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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:04 That's my two planned trades-I'm done for the day-screens will run to close-CU next week_
1:59 covering 993.5 on 35 minute stall rule_+4________________________________________________
1:56 stop 995 - did get inversion in Tide 32 -990 by 2:40 is 90% probable__________________
1:53 notice how the 110 EXMA is following the white XTide Harmonic grid line-forms channnel_
1:48 Tide 32 may be inverting-stop is OK__________________________________________________
1:32 stop 996______________________________________________________________________________
1:30 the cover on 11 point move range rule makes 989.5 my cover point______________________
1:27 stop 997 - Tide 32 had the high, coming to it's low____________________________________
1:24 stop 998 - expect 990 or 987 could be low_______________________________________________
1:20 stop 999________________________________________________________________________________
1:12 on that entry I used a Chaos Trader's Technique-balaned at 999, range narrow for an hour
just put stops at 999 +/- 1.5 points _______________________________________________________
1:09 this is the chaos that follows balance-have to not get lulled to sleep________________
1:04 getting good break, sold 997.5 stop 1000.5 ____________________________________________
12:57 Could get 20/110 sell soon_-rally was repelled by Harmonic grid line__________________
12:55 I said we could hang around 999 for hours-on that I was right__________________________
12:44 That suggests green +Tide is at work-if so, 110 EXMA should head lower_________________
12:40 the last two hourly highs stopped on a down MoonTide Harmonic Grid line________________
you can see the chart on List of charts -> S&P MoonTide Harmonic Grid_______________________
12:34 continuation buy? on 20/110 -watching for strength before I jump on Crazy Harry's train_
12:29 Chaos is a study of balance-watch for balance-chaos follows when it is broken_________
12:22 The hex is being set by Jupiter,Neptune,Pluto-the destablisers are the Moon and Chiron
destabilsers are on the midpoints of the hex________________________________________________
12:16 Crazy Harry is having wine, with his girl at 999______________________________________
Crazy Harry is the conductor of the S&P train. Loves to park it in a station for hours__
12:12 That beeper hex alert says my hex pattern detector has found a stable "snowflake"_____
go to List of Charts -> Hex Wheels- Today ->last hex -see who is forming hexagon____________
12:00 At this point you might say,gee,you lost twice.You are having a bad day-No,I'm having_
a great day because I have kept my feelings positive-and I'm ready to make the next trade__
11:58 stopped - stop did what I should have-kill a flat trade- I feel good I used one______
11:49 flat but stop is OK -may get a continuation buy for the second trade time-I'll wait _
11:49 about to pass the Venus/Mercury time line-their price flux is at 1004.5_______________
11:45 stop 998 looking like a continuation buy_______________________________________________
11:40 here we will either get a 20/110 continuation buy, of a sell signal____________________
11:32 pretty lethargic-may pick up as approach Moon/Pluto at 12:20__________________________
11:23 I rebought because the 110 EXMA is still up and holding.Sometimes a second effort works
11:11 rebought 1000.5 stop 997.5 __________________________________________________________
11:05 For every "feel bad" statement about trading, there is a "feel good" statement _______
I feel bad I missed that trade - could be -I feel good that I get many good trades__________
10:58 As you feel, so you attract.That is the universal Law of Attraction. It is elegantly _
covered in Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, by Lynn Grabhorn ISBN 1-57174-381-2_____________
10:54 It is real easy to attack oneself on a loss. I should have waited, etc. It you do that, _
you generate nagative energy, which attracts more negative energy and more losses. ____________
10:52 out -2 . that one didn't go. I feel good about the trade because I followed the rules___
10:46 stop 997.50 ____________________________________________________________________________
10:42 bought 999.50 stop 996.50_______________________________________________________________
10:38 minor high on Jupiter flux- 20/110 buy - watch for follow through_______________________
10:35 may get 20/110 buy soon-needs to hit 1000.5 to break loose______________________________
10:17 I'm going to wait for the 10:40 Tide time-this drop is as per Tide 32____________________
10:15 110 now flat, prices both sides-wait ____________________________________________________
10:11 the 110 EXMA is down, but not much-20 still below it-may get a continuation sell__________
10:07 Tide 32 forecast has very short swings this morning, so I expected chop-we got it_________
10:03 I was quick to abort because the 20/110 signal was so early-so far have hit 2 of the email prices
10:00 aborting 996-bounce off Chiron 993 - _____________________________________________________
9:57 stop 997-using 20 EXMA as a guide__________________________________________________________
9:54 getting 20/110 sell signal-early but sold 996 stop 999____________________________________
9:45 Looks like the outcry pit and the overnight etraders are on different Tides_______________
9:39 The market vibrated about the Jup/Nep 999 level several hours yesterday-could do so again_
9:36 Trade times today near 10:40 and 12:20__________________________________________________
9:32 early high on Node electric field flux line just under 1002-running on red -Tide so far_
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

6/20/2003 01:17:07 PM Mountain G0:: see y'all next time......good luck
6/20/2003 01:00:58 PM Mountain wlj:: harmonic grid up slope from am sup now res
6/20/2003 12:44:32 PM Mountain G0:: LOL........sar again at 95.5......geez, make up yer mind already
6/20/2003 12:37:49 PM Mountain G0:: sar ;)
6/20/2003 12:34:35 PM Mountain G0:: long 95....btw
6/20/2003 12:33:11 PM Mountain G0:: 93.75 me stop
6/20/2003 12:31:14 PM Mountain wlj:: do we go down to sun or pluto or what.
