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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 06/08/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:15 Cancel the sell stop. +4 was Ok today. I'm leaving.Screen will run to close.See U next week
3:05 Looks like we just got nicked out-that happens - put a sell stop at 1271 ________________
2:53 I now have shifted the red +Tide back so the low at 12:30 matches-says rally ends 3:30___
2:50 1ADay stopped for +4 as I did it- +9 as written - that happens-just have a plan _________
2:42 Rallied up to -M180 flux-stop threatened but not hit,+4 even it it is hit, so wait________
2:34 rally weakening-MoonTide down after 3:10 Moon_sold 1279 stop 1275 -be patient______________
2:28 Market is now balanced-but balance is ending-Chaos will follow______________________________
2:21 Got high on the Node-rally was from Saturn time to Saturn price-S1279 X 1275 be patient_
2:11 Saturn flux held-sold 1279 X 1275-trick of trading big day is to get past the congestion_
2:06 may have gotten an inversion-if so we'll only make 4 points_______________________________
1:57 sharp swing up as passed Mercury-may be the Goodbye Kiss to 1272 quantum-sold 1279 X 1275_
1:47 Fractal of Pi has D5/U4 turn right on the Node-white vertical line-should resume trend____
1:32 Still looking bearish-Turnded down as Exchange passed Jupiter-Jup flux was support ystday_
1:02 sold 1279 stop 1275 -following +MoonTide-I'm taking 30 minute break now___________________
12:47 I adjusted screen -NOTE HOW WELL THE GREEN +MOONTIDE FITS!!! MoonTides are REAL_____________
12:38 the 6 hour Fractal of Pi has shifted down-top at 1281-FOPPER's move your overlays________
12:26 We have now hit a Venus flux line-high was on a Venus flux line as Xchg passed Venus_____
12:17 Hit 1269 quantum level-so lower stop to 1269+6=1275, sold 1279 -we caught a chaotic break_
12:02 We are in a bandgap energy jump from +M000 to +M270 - so be patient-Sold 1279 stop1278_
11:52 Now have broken below the Harmonic Convergence cluster-so it becomes a repellor_________
11:45 We are now into the congestion of midday-just hold the stop and be patient-S1279 X1278__
11:38 the low is a key point in a 6 hour Fractal of Pi-D2+LLC+XB-FOPPERs use your overlays____
11:24 1272 quantum hit lower stop to 1278- Modify the 1ADay-DO NOT COVER AT 1270!!!!___________
11:22 Data is back - sold 1279 stop 1281 - following green +MoonTide___________________________
11:15 Data from Exchange is still down - check back 11:30_____________________________________
11:00 While you are waiting you could read the page about Viruses- link in News on homepage_
10:55 I have no idea how long this problem will last-I'll come back 11:15 for next update______
10:42 This is why you ALWAY need a stop in if you have a position-it is there and will be honored_
10:42 OK-the problem is on the exchange-when systems fail they revert backup systems___________
10:40 -I stopped geting quotes on E-mini-two sources stopped-Sold 1279 stop 1281 IS IN________
10:32 now stopping to congest on the 1275 quantum-set by Sun/Pluto et. al. flux lines_________
10:23 note how nasty Venus (vert blue line at 10:00) was this morning! sold 1279 stop 1281_
10:21 Position traders sold 1278 with stop 1308-_______________________________________________
10:15 hit 1275 so lower stop to 1281-sold 1279____-place a buy 1270 or better order____________
10:08 Sold 1279. Hit 1278, a quantum, buy stop is 1278+6=1284, where we already have it________
10:08 Now we watch the price levels that are every 3 points (quantums) and trail stop by 6_____
10:07 sold 1279. Now move buy stop to be 1279 +5 = 1284 -_______________________________________
10:02 $=1282 so sell 1279 stop buy 1285 stop____________________________________________________
9:56 1Aday says at 10:02 sell $-2 stp, buy $+3 stop_____________________________________________
9:50 the three lines are 180 minute "floating stick" linear regression lines-note rolling right_
9:45 Light blue line is 110 minute EXMA on 1 minute closes-good trend indicator-now down_______
9:41 Dropped to +M000 Moon electric field flux line-says Moon late in day is an attractor______
9:36 Rising wedge from yesterday broken to downside, bearish-1284 now resistance______________
9:31 1ADay coming up on myscreen.gif-go with flow at 10:02-opening on Venus flux_______________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________

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