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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 05/24/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:12 I'm done for the day-thanks for comming-see you next week-screen will run to close_
3:09 stuck on Jupiter flux-Cover 1083.25 for +3.25-I'm tired and wanna go home_________
3:03 lower stop 1084.50 -low came on Nat Time -_________________________________________
2:59 sold 1086.50 lower stop 1086_____________________________________________________
2:50 getting low as per red MoonTide-may go flat,but the racking EXMA's say to hold on_
2:40 sold 1086.5-lower stop to 1087.5 and hold - slow move - be patient_______________
2:33 -this is a "rolling right" in the afternoon pattern-watch for a blowoff drop_________
2:22 next natural time is 2:35, then 2:58 - probably high, low____________________________
2:13 lots of curl on the 110 EXMA, and 20 gave a continuation sell - just hold_____________
2:03 sold 1086.50 lower stop to 1088 and hold-trend is down_________________________________
1:57 test is not failing- sell 1086.50 stop 1089_____________________________________________
1:50 coming to Natural Time swing low - testing low of day - buy if fail=>buy 1089 stop_______
1:46 Moon, Chiron, and Venus just formed a resonant hex pattern on the Wheel of Fortune=support?_
1:44 stopped, as it should be -stops get you our of no working trades_________________________
1:37 stuck in congestio-can either cover or wait-_____I'm waiting______________________________
1:13 still balanced 1089 - I wanted an entry below that price based on returning to it________
1:23 move stopped at -M090 Moon flux again_just sit tight for now_____________________________
1:12 nice vertical move-Mer/Sun forming Combust pattern, so hot as Xchg passes them-raise top 1087_
1:08 Add a sell stop at 1086.50_-bought 1088.50_______________________________________________
1:01 lower buy stop to 1088.50______________________________________________________________
12:54 lower buy stop to 1089.50 -coming to Nat Time low______________________________________
12:45 buy 1090.50 stop-above the Moon flux line_____________________________________________
12:41 got an inversion off the -M090 Moon electric field flux line-next Nat time 1:03________
12:38 don't like it-covered 1088.50___________________________________________________________
12:32 still stuck 1089 - raise stop 1087.50___________________________________________________
12:17 bought 1089.50 put stop 1086.50-just a Natural Time play on a higher low_________________
12:05 coming into swing low on 12:10 natural time - buy 1089.50 stop___________________________
11:52 market still balanced-can stay that way for hours-S&P spends 51% of time going nowhere___
11:36 coming to 11:37 Natural Time, a swing high-_______________________________________________
11:18 just thought I'd throught that in-market balanced in congestion zone formed by flux lines_
11:09 It snowed here last night-so if you are thinking about moving to Colorado, remember that___
11:03 got a resonant dip at 11:00 due to S&P harmonic grid-may be getting inversion to red -Tide_
10:58 got low on 10:53 natural time-next 11:12, 11:37 + Moon so choppy-got to Nep/Moon flux_____
10:52 1089 is a chaos balance level between the 2 opposing Moon fluxes _________________________
10:46 Out for +3 on the 1ADay - modest target because of forecast and preholiday________________
10:45 looking good-buy at 1089.50 or better order is in_________________________________________
10:42 20/110 EXMA has a sell, and starting to get some curl on the 110 __________________________
10:38 there is a good chance of reaching the Neptune/Moon flux near 1087.50______________________
10:32 sold 1092.50 stop goes at 1095.50 and cover at 1089.50 or better___________________________
10:28 raise top to 1092.50 _______________________________________________________________________
10:24 moving up into 10:30 Natural time-sell 1092 stop __________________________________________
10:18 getting a minor rally now-blue 110 EXMA says main trend flat to slighly down_______________
10:07 1Aday trade today is to go counter the short term trend after 10:30-next Natural Time_____
10:02 nice blip high - first good shot by the bulls was defeated_-stopped by Mars flux__________
9:55 got a minor low as Xchg squared Jupiter so 10:00 may be a high-support came on Sun flux______
9:47 pretty slow opening-coming to a Natural time at 10:00 -looks like a low______________________
9:33 opening on the SAT/PLU/NODE flux-the remaining part of the separaing sign in the evening sky_
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at & Moneytide.com___________________

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