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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 06/21/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:49 that was my standard 6 point target-it works well over time-done-see you in July____
3:44 cover 988 on 4-there may be more but this is good, +24 points________________________
3:41 could make it to 982.50 moon flux-lower stop to 990 _______________________________
3:37 breaking 990=sun -now lower stop 992-sold 4 994_____________________________________
3:31 should make it to plu/node/Sat flux-maybe lower_____________________________________
3:26 990 low was on Sun, down 90 degrees from high-Tide says more to come_________________
3:21 stop too close reset 994_____________________________________________________________
3:19 the downers won-short 4 from 994 put stop 992 - hold on _____________________________
3:15 sold 2 994 on the stop -sell 2 more 994______________________________________________
3:14 cover 995-I don't like it_____________________________________________________________
3:12 squatted back to the average-make 994 a sell 2 so reverse on a failure to rally here_
3:10 looks like today is a saucer __________________________________________________________
3:07 stopped at Venus moon flux again -needs to rally soon or I'm outa here__________________
3:04 bought 997 move other stop to 994______________________________________________________
3:03 red tide might be winning-getting some lift____________________________________________
2;57 at the turn - who wins-I think the green Tide - we will see and go with the flow________
2:52 the early bird got the worm-the late bird might as well-quarter moon just after the close_
2:49 Chaos is the study of balance and the breaking of it-995=balanace;chaos will follow____
2;45 sell 993 stop buy 997 stop _-you really can let the market decide_______________________
2:37 Coming to the next Tide turn,& an obvious "bifurcation"-how many say up? down? use chat room_____
2:32 this is still at thrust, congestion pattern with a thrust yet to come-___________________
2:29 out for 0 - that's OK-scale trading like that is hard and dangerous, so need close stops_
2:27 still OK-990 is Sun, down 90 degrees from high-______________________________________
2:25 diagonal white line from high is top of channel-out if rally now_______________________
2:17 sold 4 ave 995.50 lower stop to 995.50 and hold__________________________________________
2:13 part of what I am seeing is that Venus was center of yday congestion, top of today's_____
2:08 may be wrong,but my strategy was to get a positon with the average price above the 110 EXMA_
2;01 sold 2, short 4 average 995.5 _________________________________________________________
2:00 sell 2 997 stop ________________________________________________________________________
1:52 sell 995 stop 999___-short 2 average 994____________________________________________________________________
1:40 I'm back-sell 993 put stop 999 and be patient - this is a steady downtrend_______________
1:12 I'm going to take a lunch break, eat, and clear my head-these Martians are getting to me_
1:03 stopped- got down streak as passed solar Noon-may still try to rally, but too choppy for me_
1:00 that low cme on the 12:48 naturual time__________________________________________________
12:56 I like the streak here-raise stop to 992.50 -rally into about 2:00 probable_____________
12:53 bought 994.50 put stop 991.50 -under this setup, I'll enter on a 3 point price reversal_
12:51 110 EXMA is more than 4.5 points above price, so rally to it is probable______________
12;50 Tbond top coming in near 1:00. Put a buy stop on S&P at 994.50________________________
12:44 coming into solar noon at 1:00 eastern-probing for a bottom_-inverted to red Tide_____
12:40 position traders sold yesterday-I just sent out an email flash saying lower stop to 1002_
12:36 If you want to see a thing beauty, look at the Tbond MoonTide chart_________________________
12:22 yesterday's congestion low set by Mars-looks like Mars again today-Martians in the pit?______
12:20 the past several days we've had a thrust early, congestion, and a late thrust-today ? _______
12:04 out for 0 - congestion range now set-so back off and wait until later in the day____
12:02 bought 995.75 move stop to 995.75____________________________________________________
11:56 if you freelance like this,you have to be quick-I saw double bottom off white HarGrid_
11:54 try again - bought 995.75 stop 994 again______________________________________________
11:50 whoops-out fast-that's my payment for freelancing-1ADay system works better____________
11:45 looks like low coming in as per green +Tide - buy 995.75 stop 994______________________
11:39 I make it a rule never to chase the market-I got my 5 points and I am thankful_________
11:38 Tbonds gave a buy 103.5, just hit 104 , up $500. Still going, so stocks still weak_____
11:35 ok-going lower as pass Mercury-Tbonds in a good rally -on their red MoonTide___________
11:27 there was a bit more, but covering on a target works well-now expect midday congestion_
11:20 out for +5, a perfect 1ADay trade-forecast-plan-track-execute-it works_______________
11:17 1 point from target-be patient________________________________________________________
11:15 still on green +Tide - sold 1003.5 stop 1005.5 cover 998.5 or 12:29 -moving slowly____
11:05 broke down into next whited Harmonic Grid diamond, good for our short_________________
11:02 remember all trades are risks, and start out as losers if you use a traling stop______
10:59 sold 1003.50 stop lowered to 1005.50 cover 998.50__-timeout 12:29______________________
10:49 got bounce from the Moon flux-I don't like it, but I will follow the rules_____________
10:39 down to the Uranus flux-now just wait and move stop-buy 998.50 or better order is in___
10:32 goal is 5 points=998.50 -stop lowers 1 point each 30 minutes____________________________
10:29 sold 1003.50 stop goes at 1006.50-trend continuation sell_______________________________
10:28 stuck in the Node/Plu/Sat flux bundle-180 degrees below the solar eclipse_______________
10:24 stalled here-averages will become more accurate as time goes one-110 says trend is down_
10:17 I will just put a sell stop 1003.50 for now-averages distorted due to data problem________
10:14 rally stopped on white down Harmonic Grid line-now in corner of white diamond_____________
10:12 1ADay trade looks to go with the trend coming out of this Tide turn________________________
10:06 open 999 set by Moon flux crossing-1008 set by Sun at solstice_____________________________
10:01 chart does not show opening near 990-so up from there til now as per green +Tide_
9:56 esignal now coming up_- 1001.75 ________________________________________________
9:50 1002.25 =Uranus flux____________________________________________________________
9:42 esignal down-LindWaldock quote: 1003.25__________________________________________
9:40 LW working - 999.50 ____________________________________________________________
9:36 quotes from my broker are not updating-last is 9:30-nothing to do but wait__________________
9:33 no data-price 998-esignal is down____________________________________________________________
9:24 1001.75 from my Lind-Waldock system 9:20 Chaos here-my datafeed, esignal, is down-they have network problems-stay tuned-price=1004.00_____________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic at & Moneytide.com___________________
___opening at Moon/Neptune price_____________________________________________________________________

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