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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 06/07/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:18 stopped for -2 - I'm done for the day - see you next week -screen will run to close________
3:10 may go flat -just hold ____________________________________________________________________
2:58 tracking EXMA's have down slope, same as green +Tide-suggest hold short to close __________
2:53 sold 1030 lower stop to 1032_______________________________________________________________
2:49 that double red line down labled A is the Angel of God - smiting prices like sinners_______________
2:48 the N in Neptune must be for "nasty" ______________________________________________________
2:45 sold 1030 - put stop at 1035 for now________________________________________________________
2:40 we had green tide until 12:20, then red Tide-may be going back to green Tide_________________
2:37 Matural Time 2:01 was a low- 2:59 one a high - 5 hours from 9:56 Natual Time low_____________
2:35 rallied exactly to the +M090/Neptune flux pair-remember we opened near +M000/Nep pair_____________
2:26 what a streak up the Chiron/Mars timelines-raise sell stop to 1030____________________________
2:21 low was on Venus flux-90 degree move to next Venus flux_____-raise stop to 1028.50___________
2:15 trying to go higher but struggling-raise sell stop to 1027________________________________________
2:06 could be getting a minor high on the 2:01 natural time-______________________________________
1:52 sell 1026 stop-if hit buy 1029 stop__________________________________________________________
1:48 I'm back - now have a 7 move up Chaos Clamshell from the low-Mars/Chiron flux stopped swing_
1:20 the AUX screen is now showing Tbonds with their MoonTides-______________________________
12:47 now the market will likely be flat until late in day-I'm going to lunch-back in an hour_
12:34 covering on a target also worked-That comes from Richard McCall's Warrior Trader book _
12:29 that trade took patience, waiting for the EXMA's to catch up with the market________
12:23 out for +5 - see how that worked- I said wouldn't get it, so market proved me wrong-
12:15 back to the Sat/Plu/Node flux bundle-at 12;27 raise stop to 1020-may not get +5_____
12:07 bought 1021 stop 1019 cover 1026 timeout 1:27 -should get the +5 ____________________
11:57 stop raised to 1019 ___-still in Harmonic Grid white up channel _____________________
11:42 plu/Node/Sat flux was resistance-at 1157 raise stop 1 point___________________________
11:27 bought 1021 stop 1018 cover 1026 ______________________________________________________
11:22 getting fast move-buy 1021 stop ________________________________________________________
11:10 now threatening to break above 110 EXMA - be patient - need to see a 20/110 EXMA buy____
11:01 E-Mini quotes failed- seem to be going again _put a sell stop 1015 ________________________
10:52 still flat- common thing after a big move is to stop and sit still-S&P sits 51% of the time_
10:46 got the big S&P data - E-mini not working-looks like a continuation sell-wait for more 110 curl_
10:37 something happened to my data______________________________________________________________
10:32 looks like a buy is setting up - be patient here-should get a pullback and a 20/110 crossing_
10:20 broke above the 1017 balance level-looks like on green + Tide_____________________________
10:15 stuck on the Nep/Moon flux-should hold til Xchg passes Moon & squares Nep=vertical brown line_
10:00 Now that I found a suitable scale, I am switching to the 1 day screen_____________________
9:58 I've readjusted my screen scale to my normal range for this 2 day display__________________
9:55 1017 is a Chaos Balance price, where the -M270 and +M000 Moon flux lines balance out________
9:50 110 tracking EXMA 12 points above price-1ADay may time out-this is not a good place to trade_
9;47 vertical yellow line with the black ball is the New Moon,entering the market-part of eclipse_
9:38 just got a hex pattern alert on the Wheel of Fortune-Moon/Mars/Chiron hexonated_______________
9:35 opening near the Moon square Neptune electric field flux prices-1ADay will take time to set up_
9:31 hard gap down open-glad position traders are short___________________________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at & Moneytide.com___________________

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