idea!
5/2/2003 08:25:24 AM Mountain bkw:: JGS- are you here???
5/2/2003 08:24:16 AM Mountain wlj:: that 924-926 was wrong ment 923-924. i said tiame may have run out because sp heart beat to day is :08 and :30 thru :35 after the hour. [taken from overnite] open low was :30 :35, rally hi :08
5/2/2003 08:21:41 AM Mountain Al:: prt: on a sharp turn I like to start with 3 , thena djust when I get a few more bars of data in the 20 EXMA-just a bit of finess-
5/2/2003 08:19:50 AM Mountain prt:: Al: Why the extra-wide stop? You usually put your OOB stop 2 points above, not 3.
5/2/2003 08:10:17 AM Mountain wlj:: time may mave run out,r1 may hold
5/2/2003 08:08:29 AM Mountain wlj:: this rally may go to 924-926
5/2/2003 08:00:24 AM Mountain prt:: I compute the primary S/R levels at: 922.83 (R1), 919.5 (H), 915 (C), 911.67 (pivot), 903.83 (S1), 900.5 (L)
5/2/2003 07:57:07 AM Mountain prt:: Nice crossover/pullback/follow-thru. Too bad we're so far from the CIT.
5/2/2003 07:50:33 AM Mountain prt:: We've been following the red tide. Looks like we are heading into a tracking failure?
5/2/2003 07:48:06 AM Mountain prt:: Al: Forecasting markets, forecasting weather -- you do it all! :-)
5/2/2003 07:38:17 AM Mountain Al:: prt: you get our weather a day late - should have a nice weekend with a bit of rain
5/2/2003 07:30:11 AM Mountain prt:: Weather has cleared up here in Chicago, no storms. Let's say a little prayer for Globex. May it run all day.
5/2/2003 07:29:11 AM Mountain prt:: Factory Orders will be released at 10:00 Eastern. My sense is that the market is watching economic data more and more, now that the Iraq Attack stuff is old news. Look for wiggles and jiggles.

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