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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 06/22/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

4:03 There is the sharp move-that's resonance is action -I'm done -see you next week ___________
3:59 4:00 is 6 hours from Venus, so squaring it -same effect as at Venus at 10:00_______________
3:46 stay tuned-may see sharp move at 4:00-_____________________________________________________
3:42 now on red -Tide -note rally was also in the XTIDE at the bottom of the screen,now pullback_
3:32 bought 1233 for +5.5 ____back to Venus flux _______________________________________________
3:26 cancel buy 1227 OB lower stop 1233 sold 1238.5_____________________________________________
3:16 S1238.5 X1236 -Venus was support, now resistance-lower stop to 1234.5-buy 1227 Or Better___
3:12 that was a "band gap energy jump" form -M180 to +M270 moon electric flux-like a spark jump_
3:06 sold 1238.5 lower stop to 1236-"No guts no glory" trade was sell open,cover close__________
3:02 getting the expected break-sold 1238.5 lower stop to 1238.5 and hold_______________________
2:54 Look carefully at Mars flux line-it is the vibration planet of this pattern-sold1238.5x1242
2:48 still following general down-up-down of +Tide -sell 1238.50, stop 1242______________________
2:40 stopped 1239 - may have been early-taking the left shift out of the +Tide___________________
2:19 sold 1236 put buy stop at 1239, -M180 flux overhead,high is U4/D5 in 6 hr Fractal of Pi____
2:12 back up to Saturn/-M180 flus -move sell stop up to 1236____________________________________
2:02 Moon coming up-raise sell stop to 1234_____________________________________________________
1:45 coming into the Moon, so volatility should return as we pass it____________________________
1:33 sell 1232 stop again-if hit, buy 1237 stop__________________________________________________
1:31 and the Fractal of Pie overlay helps-says in Middle of Fractal, and trend should resume soon_
1:30 another thing you can do is shift tides around to see if you see a better fit-doesn't always help_
1:21 following red -Tide-can use 3 point quantums and trade turns, like sell 1236 or better here_
1:17 what is happening is bouncing between 8th harmonic(1233=45deg) and 6th har.(1236=60)____
1:10 stopped out-that was a marginal trade, and getting stopped out releases your mind________
1:05 This is solar noon doldrums-mid part of the fractal-gets noisy-sold 1232 stop1235.75-wait_
12:50 I hate it when a trade just hangs-not following either Tide right now-just wait-________
12:40 sold 1232 stop 1235.75 -stuck in a flat-stop is in, so just wait________________________
12:30 getting some chop as Xchg moves through the cluster of planets-scaled +Tide to price____
12:16 sold 1232 move buy stop down to trail by 4, to 1236_____________________________________
12:07 just be patient here-stops are in-market flat, but won't stay that way__________________
11:56 sell 1232 stop buy 1237 stop____________________________________________________________
11:52 sell 1231.50 stop buy 1237 stop____________________________________________________________
11:50 $=1234 sell 1231 stop, buy 1237 stop, trail both at once __________________________________
11:40 The turn came early, shifted by Saturn - flipped the Fractal of Pi to the mirror version____
11:32 Saturn flux and Sat Time line made small SA/SR.Possible inversion-trade method will handle it_
11:22 since Tide is flat here, we will trail TWO stops-a buy and a sell-and go with the flow at 11:50_
11:08 Looking weak-1ADay coming up at 11:50--1ADay coming up on myscreen.gif__________________________________
10:48 Good job D2. Sun flux a repellor-congestion shaping ip as a triangle-Still green +Tide____
10:40 now come to the d2 of the Fractal of Pi-if hold, should turn down here______________________
10:28 so far just as expected from FOP and +Tide-had 7 swings down from high=small Chaos Clamshell_
10:16 now getting the U1 line in the Fractal of Pi-1ADay set up for 11:50________________________
10:05 That little streak is down the D1 line of a 6 hour Fractal of Pi-Tracking green +Tide______
10:00 I am using 2 EXMAs-36 and 110 minute-match their slopes to the + and -MoonTides to see which_
9:50 expect to congest a bit between the -M180 and +M000 Moon electric field flux lines_________
9:34 Opening below the 1242 solar eclipse balance level_position traders selling 1239 stop______
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________

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