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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 06/29/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

2:58 Screen will run to close, but I have to leave-see you next week_-I'd sell it again___________
2:56 Getting peak-so stop was just too tight-unfortunately I have a minor emergency to go tend to-
2:51 stopped for -2 -just keep the losses small______________________________________________________________________________
2:41 s 1242.5 x 1244.5 -just wait-hit 1242 at 10:25 and are still there-chaos coming up__________
2:20 sold 1242.50 stop 1244.50 -be patient-hotline position traders check your email for a flash__
2:17 lower stop to 1244.50 sold 1242.50 - if switch to red -Tide, could get nasty________________
2:06 sold 1242.50 lower stop to 1244.50 and hold-now just focus on moving the stop_______________
2:01 I have shifted the red -Tide left to match the first high-doing shifts a large move to 4:02_
1:58 sold 1242.50 put stop at 1246.50 - trail by 4 above lowest price since entry______________
1:46 sell 1242.25 stop ___raise to 1242.50_____________________________________________________
1:41 sell 1240.75 stop _________________________________________________________________________
1:27 rally is clear going into 1:40, so I will start trailing my sell stop now-sell 1239.5 stop_
1:10 we now are also seeing "three drives to a top" as often cited by Larry Pesavento__________
1:03 Note that we have a rising wedge pattern up into resistance area-1:40 is apex of wedge____
1:00 don't like this-cover 1241 for -2 . If in doubt, get out___________________________________
12:51 coming to the Node and Sun-they set the high yesterday_____________________________________
12:41 sold 1239 put stop at 1243 - not 1Aday -___________________________________________________
12:27 second try at 1242-put sell stop at 1239___________________________________________________
12:12 1ADay now on myscreen.gif-trade is at 1:40-price at Jupiter/Chiron as Xchg passes them-NAC_
12:01 prices popped back up to the Mercury flux line as the Xcgh passed Mercury-not a coincidence_
11:49 stopped for no gain-high coming in as per red -Tide___pretty flat so we'll stand aside a bit_
11:35 sold 1239 stop 1243 lower to 1239-need to be careful of possible inversion here____________
11:13 sold 1239 stop 1243 __sagging as per red -Tide _dropping now to -M090 moon flux,bearish____
10:58 dropped to Saturn flux line as Xchg passing Saturn-again, this is not a coincidence___________
10:50 now getting resistance from Mercury--Tide turns down after Xchg passes Mercury near 12:00___
10:37 sold 1239 put stop at 1243 -may have to be patient on this one ____________________________
10:26 stopped for -3, OK, just go on-a bit early-put a sell stop at 1239.1242=eclipse level______
10:20 Sold 1239 stop 1242-betting on the shape of the red -Tide__________________________________
10:17 1ADay is later - right now, can sell 1239 or better with stop at 1242 _____________________
10:09 yellow line is 36 minute EXMA-good tool to track which MoonTide is working_________________
10:04 Wow-6 point spike as passed Venus-Pluto and Saturn flux stopped rally-can hold flat til 11_
10:00 red -Tide says not to chase this rally, the -M090 Moon electric field flux=resistance_____
9:55 Prices is hitting Venus flux line as exchange rotates past Venus-not at all coincidental___
9:43 found support from the +M180 Moon electric field flux line-may switch to red +Tide_________
9:40 looks like following green +Tide___________________________________________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________

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