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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 06/15/2001

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These are the comments made during the live session

---network failure lasted into Saturday afternoon----
1:27 I just lost my network connection to my server-a Quest network switch just crashed AGAIN
1:18 cover 1229-not moving
1:11 must rally now after passing the cluster of planets-if do, could reach 1242
12:58 raise stop 1228 -Venus flux is resistance, so pressing to put stop a breakeven
12:54 bought 1228 raise stop 1227-looks like on green +Tide
12:49 bought 1228 raise stop to 1225 -at critical point in move-passing Sun/Mars/Mer/Jup/Chir
12:39 bought 1228 -put stop at 1224
12:21 The two moving averages (36 minute&110 minute) are flat-stay out of these congestions
12:08 Move the buy stop to 1228. 1227 is too close to flux line-could get hit but price not move
11:55 Looks like may have inverted to green +Tide-may have a buy setting up- buy 1227 stop
11:50 Moon flux did capture price as expected 1 hour ago-that is WHY the rally died so quickly
11:35 The three "floating sticks" are 3 hour linear regression.Left end coming down drop now
11:30 Move went 90 degrees, common daily range-may now stay inside the range rest of the day
11:20 if you were tempted to buy, you'd be chasing the market.Tide forecast say move about over
11:05 The Moon +M000 electric field flux line was the "attractor"-prices may now stick to it
10:57 the streak is over. Prices now in the congestion zone centered at 1224
10:47 that was a blind mechanical trade based on the MoonTide forecast-just execute the rules
10:45 covered for +4. Never mind that it's still going. Never wrong to take a profit.
10:38 bought 1217.5 raise stop to 1217.25 cover 1221.5
10:32 1ADay says to cover a 4 point gain, which is 1221.5-just taking a small bite today
10:28 bought 1217.5 stop goes at 1214.5 should rally to 1224 balance level
10:20 OK, this is the narrow range-bit over 3 pts but OK- put buy stop 1217.5 sell stop 1210
10:06 We are looking for a period of a narrow range-less than 3 points for 20 minutes
10:00 making a low as we come to Venus, so may be on red -Tide-Neptune/Vensu flux at 1213.75
9:41 The Xchng passes Venus at 10:00 - it has been sending the market down
9:35 opening down, on Uranus flux line-1ADay trade is on myscreen.gif
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic

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