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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 06/14/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:40 I'm covering and quitting-bad hair day_see you next week______________________________
3:28 going down to the wire-this natural time is a high____________________________________
3:16 if position traders were not short, I would be telling them to sell here_______________
3:12 green MoonTide showed a general rally, late decline pattern-seems to be what we got__
3:05 back to the 1005 early day highs-if they don't hold as support,sharp decline likely_
3:00 From the low to the high I have a good fit to a Fractal of Pi pattern________________
2:55 also, I make that high to be a Face of God pattern center____________________________
2:52 sold 3 at 1007 - I am betting that the gap being closed will lead to a decline_______
2:46 stopped again - sold too soon -sell 3 at 1007 stop____________________________________
2:40 that run to the Chiron flux closed the overnight gap-__________________________________
2:35 10:00 was a spike low-2:30 high is a 4.5 hour Chaos Clamshell-a common duration________
2:33 sold 2 1007 put stop at 1010 - rally was up to the Chiron flux__________________________
2:31 raise sell stop to 1007 on 2_____________________________________________________________
2:26 stopped out of short-make sell stop 2 contracts sell 1001 stop____________________________
2:14 put a sell stop at 1001-sell a failure to make new highs-3 drives to a top______________
2:05 this looks like the high in the green +MoonTide_______________________________________
2:00 this looks like another fake-just up the Chiron Time line-999 still average level______
1:54 ah, that was a Crazy Harry fake-he backed up-he loves to do that_______________________
1:50 if I weren't already short, I would jump on here - starting to leave the station________
1:47 the trick is to trade like a hobo-jump on hte train as it leaves the station____________
1:44 Crazy Harry is the mad conductor of the S&P train-he now has it parked in the station____
1:40 a trader I knew used to say this was the specialists distributing their paper befor a drop_
1:34 looking like 1:38 natural time will be another minor high-next one is not until 2:36 ____
1:27 boy, that Neptune Moon opposition has ruled today- morning chaos, then flat on their flux_
1:18 white line on harmonic grid setting the highs-suggesting down channel____________________
1:16 little high at natural time, next 1:38 -still stuck to 999_______________________________
1:07 that rally failed to close the gap, and now 999 is resistance-bearish climate____________
1:01 the 1:15 Natural Time looks like a high-could break the balance at 999-holding short___
12:52 note the 999 level-opened there, dropped, rallied above,now can not hold it=weakness_
12:46 sold 996 - put sell stop 1005 for now-above the double top______________________________
12:42 just got a sell on the 20/110 EXMA-put a sell stop at 996_______________________________
12:38 imagine an arc along the high after the spike low-it "rolls over" this afternoon________
12:31 stopped out on S&P -double top just under the 1005 flux bundle -bearish longer term______
12:28 covered my bbond short for 0 - not moving-think it inverted_______________________________
12:19 the gap was at the Chiron flux level -Xch passes Chiron just after 2:00___________________
12:14 now getting some lift as Xchg comes to Sun/Plu/Node/Sat-still long from 1002.75-green tide_
12:00 In Tbonds I sold 103.813 (103-26)assuming on the green Tide-could invert to the red tide__________
11:57 that high was on the 11:43 natural time __________________________________________________
11:48 if you look at the AUX page you will see my 1 day Tbond chart-I'm learning to trade it ___
11:42 looks like an attempt to close the gap - or at least run up to the Sun/Sat/Plu/Node flux
11:40 breakout above the 990 on the Mercury time line-I bought 1002.75 put stop 999___________
11:30 The new Tbond chart helps trade the S&P, since they tend to move in opposite directions_
11:25 stopped for -3 - I was not patient enought there-market going flat_______________________
11:13 sell 994.50 stop 997.50 - trend continuation sell-both averages have turned down ________
11:04 the two EXMA's pinching together shows balance-it may hold-S&P goes flat 51% of time_____
11:01 hit the 999 Moon Flux blance price ad stopped-have 7 swings in rally, so it may be over__
10:52 now getting blue 110 EXMA and yellow 20 EXMa pinching -will cross or both turn down______
10:49 got an inversion, so next natural time of 10:49 is a high_________________________________
10:41 stopped -1.5 - on green +Tide-going back up to 999 area-1ADay may set up after all_________
10:39 trade not moving-lower stop 994.75-one tick above top of Harmonic Grid diamond______________
10:30 still in-I was basing that trade on natural time and white Harmonic Grid line down frm open_
10:20 OK, time to play- sell 993 stop 996_not 1ADay-it may not set up____________________________
10:18 we got an inversion on the Quarter Moon, so the 10:17 natural time may be a high___________
10:17 notice how the pincing Moon electric field flux lines set the "quantums"___________________
10:16 have you ever heard a microphone in an auditorium squeal? This is same thing_______________
10:15 All that was due to Moon and Neptune-what an awesome display of Market Astrophysics!_____
10:10 after chaos comes balance at 990-1ADay trade in doubt, but be patient______________________
10:06 normally summer Fridays are dull-this year I asked for chaos,just to please MM,long time client_
10:05 Market Astrophysics says the drop is over-trading this is like catching a lightning bolt by hand_
10:02 That is a "band gap energy jump" from Moon flux to Moon flux-price is now square time_at 981___
10:00 that kind of a move is really hard for a day trader to catch-18 points in minutes_________
9:57 The quarter Moon is hot! sure glad we got position traders short late yesterday__________
9:54 going lower -natural time 9:52 was a high-next is 10:17-possible low_______________
9:49 the market will "revert to the mean"-come back to the 110 EXMA-can buy above the 20 EXMA___
9:40 like last Friday, big gap down open-1ADay trade may not set up - 110 EXMA way above price_
9:33 The overnight drop was to Neptune electric field flux as Moon opposes Neptune-may sit here_
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at & Moneytide.com___________________
___opening at Moon/Neptune price_________________________________________________________________________________________________

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