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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:06 now the 110 EXMA is flat-will probably hold up into close - I'm done -see you next week_
2:49 the other reson I covered was I was about to lower to stop anyway______________________
2:46 covering 930.50 - don't like bounce off Moon-can resell_________________________________
2:40 imagine a 2 inch fireball centered on vertical Moon and horizonalt PLU line;SA/SR______
2:34 note the clean angular separation of price, 20 EXMA, and 110 EXMA-good signal-stop 931__
2:31 break is fast enough now that I can lower stop to 932.50-control the risk-_____________
2:21 sold 930.50 stop 933.50 - no bounce at all_______________________________________
2:18 getting the 20/110 sell, Jude system just sold-watch for follow through ___________
2:13, prices to 110 EXMA, watch for 20/110 sell_________________________________________
2:22 note black Jude trading system line-bought this morning, holding but worried________
2:10 looks like a faker so far____________________________________________________________
2:04 getting a continuation buy set up - watch to see if a faker or a good one____________
1:55 a common move is 4 hours, 1/6th of a day. at 2:22 have been up for 4 hours__________
1:44 bounced off 933 for the fourth time-seems to be topping out-watch for 20/110 sell___
1:30 have 3 drives to 933 - possible 3 drives to a top__________________________________
1:26 passing the quarter Moon-got some minor lift_______________________________________
1:06 the next Tide turn and trade is near 2:00 ___________________________________________
12:58 out for 0 - sometimes a quick probe like that works big-note I lost only commission__
12:43 stop 932.75 - I just noted that hit out of band passing Jup/Mars so sold that_______
12:32 sold 932.75 stop 934 -not hotline trade-just a "read"_______________________________
12:30 now out of band, but still strong-hard to get on a move like this___________________
12:25 trend -110 EXMA still up, again near band edge-looking toppy to me____________________
12:17 Tides forecast 2 hour moves-now 2 hours up from low __________________________________
12:02 out -2 _______________________________________________________________________________
11:56 may have the red -Tide shfited right about 50 minutes___________________________________
11:39 getting the stall-not ideal out of band settup-missed the band by 2 ticks-but taking it-sold
928.50 stop 930.50____________________________________________________________________________
11:22 stopped by sun/Moon flux-near to out of band condition -watch for stall ________________
11:11 going into the second Tide turn we are at the upper band edge,so possible OOB sell ahead_
11:02 finally some volatility-looks like switched ot the red -Tide______________________________
10:51 Crazy Harry is the conductor of the S&P train-loves to run it fast, then park in a station_
for hours-don't jump on the train until he's really leaving______________________________________
10:41 no have twisted 20 /110 EXMA's-flat market-Tide forecast not working-stay out_____________
10:30 covering 923.50 for -1 - there was no follow through on that 20/110 sell-normal entry ____
method would have been wiser-___________________________________________________________________
10:21 sold 922.50 stop 925.50_-there I used a stop to anticipate the 20/110 sell-another technique_
10:17 Chaos follows balance-here we are balanced at 924 _______________________________________
10:13 I'm parking a sell stop 922.50 -_________________________________________________________
10:11 still quite-forecast volatility not here-yet-first swing may be squashed_________________
10:02 no strength, may still get a 20/110 sell-Tides get us close, then use indicators_________
9:56 continuation buy setup-__waiting for some strength_________________________________________
9:53 927 Moon/Mars/Jup is key resistance level-_________________________________________________
9:50 nope-still flat-____________________________________________________________________________
9:47 about to get 20/110 sell-___________________________________________________________________
9:41 got the peak on Sat, watching for 20/110 sell signal__________________________________________
9:33 First Tide turn is as Exch squares Saturn-vertical cyan line-getting rall on it now__________
9:22 overnight market very quite_________________________________________________________________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

5/12/2003 08:20:38 AM Mountain G9:: and a +1......daily goal met
5/9/2003 02:08:42 PM Mountain G9:: LOL
5/9/2003 02:00:58 PM Mountain bkw:: out plus 1.5
5/9/2003 01:40:53 PM Mountain ken:: 5th time up to trend line from highs of 6th and 7th....
