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Here are Al's comments
2:29 That's my 3 trades for today-I'm done-see you next week at lower prices-screens will run_
2:36 out for 0-choppy today-Node stopped the rally cold_____________________________________
2:33 stop 963.5-will try for more than +3__________________________________________________
2:28 stop 961.50____-967.50 = Sun-Solar eclipse price________________________________________
2:25 getting upside follow through - 20/110 buy-bought 963.50 stop 960.50____________________
2:20 here I'm looking for a 20/110 sell-a "hook and go" following a weak 20.110 buy__________
2:16 Crazy Harry's girl called him back _____________________________________________________
2:13 only look ahead- at Tide turn, looks like high, watch tracking indicators _______________
2:11 Stopped -2 ; key to success are small losses-control them and accept them without regret_
2:06 here I'm caught-that's why I have a stop-now watching 20 EXMA for cont. sell_____________
2:02 I may get stopped-high coming in on +Green Tide turn-sit tight___________________________
1:46 if get fast move may try for more that +3 target__________________________________________
1:45 stop 963__________________________________________________________________________________
1:43 sold 961 stop 964_________________________________________________________________________
1:39 the SP9Day chart is showing a broadening top identified by bkw - _________________________
1:36 there is 20/110 sell-now watch for follow through-may not come until 3rd Tide Turn_________
1:31 now watching for 20/110 sell-just sent position traders and email flash___________________
1:18 may not get a trade off the second Tide turn______________________________________________
1:12 Crazy Harry is the conductor of the S&P train-loves to run it fast, then park in a station_
for hours while he sees a girl-Crazy Harry's full of glee, Seeing his girl at 963_____________
1:07 no sell there-EXMA's are inter-twined-be patient and stay out of congestion____________
12:55 High was dead on the red -Tide-watching for 20/110 sell__________________________________
12:43 looking weak-need to make a high above 11:58 high if it is going up_______________
12:35 stuck in the cluster of flux lines-clusters form congestions-be patient___________
12:31 now, is this a head fake or a mover?_needs to accelerate the 110 EXMA_____________
12:29 getting a possible continuation buy-20 EXMA did not cross 110-______________________
12:12 110 EXMA flat-may get a 20/110 sell signal__________________________________________
12:05 rallied to Mars flux as Xchg passed Mars, then dropped-_____________________________
11:43 The S&P moves 49% of the time, and goes flat 51% of the time-often for hours-be patient_
11:34 next Tide turn is near 12:40 -wait until then to shop for another trade_______________
11:26 out +.5 _-market going flat___________________________________________________________
11:20 stop 962.50-pressing because came close to 110 EXMA but did not touch__________________
11:15 stop 963-watching for touch of 110 EXMA to cover_______________________________________
11:10 a bit better-___________________________________________________________________________
11:08 trade still OK but not moving ___sudden attack of dullness______________________________
10:59 stop 964- oob sell cover is at the 110 EXMA-_____________________________________________
10:52 sold 963 stop 965________________________________________________________________________
10:47 OOB sell setup-I'll sell break of 20 EXMA________________________________________________
10:38 rally just hit Mars flux, 18 points up from Marts flux low late yesterday-still OOB______
10:35 954 to 963 is 9 pt/45 degree move-1/8th circle-tide highs 3hrs -1/8th day apart__________
10:23 next resistance levels are Jupiter/Mer/Ven/Mars-right now stopped at Jupiter-____________
10:14 now prices are considerably out of band (OOB)-setting up an OOB sell going into Tide turn_
10:02 wow-resonant streak at 10:00-7 points in 4 minutes-testing yesterday's highs and -M180 flux_
9:56 lots of "to-ing and fro-ing" but not must net motion-green +Tide still looking good________
9:48 Met the expected resistance at Chiron-watch for rally to falter____________________________
9:44 rallied off Saturn-expect resistance at Chiron flux 957.5 and above it the -M180 Moon flux_
9:40 back to the 954 Balance level and the Saturn electric field flux line______________________
9:33 rally as per green +Tide____________________________________________________________________
9:26 opening in middle of yesterday's range______________________________________________________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

5/30/2003 02:11:35 PM Mountain wlj:: adv issu thru the roof
5/30/2003 02:01:05 PM Mountain ken:: good luck trading next week guys..although there might be some females out there. Never thought to ask..
5/30/2003 01:59:54 PM Mountain ken:: can't believe they won't take out the 966 spu hi, but it might not happen until after the close and the cash market is closed. That would probably keep your 965.80 level intact...Also looking June 4th thru 6th
5/30/2003 01:43:07 PM Mountain wlj:: bkw, i play with gann but am not good at all. advance since march low seemes to have no end. some cycles due june 4 thru 6th.
5/30/2003 01:12:18 PM Mountain bkw:: WLJ-I have a friend who like you is good with Gann-he says Gann called top yesterday, e waves says top unless 965 is take out with vigor, straight t/a says top, divergences everywhere and here we sit. Frustrating-that last run to 965.38 was too close to my stop 965.80.
