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Here are Al's comments
12:38 out for zero - I'm done for the day-screens will run to close -see you next week-have a
great weekend_________________________________________________________________________________
12:31 stop 934-20 EXMa is above that price_____________________________________________________
12:27 stop 933.75 ______________________________________________________________________________
12:23 stop 933.50 - will press it hard today_____________________________________________________
12:20 continuation buy 934 stop 931-______________________________________________________________
12:15 We just pasted the vertical Mars time line-and broke to new high_-now, will it go anywhere?
12:00 looks like turning down-maybe passing Mars will end the gritch and bitch______________
11:47 been stuck on 933+/- 3 ticks for an hour-just no volatility to trade___________________
11:35 3 little tops on the Pluto flux line and stalling-not much to trade here yet____________
11:19 now move is stalling, so cover for +.5 -not going anywhere________________________________
11:16 now getting a modest following -stop is OK - raise it to last low 932.25__________________
11:12 prices have again dropped to the 20 EXMA,then rallied to 933,showing stop is in good place
11:07 now the 20 can be used to guide the stop-raise to 932 for a free trade___________________
11:03 if the rally is to continue, the point where prices recrossed the 20 should not be hit __
so one can put a stop there at 931.50 ________________________________________________________
11:02 when the 20 EXMA crosses the 110, one watches for follow through-here prices broke back_
below the 20 EXMA, then above - a buy at 932 __________________________________________________
10:55 up to the Moon flux-it may well "capture" price - next Tide turn near 12:00______________
10:42 finally getting a modest rally-green +Tide holding-not much volatility to trade off of__
10:37 Mars has set two lows-one of my keyword for Mars is "gritchy and bitchy" ________________
10:34 Last week the lunar eclipse made 948 hot-930, 18 points lower is now hot and sticky_______
10:24 the 110 EXMA helps you see the bigger trend - down slightly; the separation of the 20 EXMA_
and the 110 tell you the efficiency of the trend - here, close and being crossed by price=buzz_
10:21 If you believe we will have a big drop, you see every little drop as proof-and ignore the_
little rallies, even if they are as big or bigger- you have to learn and accept this-part of trading_
10:18 one of the strongest human tendancies is to make things up-we see someone scowl and make up _
that it is directed at us-humans can find a pattern to match any belief-even in trading________
10:12 this trade is non-productive- covering 929.5______________________________________________
10:09 sun/Uranus stopping the rallies so far -stop is just above them - best you can do_______
10:04 pretty choppy so far _ be patient ______________________________________________________
9:58 stop 931- that's a good example of "opening chatter" - have to be nimble___________________
9:56 reselling 929 on second continuation sell stop 932________________________________________
9:50 out -1 ; often early trades give a head fake, so now I'll watch for a rally - may go flat_
9:45 support on Mars flux- stop is where it should be- wait____________________________________
9:39 fast move - use 20 EXMa as stop guide- stop 930.5 - I will got for more than 3 points ____
9:35 stop 931.5 - opening trades are tough and risky- control the loss_________________________
9:31 first move is down-continuation sell 929.5 stop 932.5_____________________________________
9:30 open is flat on Sun/Uranus/Node-20 /110 EXMA's are pinched and flat_________________________________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

5/23/2003 02:09:36 PM Mountain prt:: Goodbye everybody -- if there's anybody out there!
5/23/2003 02:09:14 PM Mountain prt:: Thanks, BKW. Have a great one.
5/23/2003 02:05:22 PM Mountain bkw:: Gentleman-have a great holiday see you Tuesday!
5/23/2003 01:50:16 PM Mountain bkw:: yes Prt I almost always use limit orders generally just slightly over or under the existing bid.
5/23/2003 01:41:55 PM Mountain prt:: BLW: Since we are killing time here, I've wondered about something in your trading style. You occasionally say you've "loaded up on puts". I like trading options, too, but the slippage is horrible. The bid/ask spread is so large that just getting in and out costs a fortune. How do you avoid that (if you can)? For example, do you always use limit orders?