5/9/2003 01:25:03 PM Mountain G9:: just = check :/
5/9/2003 01:23:46 PM Mountain G9:: see y'all next week.......ken just mail
5/9/2003 01:10:02 PM Mountain bkw:: Ken-every market timer even our host has to adjust to the market what doesn't change are the charts-that head and shoulder formation has nothing to do with Zoran it is just there for all to see until it's negated and that only happens with a move higher.
5/9/2003 01:02:04 PM Mountain G9:: make that 1.50 awful fill
5/9/2003 01:00:42 PM Mountain G9:: ......and got me 2 pts back on the close above
5/9/2003 12:50:41 PM Mountain G9:: oh and btw.......TIDE32 had 2 as a top too DOH!!!
5/9/2003 12:48:15 PM Mountain G9:: son of a bisket.......just realize AL The Master had 2 as a CIT and I bought at 1:57....stupid,stupid,stupid
5/9/2003 12:43:24 PM Mountain ken:: I've seen Zoran change and rechange labels for the last 2 weeks. Keeps coming up with a bearish scenario. I'm not saying he's wrong, but just not easy to trade, and with all the revisions, not to say he won't have more. Like I said, I read his stuff more as a casual observer, than a believer.
5/9/2003 12:35:18 PM Mountain bkw:: Ken-if you look at Zorans chart we formed the right shoulder today and are now falling away off it.
5/9/2003 12:29:04 PM Mountain ken:: maybe the right shoulder of a reverse head and shoulder forming
5/9/2003 12:26:30 PM Mountain bkw:: below 8580 turns out the lights.
5/9/2003 12:23:18 PM Mountain prt:: We have crossover, Houston.
5/9/2003 12:18:58 PM Mountain G9:: -2 on that one ;(
5/9/2003 12:16:27 PM Mountain bkw:: 3 M just went negative and ticks are turning, ditto banks.
5/9/2003 11:59:15 AM Mountain wlj:: harry fell a sleep
5/9/2003 11:55:05 AM Mountain bkw:: PRT-yes I am.
5/9/2003 11:46:59 AM Mountain prt:: BKW: I take it you are betting that 933 is, in fact, the top, yes?
5/9/2003 11:41:41 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 933 stop 936
5/9/2003 11:35:56 AM Mountain wlj:: turn on the vert node?
5/9/2003 11:15:07 AM Mountain prt:: MM: Thanks for responding to WLJ's request. I was "away", working on a chart of the futures basis. (PS - My calculations agree with yours.)
5/9/2003 10:53:01 AM Mountain wlj:: MM, i forgot, thanks for those numbers.
5/9/2003 10:36:11 AM Mountain G9:: whew.......that should be the top for alittle while....she needs a powder break
5/9/2003 10:33:30 AM Mountain bkw:: Ken-I don't disagree with G9 about todays trend so far-but there is not much left on the table, no if we break 939-I'm wrong-it's that simple.
5/9/2003 10:31:23 AM Mountain bkw:: like Al stopped for two.
5/9/2003 10:21:19 AM Mountain G9:: out +2.25
5/9/2003 10:19:32 AM Mountain wlj:: looking for 936,937 next if we do not stop here
5/9/2003 10:17:40 AM Mountain ken:: Sorry, confusing that Al's comments aren't in the chat room too. I was kind of shocked when I thought you were agreeing with G9 that the trend is up..;)
5/9/2003 10:13:26 AM Mountain bkw:: No Ken-the ditto was that I joined Al on his trade.
5/9/2003 10:11:55 AM Mountain mm:: That of course was R and not S
5/9/2003 10:11:26 AM Mountain mm:: S is at 931.80 - 934.00 and 938.60
5/9/2003 10:05:47 AM Mountain G9:: the Moon Alice
5/9/2003 10:04:52 AM Mountain wlj:: prt, any numbers above 929.4?
5/9/2003 10:04:00 AM Mountain wlj:: low on tic last hour + 250
5/9/2003 10:03:44 AM Mountain ken:: about the trend being up..?
5/9/2003 10:02:47 AM Mountain ken:: was the ditto for G9's comment..?
5/9/2003 09:59:29 AM Mountain bkw:: Ken-yes I did-Dow just ne highed a minute ago unconfirmed by spoo's.