5/30/2003 12:38:38 PM Mountain G9:: ut oh......looks like I pissed off the Trading come dem bears......I'm off to the movies....see y'all later.....3.25 on the last....good way to end the week
5/30/2003 12:35:26 PM Mountain ken:: 966..again..
5/30/2003 12:34:16 PM Mountain G9:: ROFL.......who's your daddy (16....dat's who)
5/30/2003 12:31:10 PM Mountain wlj:: 10-12 years ago a market guru he told me that 1080 was an important number, he would say more on the subject. at the time i was using gann wheel of 24 for sp. 1 point for every 15 deg, 360 deg=24 points. i thought 3x360=1080. with als work i saw 3 points every 15 deg. 18 points is 90 deg. 18 is also 270 deg of 24. 4x270=1080. murrey math guy says 18 was ganns favorite number.
5/30/2003 12:21:38 PM Mountain prt:: After balance comes .... more balance.
5/30/2003 12:21:16 PM Mountain prt:: Thanks. Good luck!
5/30/2003 12:18:34 PM Mountain G9:: yeap
5/30/2003 12:15:15 PM Mountain prt:: G9: Are you long here? Your charts look mostly bullish to me.
5/30/2003 11:59:57 AM Mountain bkw:: WLJ-Wowza!
5/30/2003 11:47:27 AM Mountain wlj:: in the a.m. post about als 18 and fib i did not mention .382 86x.382= 32.85x18= 591.33 sp 500 cash.
5/30/2003 11:46:45 AM Mountain prt:: We are well out of the triangle now.
5/30/2003 11:45:55 AM Mountain ken:: fallinggg..offff...the...liftttt..........
5/30/2003 11:42:33 AM Mountain G99:: -1.25 there ;(
5/30/2003 11:25:08 AM Mountain ken:: Wheels still being greased..;)
5/30/2003 11:19:51 AM Mountain prt:: We're still trapped inside that stupid triangle.. and its lines don't converge until the 3:30 tide turn.
5/30/2003 11:14:41 AM Mountain bkw:: WLJ-Yes they were.
5/30/2003 11:00:24 AM Mountain wlj:: bkw , were these fib ext up from 1987 low?
5/30/2003 10:54:24 AM Mountain Al:: bkw-great chart-I think it will hold
5/30/2003 10:53:36 AM Mountain bkw:: WLJ- you looked in the wrong place-doesn't matter- my point was the fibo numbers were eerily similar.
5/30/2003 10:50:36 AM Mountain G99:: ack.......out BE
5/30/2003 10:49:34 AM Mountain ken:: check out last thursday's 5 min chart
5/30/2003 10:48:55 AM Mountain Al:: wlj: I figured it out, he's G9 when he's a bear, and G99 when he's a bull
5/30/2003 10:45:02 AM Mountain bkw:: Al-I just sent you a chart-tell me what you think
5/30/2003 10:41:41 AM Mountain G99:: come on mas push
5/30/2003 10:32:52 AM Mountain G99:: ;)
5/30/2003 10:28:22 AM Mountain prt:: Thanks, Al. Those are very good questions to ponder.
5/30/2003 10:27:47 AM Mountain wlj:: one min chart of trin is strange today
5/30/2003 10:27:30 AM Mountain cjm:: can't help but notice the similarities betw yesterday and today. yesterday price crossed 110 southbound at what, 12:35?
5/30/2003 10:24:45 AM Mountain ken:: quick question about Dr. Z's work..If you have esignal or data back to May of 2000 (SPX), which is what it looks like Zoran is using..if not please correct..
5/30/2003 10:24:27 AM Mountain Al:: prt: one way is to just use the 20/110 crossovers-but that takes wide stops-or just follow the Jude system-learning not to regret a missed opportunity is part of trading-you have missed thousands of great moves in the past-what's one more, especially if you learn from it-what did the move tell you? Why did it start? Why did it ene where it did? What information did it give you? Can you use that information for a later trade?
5/30/2003 10:22:53 AM Mountain G99:: 16 and the 90
5/30/2003 10:20:06 AM Mountain prt:: Chart readers: Looks like we've been in a triangle since about 10:45 Eastern. What move is mostly likely from here?
5/30/2003 10:15:59 AM Mountain prt:: Al: Since we are killing time here, I have a philosophical question: The hardest part of trading the tides is watching sweeping moves, such as this morning's move, and sitting on my hands. Do you recommend a way to trade these types of movements, the ones not necessarily covered by a CIT?
5/30/2003 10:13:45 AM Mountain wlj:: for any one following this dog and pony sniper show, its not literature its its stock risk index ,left side of screen. did not see anything like my a.m. post. just interest rates, a/d line, etc. are we on candid camera or what ?
5/30/2003 10:13:08 AM Mountain G99:: hey......I didn't know the markets were closing at noon today.....Zzzzzzzzzzzz.......Zoran has been dead wrong all the way up
5/30/2003 10:12:10 AM Mountain prt:: According the CNBC, trading curbs are in. It seems to me that whenever the curbs go in, volatility drops off, which makes sense since the program traders stop making the market jiggle. Has anyone else noticed this pattern?