5/23/2003 01:37:49 PM Mountain bkw:: ditto Ken all the best!
5/23/2003 01:30:55 PM Mountain prt:: So long, Ken. Good luck to you, too!
5/23/2003 01:19:05 PM Mountain bkw:: Ken- latest stats show 66% of newsletter writers are bullish not bearish , AAII show record numbers of investors are bullish from a sentiment standpoint that is a deadly brew. Majority are rarely right.
5/23/2003 01:18:48 PM Mountain ken:: and on that note, I wish you all profitable trading down the road. I'll stop back for occasional visits on Fridays, if for no other reason to see when bkw goes bullish..:) until then, thanks to all who answered questions I raised and helped during my time here..
5/23/2003 01:13:47 PM Mountain ken:: it seems that all the chartists and fundamentalists out there pointing down for this market. I just think it becomes harder to happen until enough of those guys are at least questioning themselves and their analysis and giving an inkling that they might be neutral, or G.. forbid bullish..ah, but that's for long term traders..we're just worried about the 16 and 90..;)
5/23/2003 01:08:13 PM Mountain ken:: bkw, the market also put in big top May 22 of made a low in May of 2000, with a sideways to rally mode till the Sept high...and we know what happened after that..
5/23/2003 01:04:32 PM Mountain prt:: You're right. Good point.
5/23/2003 12:56:51 PM Mountain G9:: too thin to trade........Da Boys just hav'in some fun......I'm up 27.75 for the week......I'll watch
5/23/2003 12:55:29 PM Mountain G9:: and the 90......magic
5/23/2003 12:43:53 PM Mountain prt:: G9: I'm getting a sell signal on your charts. Are you? (Finally! Something moved!)
5/23/2003 12:18:53 PM Mountain bkw:: KEN-you are right on that covergence-should interesting?? The Friday before Memorial day last yr-the market opened slightly down rallied 30 odd points held up till last hour and tanked-in the next 30 days it lost 28% of it's value-interesting!
5/23/2003 12:12:44 PM Mountain G9:: look at the power of the 16......magic
5/23/2003 11:56:39 AM Mountain wlj:: nyse is leading the spx/dow. it is above the sup/res that sp and dow stopped at. [yesterday hi and 14th low] it is moving higher now
5/23/2003 11:42:19 AM Mountain ken:: Al, enjoy the holiday weekend and much profit in future trading.. thanks for ALl your insight and info.
5/23/2003 11:37:05 AM Mountain wlj:: sp seems to like pluto to day, vert/horz pluto coming up, which will be 4 hours from a.m. low. could give us a one or two point move.
5/23/2003 11:26:02 AM Mountain ken:: could be nothing, could be something, but I show a meeting of at least 4 chart lines converging around 2:30 this afternoon at around 933. Maybe one of Al's Attractor resistor points..
5/23/2003 11:21:18 AM Mountain ken:: bkw, what price do you see that spoos close last week..? I show 944.5..
5/23/2003 11:18:27 AM Mountain wlj:: hi spx cash yesterday and today was the dbl bottom low on 14th,
5/23/2003 11:06:47 AM Mountain prt:: OK, I finally figured out why the basis is all over the map. No liquidity! The arbs can't fire off their trades since there's no one to take the other side, and things get out of whack.
5/23/2003 11:01:56 AM Mountain G(:: bkw........just having some fun with ya.....good luck
5/23/2003 10:56:25 AM Mountain bkw:: going into today G9 dow -84.95, Spoo's -19.79-2 support levels broken-today is a throw a way but unless 935.30 is broken probably close down- Pop quiz what happened a yr ago today in the market and what happened in the next 30 days??