5/9/2003 09:56:58 AM Mountain ken:: bkw, you just said the market won't see 939 anytime soon...??
5/9/2003 09:51:21 AM Mountain bkw:: ditto! WLJ-on Zorans chart just add where we are now-shoulder could be in.
5/9/2003 09:51:17 AM Mountain ken:: G9 check email..!
5/9/2003 09:50:34 AM Mountain G9:: a close under 900 and I'd agree......until then the trend is up ;)
5/9/2003 09:46:56 AM Mountain bkw:: this move today is a coun ter trend move putting in a lower high-we won't see 939 again anytime soon.
5/9/2003 09:38:51 AM Mountain G9:: btw........Tide32 on fire again
5/9/2003 09:36:56 AM Mountain G9:: ken.....if you draw my lines and my MA....can you see why I did what I did.......did you do the same?
5/9/2003 09:32:47 AM Mountain ken:: Bring the sunscreen. You been on the water a lot this week.;)
5/9/2003 09:31:42 AM Mountain ken:: Just read for interest. He keeps changing his numbers and labeling. How can you make a confident trade when the variables keep changing. I would find it very hard to trade with that "system".
5/9/2003 09:29:34 AM Mountain G9:: out.......took 1.........daily goal....going fishing ;)
5/9/2003 09:27:45 AM Mountain G9:: long again 28.......look'in for 1 to 1.5er.....stop 27
5/9/2003 09:17:21 AM Mountain G9:: u guys that read this Zoran fella.....did he tell y'all to buy in early March?
5/9/2003 09:13:49 AM Mountain wlj:: at trend line down from the 6th
5/9/2003 09:06:48 AM Mountain wlj:: up 9 yesterday low
5/9/2003 09:05:38 AM Mountain G9:: out +4.25
5/9/2003 09:05:28 AM Mountain bkw:: stopped minus 3.
5/9/2003 09:05:15 AM Mountain wlj:: a little 90 deg kick in the pants
5/9/2003 08:43:24 AM Mountain wlj:: on the hour vert chrion/venus is 90 deg from overnite low.
5/9/2003 08:34:09 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 923 stop 926
5/9/2003 08:12:46 AM Mountain Al:: OK-but I want to see that translate into a wider range
5/9/2003 08:09:18 AM Mountain bkw:: Noticably in the Dow AL-very sharp swings.
5/9/2003 07:57:27 AM Mountain Al:: where?
5/9/2003 07:56:34 AM Mountain bkw:: Nice call AL- VOLATILITY in spades!
5/9/2003 07:55:30 AM Mountain prt:: Market had trouble breaking thru Mars/Jup at 925.5.
5/9/2003 07:50:39 AM Mountain prt:: Long bond is now down 1/2 point.
5/9/2003 07:27:07 AM Mountain wlj:: al has talked in the past about symmetrical swings, 2 hrs up 2hrs down. today first three tides two hrs apart.
5/9/2003 07:23:35 AM Mountain prt:: European exchanges are up a bit (like, 1/2%) at the US open.
5/9/2003 07:15:01 AM Mountain prt:: Notice that several S/R levels match Al's planetary prices: 927.2 (R1) near 927 (Moon/Sun/Mer). 922.6 (pivot) near 922 (Chiron/Venus). 909 (S3) at 909 (Moon/Sun/Mer - 18). And 904.4 (S4) near 904 (Chiron/Venus - 18).
5/9/2003 07:14:44 AM Mountain wlj:: vert sat was a c.i.t. yesterday, today it is right at first tide time.
5/9/2003 07:10:54 AM Mountain prt:: For the bearish among you, the lower S/R levels are: 911.2 (S2), 909 (S3), and 904.4 (S4).
5/9/2003 07:09:49 AM Mountain prt:: I calculate today's primary S/R levels at: 929.4 (H), 927.2 (R1), 922.6 (Pivot), 920.4 (C), 918 (L), 915.8 (S1).
5/9/2003 07:05:23 AM Mountain prt:: Thanks, WLJ.
5/9/2003 06:26:51 AM Mountain wlj:: new zoran post

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