5/30/2003 10:09:11 AM Mountain bkw:: Ken-Dr. Z's count is fine we have butted up to resistance yester day and today but have not negated the count.
5/30/2003 10:03:11 AM Mountain G99:: rut row.......failed G9 breakout
5/30/2003 10:02:58 AM Mountain ken:: Dr. Z must be doing recount..and bkw, can't find those charts either..
5/30/2003 10:00:12 AM Mountain bkw:: WLJ-the charts for black Monday
5/30/2003 09:52:27 AM Mountain G99:: y'all giving up on ole Zoran?
5/30/2003 09:51:08 AM Mountain wlj:: bkw, i got there, endless number of papers and books. which one are you talking about.
5/30/2003 09:34:21 AM Mountain bkw:: WLJ-go to and click on financial literature-both 29 and 87 will come up.
5/30/2003 09:32:33 AM Mountain wlj:: bkw, i went to, sporting goods?
5/30/2003 09:30:30 AM Mountain prt:: Well, that OOB sell was lousy. Continuation buy, anyone?
5/30/2003 09:30:10 AM Mountain ken:: Their on to you..
5/30/2003 09:29:02 AM Mountain G99:: cheat'in bastards.......tried to buy the 16 they wouldn't let me have it
5/30/2003 09:26:43 AM Mountain ken:: greasin' the wheels for another run..?
5/30/2003 09:21:16 AM Mountain G99:: prt = Kreskin ?.......hee hee....just kidding
5/30/2003 09:18:45 AM Mountain ken:: on the 20 5 min
5/30/2003 09:15:26 AM Mountain prt:: Watching the basis, I'd say futures traders are unloading stocks, but the cash market is staying firm.
5/30/2003 09:12:03 AM Mountain bkw:: Yesterdays intra day high on the dow 8862.58
5/30/2003 09:10:46 AM Mountain ken:: 18 off yesterdays pm lo
5/30/2003 09:05:05 AM Mountain G99:: I have daily R2 at 63.25........fwiw
5/30/2003 09:02:09 AM Mountain ken:: G9 works like a charm..;)
5/30/2003 09:01:06 AM Mountain ken:: I see where they made a run at the Aug. high (966)...That's the only one they haven't taken out going as far back as May of last year..
5/30/2003 09:00:40 AM Mountain wlj:: g99 you added a 9 to your handle, did you go hollywood?
5/30/2003 08:59:40 AM Mountain G99:: ken.......did ya see that action off the 90.....cha ching
5/30/2003 08:58:46 AM Mountain G99:: hey ken-o
5/30/2003 08:58:24 AM Mountain ken:: Good morning all..
5/30/2003 08:51:12 AM Mountain bkw:: WLJ- re your numbers if you go to you will note the 1987 figures tie in with yours.
5/30/2003 08:49:32 AM Mountain prt:: Thanks,G9. I'll look forward to whatever material you can find.
5/30/2003 08:46:07 AM Mountain G99:: there's bkw's 65
5/30/2003 08:42:39 AM Mountain wlj:: up to the sun flux?
5/30/2003 08:42:08 AM Mountain G99:: prt.......I'll reply to your e-mail later today or over the weekend......have to try and find that stuff.
5/30/2003 08:39:57 AM Mountain prt:: The newsletter I subscribe to says no trade until 11:00 -- I'm just hangin' out.
5/30/2003 08:38:23 AM Mountain G99:: booya......2.25
5/30/2003 08:37:37 AM Mountain G99:: everybody asleep or what......come join the party
5/30/2003 08:20:11 AM Mountain G99:: took 4.5 off the 90 ;)
5/30/2003 08:15:45 AM Mountain bkw:: yesterdays high spoo cash-962.08-WLJ- very interesting numbers.
5/30/2003 08:00:45 AM Mountain Al:: interesting numbers, wlj.
5/30/2003 07:43:14 AM Mountain wlj:: 2000 adv issu right off the bat
5/30/2003 07:40:05 AM Mountain wlj:: als 18 points and fibo, sp500 cash chart. all time high, 18x86 =1548. 86x.618= 53.14. 53.14x18= 956.66, this number is the neckline/sup/res line back to 1997. it was the sept 2001 911 attack low, aug and dec 2002 high and yesterdays resistance. next number is fib .500, 86 x .500 = 43, 43x18=774 which is the july and oct 2002 lows. 86x.236=20.29x18=365, if 386 was 1929 hi 365 is about one 18 off.
5/30/2003 07:39:22 AM Mountain G99:: all is well.....good luck today fellas
5/30/2003 07:34:13 AM Mountain cjm:: fwiw, the chaos clinic chart is showing up fine for me.. G9 try Control-F5 for full-page-refresh?
5/30/2003 07:31:11 AM Mountain Al:: charts fine on server and my monitor computer
5/30/2003 07:27:39 AM Mountain G99:: no charts here, just that little red x ???

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