5/23/2003 10:48:11 AM Mountain G(:: ....for the week
5/23/2003 10:47:51 AM Mountain G(:: bkw.......we're down 10 sp pts for the right now.......define "ton" for me
5/23/2003 10:46:26 AM Mountain prt:: Today's standing instructions should say, "Take profits at 0.25 points or better".
5/23/2003 10:41:58 AM Mountain prt:: What if they opened a stock market... and nobody came?
5/23/2003 10:41:24 AM Mountain G(:: lol
5/23/2003 10:28:43 AM Mountain bkw:: 935.30 is yesterdays intra day high if we brk it we go to test 940- if it holds we go down-either way we finish down a ton for the week.
5/23/2003 10:27:54 AM Mountain G(:: LOL
5/23/2003 10:22:40 AM Mountain prt:: Ooops. Thanks for the clarification.
5/23/2003 10:19:28 AM Mountain wlj:: prt, vert mars
5/23/2003 10:12:58 AM Mountain prt:: Al: The only Mars line I see is around 928. Are you saying Mr Market needs to move below 928 to stop "gritching and bitching"?
5/23/2003 10:11:21 AM Mountain wlj:: if you think this is fun wait until the bond guys go home
5/23/2003 10:10:20 AM Mountain G(:: Good day to keep your hands in your pockets and go fishing
5/23/2003 10:06:31 AM Mountain prt:: Even if we get a good trade setup soon, I wonder if there is sufficient volatility to give the trade any up-side!
5/23/2003 09:46:36 AM Mountain G(:: whew, doggie........look at that action on the 208
5/23/2003 09:20:18 AM Mountain ken:: Al, know your busy with chaos class..but just sent you too G9..
5/23/2003 09:06:36 AM Mountain G(:: magic
5/23/2003 08:56:13 AM Mountain wlj:: we are at the .786 retrace of the overnite 5 or 7 wave decline
5/23/2003 08:51:20 AM Mountain G(:: G( = G9 LOL
5/23/2003 08:50:55 AM Mountain G(:: check please.......2.25
5/23/2003 08:40:11 AM Mountain wlj:: my comment is i wonder if the sp has ever stayed in a 3 point range all day
5/23/2003 08:34:32 AM Mountain prt:: Inverted head and shoulders from 9:30 to 10:30? Chart readers care to comment?
5/23/2003 08:30:27 AM Mountain wlj:: 5 min with overnite back to the 6th still making a nice h/s
5/23/2003 08:24:31 AM Mountain prt:: The swings in the basis ($PREM for you eSignal fans) have been huge. Someone is throwing their weight around in the futures market, but the cash market doesn't respond.
5/23/2003 08:23:43 AM Mountain wlj:: nostratradis email said mer/jup, moon/chrion hot. last low was mer/jup price, at chrion time
5/23/2003 08:22:55 AM Mountain prt:: Yikes! This is one of the choppiest, noisiest markets I've seen in a while. Sell at yesterday's close (930.7), buy at Mer/Jup (927)?
5/23/2003 07:49:45 AM Mountain wlj:: 5min chart with overnite looks like we just had 5 waves down from overnite hi
5/23/2003 07:32:25 AM Mountain prt:: European stocks are down slightly. The Euro itself it up and near record highs. None of that is bullish for US stocks.
5/23/2003 07:24:48 AM Mountain wlj:: thank you
5/23/2003 07:07:37 AM Mountain prt:: Today's primary S/R levels are: 937.47 (R1), 935.4 (H), 930.7 (C), 928.63 (pivot), 921.87 (S1), 919.8 (L).
5/23/2003 07:05:33 AM Mountain prt:: Bond market closes at 2:00 PM Eastern today, since the bond guys like to knock off early for the long weekend. Eurodollar and bond futures markets likewise close at 1:00 PM Eastern. Sometimes this quells volatility in the stock market.
5/23/2003 07:04:08 AM Mountain prt:: First and foremost, I'd like to thank Al for choosing early tide times -- so we can finish trading and head into that long weekend!

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