6/20/2003 12:25:13 PM Mountain ken:: tide32b trendchange possible here..
6/20/2003 12:04:36 PM Mountain G0:: bearish flag building
6/20/2003 11:56:21 AM Mountain G0:: chart on the way
6/20/2003 11:47:36 AM Mountain ken:: done thanks
6/20/2003 11:44:24 AM Mountain G0:: ken.......send me an e-mail and I'll show ya ;)
6/20/2003 11:42:28 AM Mountain ken:: and for what it's worth, jj was me me, it was early when I logged in this morning..;)
6/20/2003 11:40:05 AM Mountain jj:: G9 or 0 or whatever your number..was that parallel line or mav..? I thought I had all your mavg on board..
6/20/2003 11:38:56 AM Mountain jj:: Hello all and Al..
6/20/2003 11:34:36 AM Mountain G0:: and I have G9 support here at 92...........fwiw
6/20/2003 11:34:00 AM Mountain G0:: the sells are so "clean" headfakes
6/20/2003 11:24:36 AM Mountain G0:: out
6/20/2003 11:19:47 AM Mountain wlj:: price just stopped at harmonic grid up slope from a.m. low, see if it holds?? grid-o-matic
6/20/2003 11:13:55 AM Mountain G0:: Chris........I did get your mail........thanks for the offer.....not sure it would I like to trade. I'll give it some thought.......short on the G9 break at 98.50
6/20/2003 11:04:37 AM Mountain rbh:: Thanks
6/20/2003 11:03:44 AM Mountain Al:: I don't jump in until I see some evidence of the 110 moving or curling-then I go in at the market-I try to time the trade rather than price it
6/20/2003 11:01:00 AM Mountain rbh:: Al, when you get the signal, do you order at market or limit?
6/20/2003 10:57:40 AM Mountain dst:: down periscope
6/20/2003 10:32:46 AM Mountain cjm:: g9 you should have received email from me, just confirming..
6/20/2003 10:32:05 AM Mountain wlj:: 3 witchs on one broom, to heavy to take off
6/20/2003 10:25:35 AM Mountain dst:: this action somehow reminds me of yesterday!
6/20/2003 10:20:44 AM Mountain dst:: Al - you commented about 999 early in day and it sure shows now
6/20/2003 09:53:56 AM Mountain prt:: Fine, thank you.
6/20/2003 09:46:39 AM Mountain Al:: hi prt-how's the new job?
6/20/2003 09:42:31 AM Mountain prt:: Good morning, traders. Just visiting today. I hope all is well with you.
6/20/2003 09:35:32 AM Mountain wlj:: not much gusto on that 2nd run at node, tick and adv issu less so far than first try.
6/20/2003 09:16:42 AM Mountain Al:: hi there G9
6/20/2003 09:13:16 AM Mountain G0:: oops......G0= G9er
6/20/2003 09:12:48 AM Mountain G0:: greetings Captain Chaos and his groupies
6/20/2003 08:30:49 AM Mountain bkw:: volaTile and hosTile-today!
6/20/2003 08:12:38 AM Mountain dst:: looks like the 12:20 may have more potential - maybe thats when the option unwinding will really start moving things around
6/20/2003 07:58:33 AM Mountain wlj:: full sp open gap filled
6/20/2003 07:44:26 AM Mountain Al:: thanks. Some days are diamonds. The best part is that I think I know why yesterday was so harmonic-that's research in progress, so time will tell
6/20/2003 07:38:59 AM Mountain dst:: in some ways the price flatline matching the Tide flatline was even more inspiring than the moves at the turns
6/20/2003 07:37:38 AM Mountain dst:: gm -awesome trades yesterday AL
6/20/2003 07:07:30 AM Mountain Al:: turning off the stuck beeper

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