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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 05/10/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:55 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week_________________________
3:53 stopped on sun flux -range forecast by Tide-cover 1055____________________________
3:44 1068 to 1050 is a "bandgap eneregy jump" -so buy 1051 or better____________________
3:39 sold 1058 lower stop 1059 _________________________________________________________
3:36 the 3:29 was a high, so the final time 3:53 is proably a low_______________________
3:27 sold 1058 lower stop to 1060 -there is energy at 1052.25 and 1050.5_________________
3:21 stopped in small congestion-next time 3:29__________________________________________
3:11 stopped for 0 - pressed stop too soon-resell 1058 stop 1062__________________________
3:06 lower stop to 1059 sold 1059-down at 6 points per hour->1053 potential_______________
2:59 lower stop to 1061-I just took the 20/110 continuation sell, Red Tide says down to close_
2:54 sell 1059 stop 1063_________________________________________________________________
2:49 good abort-red -Tide took over-choppy today-back down to evening sign flux bundle___
2:45 covered 1062-not moving-get out of congestion_______________________________________
2:44 bulls=Plu/Node/Sat/Ven/Mars;bears=Jup/Chiron___________________________________________
2:41 coming to next minor turn-a low-trade is in limbo-need wider stop in cluster of planets_
2:29 adjusted green +Tide to get esimate of trade potential-1072 Sun flux possible_______
2:24 got high on 2:18 time-next is 2:45__________________________________________________
2:19 green +Tide shifted left 28 minutes fits-moves vertical "overnight" part to 3:47____
2:12 The sign in the evening sky set that low-this is real, physical stuff________________
2:03 1:57 time was a low-a strong one______________________________________________________
2:00 that is the upturn in the green +Tide-it left shifted a bit-buy 1063.75 stop 1060_____
1:58 got bounce of the evening sign flux bundle - covered 1063 for -1.50 __________________
1:50 looking better-trend is slow .5 points per hour -cover at 2:20 if don't get 3 points___
1:46 sold 1061.50 stop now 1063.50 cover 1058.50 OB-I'm just watching the tracking EXMAs now___
1:37 still short -cover at 1058.50 if gett there-lower stop to 1063.50 at 1:45_____________
1:31 minor rally stopped by 110 EXMA-hold___________________________________________________
1:23 not moving-just follow rules-a trade works or it doesn't-no big deal___________________
1:15 sold 1061.50 lower buy stop to 1064.50 -10/110 continuation sell________________________
1:08 lower buy stop to 1065___-if get a rally it may go fast 1:06 was a low__________________
1:04 now have the EXMA's pinched -so buy 1065.50 stop , sell 1061.50 stop ___________________
12:58 Tides are forming a MoonTide Fractal set about the Chiron flux line____________________
12:56 1:06 time should be a high near Chiron flux line 1064 _________________________________
12:53 12:13 was a low-now getting both EXMA's curling up-possible buy setting up, but wait____
12:46 nothing clear yet-will either get a continuation sell or a buy on the 20/110 EXMAs______
12:35 pretty sharp drop-did I miss the trade? sometimes they come early-we will see___________
12:20 coming into the 12:31 time, looking like a low a per red -Tide__________________________
12:07 minor low 11:47 minor high 12:06 - still stuck in the train station-____________________
11:51 still flat-pretty much as forecast_______________________________________________________
11:38 1ADay looks to trade the move coming out of 12:31 timezone using the tracking EXMA's_____
11:24 nice 11:24 high _____may be getting inversion to green +Tide_____________________________
11:15 watchfor 11:24 to be a minor high-10:51 was a low _________________________________________
11:12 getting "fuzz" -the S&P spends 51% of it's time flat, 49% moving ___________________________
10:51 have now gone flat -still on red -Tide -10:51 time looks like a high________________________
10:34 another factor in covering was support at the 2nd down white diagonal line in Harmonic Grid_
10:29 I also knew that an early fast thrust usually goes 9 or 12 points-this went 12_____________
10:25 I sold when the 1074 Moon flux failed to hold-then stayed when 9:54 Natural time was a high
10:25 I was alert to cover on an inversion in the times-which came as Xchg squared Chiron__________
10:23 got the support at Chiron - cover 1065 -for +6.75________________________________________
10:17 sold 1071.75 move stop to 1066.50 ________________________________________________________
10:15 may go down to 1059-the flux bundele from the evening sign________________________________
10;12 paused at +M270 line-lower stop 1068.5 and hold-sold 1071.75______________________________
10:03 sold 1071.75 lower stop to 1071 -expect to reach Chiron flux line near 1064_______________
9:56 9:54 natural time was a high - getting fast move now -on red -Tide_________________________
9:47 sell 1071.75 stop 1075 - go the other way_______20/110 EXMA continuation sell________________
9:45 stopped quickly-just a small play on the Moon electric field flux line-Mercury flux stopped rally_
9:40 buy 1075.00 , 1073 stop -possible move on green +Tide_______________________________________
9:35 got data back-dropped to -M000/Uranus flux line-probably support____________________________
9:33 Lost data -standby___________________________________________________________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at & Moneytide.com___________________
_opening with price square the cluster of planets in the evening sky_____________________________________

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