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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 05/11/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:40 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week_______________________________
3:35 both of those cluster with Venus flux lines-so Ven square Moon rising sign is complete_
3:33 One reason I covered was that prices had completed move from the +M270 to +M180 lines_
3:29 Tide turns up here, so I'll cover at 1245 for +3 ____________________________________
3:23 sold 1248 lower stop to 1247_________________________________________________________
3:18 Xch passes Moon's node at 4:12, so could be very volatile close ______________________
3:10 sold 1248 lower stop to 1248 _got support on +M180 flux _Moon is just after close_____
3:04 looks like congestion is ending-chaos follows balance_________________________________
2:53 sold 1248 put buy stop to protect at 1251_____________________________________________
2:50 major trend is down and still could drop to -M000, so put sell stop 1248______________
2:47 trade not working -cover 1249.75 __-.75_______________________________________________
2:34 little energy as pass Pluto/Jup-sold 1249 stop 1251 -needs to drop soon to stay in____
2:28 the most likely target is the -M000 Moon electric field flux line at 1240_____________
2:17 little energy as pass Mercury-Just be patient here____________________________________
2:00 trade looking OK-sold 1249 lower stop to 1251-next quantum is 1241,set by Mars&Chiron_
1:44 sold 1249-buy stop at 1254 is protection-following red -Tide______________________________
1:41 congestion formed by Uranus,Sun, and Neptune electric field flux lines____________________
1:30 still stuck on 1251-raise sell stop to 1249 and put buy stop at 1254 ______________________
1:18 have sell stop 1248.5 - position traders sold 1254 today-trading in direction of "streaks"_
1:12 reset the red -Tide lines to no shift and ususal scale-see the"bifurcation" ? ___________
1:02 back to 1251 quantum level-often does a "good bye kiss" to a quantum level_______________
12:55 put a sell stop at 1248.50 _____if red line is right, good trade_________________________
12:54 energy is from the sun as the Xcgh rotates under it at 1:00(solar noon daylight savings)_
12:49 stopped 1249.50 for +.5 for 1ADay trade- getting some rally energy____________________________
12:47 sold 1250 lower stop 1249.50 and hold-rescaled red -Tide to fit two days data__
12:33 sold 1250 lower stop to 1250 -1ADay cover is 1245 - I will hold for more today_
12:30 I shifted red -Tide back 72 minutes to lineup with high of day_________________
12:18 sold 1250 lower stop to 1250.50 _______________________________________________
12:11 have a "band gap energy jump" from 1260 to 1242 in progress-hold on____________
12:05 now getting break-sold 1250-lower stop to 1251-cover 1245 on +5 points ______
11:57 sold 1250 lower stop to 1252.50 now-stuck in a flat _________________________
11:45 sold 1250 stop __put buy stop at 1253 immmediately-__________________________
11:36 I'm going to stick with the sell trade-cancel buy stop-sell 1250 stop ________
11:32 -neither stop hit yet-1251 is another quantum level like 1260 was-____________
11:06 don't like this-the 36 minute trend switched to down-so add buy 1253.5 stop___
11:03 36 minute trend is up trail sell stop $-3 = sell 1247 stop___________________________
10:40 shifted chart-1Aday is counter 36 minute trend at 11:03-watch magenta "floating stick"_
10:13 The PHYSICAL CAUSE of this down streak is the Xchg lining up with Ven sqr Moon=rising sign_
10:10 Notice the intertwined MoonTides & how they separated here-that's a chaos theory "bifurcation"_
9;54 stopped out - but was right on the trade-that happens-don't react-wait for next turn near 11:00_
9:42 back to test 1260-buy 1261.5 stop 1259.5 ___-not 1ADAY-it's at 11:02-see myscreen.gif________
9:36 1260 was support, suggests on red +tide. 1262 set by Moon Square Venus at 10:12_____________
9:32 opening on 1260, the quantum level set by the yellow moon flux lines crossing at yday close_
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________
_______had a wonderful time is Australia___________________________________________________________________

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