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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 05/17/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:48 I'm done for the day-Thanks for coming-see you next week_________________________________
3:39 on the 9 day chart, have 3 drives to a top, with third top lower=bearish_________________
3:31 second one stopped for 0- thank you, Giver of Natural Times!__net +5.25 today_____________
3:27 cover one I bought at 1102 at 1104.50 -stalled at Natural Time 3:25_-> +2.50_______________
3:24 today is forming a "Chaos Cup"- the bottom half of a Fireball-should go higher____________
3:17 bought 1102/1103.50 raise stop on both to 1103.50_________________________________________
3:11 good action on 110/20 EXMA -buy another 1103.50 same stop_________________________________
3:08 The 3:02 NAtural time came a few minutes early, I think - could rally to retest highs_____
3:04 may have inverted back to green +Tide - buy 1102 stop 1199________________________________
3:00 stopped out anyway for -2 -would have been better to kill it-______________________________
2:52 should lower stop to 1101 but I'll wait a bit-next natural time is 3:02_____________________
2:34 sold 1100 stop 1102 - just hold and wait-___________________________________________________
2:29 prices recrossed 110 EXMA -not good - trade going flat-choppy due to passing Sat/Node_______
2:22 sold 1100 lower stop to 1102 -cover 1094 or better unless get a fast break__________________
2:15 I also put that sell stop in because the white dotted Harmonic Grid trendline was about to break_
2:10 had I not anticipated, I would now be selling at about the same price_______________________
2:01 good sell on 20/110 - my entry stop anticipated that based on experience of watching a lot__
1:52 sold 1100 stop goes at 1103- still on red -Tide-turn a bit early______________________
1:42 The 110 EXMA is very shallow- A break below will trigger a 110/20sell-enter sell stop 1100__
1:31 in the timezone for the second 1ADay trade- watching 110/10 EXMAs-rally weakening_____
1:12 getting a little raly as the Xchg squares Uranus_____________________________________
12:49 this is where the MoonTides forecast a "flat" so I expect a dull hour or so_________
12:39 12:36 time looking like a high - cover 1101 for + 2.25______________________________
12:31 that's better-bought 1098.75 raise stop to 1099 -cover 1104 or better ______________
12:28 stalled on the 110 EXMA - stop is close so just hold-see what 12:36 brings___________
12:15 on red -Tide going up-110/20 tracking about to buy-next NT 12:36 ____________________
12:12 Good Natural Time entry-bough 1098.75 move stop 1098-________________________________
12:04 buy again 1098.75 stop 1097 -Neptune timeline added an inversion to Natural Times____
11:58 not going anywhere-cover 1098.25______________________________________________________
11:48 this is just a little real time test of buying a Natural Time higher low_______________
11:38 11:20 NT was a high, 11:39 looks like low-12:04 next - buy 1098.75 stop 1097____________
11:32 Chiron setting the minor highs-also timed the high-amazingly powerful minor planet______
11:23 volatility died after Xchg passed square the Moon-expect dullness next 3 hours__________
11:14 A 6 hour down, mirror Fractal of Pi pattern fits so far-if holds, low near 1089_________
11:07 the 10:57 Natural Time was a low-now come to 11:20,11:39-got support on Venus flux______
11:02 on the 9 day chart, you see that the rally had gone 45 points, 1/8 of a circle__________
10:59 another thing I was watching was that the rally stalled at the top of the SP9Day channel_
10:54 I saw how fast the 20 EXMA was dropping,put a stop,if hit, the 20/110 would give a sell__
10:51 covered 1099 for +3 - according to plan-may go to 1095 Saturn et al cluster______________
10:42 sold 1102 stop goes 1105 cover 1099_-10:24 time was a high_______________________________
10:38 this tide turn may be coming in early -I'll put a sell stop at 1102_______________________
10:32 the 10:24 time was a low-had an inversion-next two are 10:57 and 11:20____________________
10:27 1ADay first trade is to trade the 11:00 turn using the tracking EXMA's____________________
10:15 first natural time point was 9:26-a low-coming to second at 10:24, looking like a high_____
10:07 market going flat-nothing to trade-must wait for the good opportunities____________________
9:56 Resistance at Neptune flux line-prices well above 110 EXMA, so don't try to buy it__________
9:47 Now getting some energy-looks like on green +MoonTide-high at 11:00 ________________________
9:42 not much energy-prices may cling to this flux line a while___________________________________
9:32 Opening with prices just below the Moon +M000 electric field flux-acts as an attractor_______
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at & Moneytide.com___________________

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