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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 07/13/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:37 I'm done for the day-the Rocky Mountain High Country is calling-See you next week___________
3:35 Did turn down at Uranus-Position trade is good-sold 1223-lower stop to 1223 good GTC________
3:11 last little blip was end of the Fractal of PI pattern up-stop survived-POS TRADE s1223x1226_
3:06 still in pos trade.This is a distribution pattern-final planet is Uranus,may turn things down_
2:40 retesting the highs-position trade sell 1223 stop 1226 may get stopped out_________________
1:55 getting boring-I'm going camping, so I'm starting to pack-comments may get sparse___________
1:25 Got Guts? sell 1223 stop 1226 as a position trade___________________________________________
1:12 1224 is a Chaos balance point-may well mark the end of this brief 2 day rally-__________________
12:55 Came off the vortex swirl under prices-tendency is to go flat now-drop latter-___________
12:40 Notice the up Chaos Clamshell from yesterday's quarter Moon-imagine arc under the lows___
12:30 Coming to the Quarter Moon and the Sun -may get some more rally energy per +Tide_________
12:15 Isn't this amazing? The electric field flux lines set the low and the high-it IS REAL____
11:55 Have a good fit on mirror Fractal of Pi, the first rally is U1, the second U2___________
11:45 sold 1219.75 for +3--practically perfect-the Ven/-M000 Moon flux are strong resistance__
11:40 bought 1216.75 stop now 1215.750-focus on moving the stop_-sell 1219.75 or better______
11:37 bought 1216.75 put sell stop at 1215 and trail by 3-cover 1219.75 or better___________
11:24 still not elected-if go lower trail stop down_-- coming to Mercury and Jupiter___________
11:14 lower by to 1216.75 stop__-if hit trail sell stop by 3 points and cover 1219.75__________
11:08 trend is down, so buy 1214.5+2.5=1217 stop________________________________________________
10:48 1ADay is to trade counter the 20 minute trend at 11:05, trailing a 2.5 entry stop_________
10:39 We are seeing a "band gap energy jump" from the +M270 to the -M000 flux___________________
10:30 nice rally on the energy from Venus, Node, Saturn, and Mars=vertical lines________________
10:15 retested that support-Tides are saying this is a good day to go fishing___________________
10:00 got support on the +M270 Moon flux line and Sun-Moon squares sun at 1:00__________________
9:50 opening quiet-trend slightly down-following red -Tide-maybe_____________________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________

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