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Here are Al's comments
3:15 out +1.5 - done for the day -see you next week-enJoy the weekend_________________________
3:11 there is 993-stop 991.5 - half quantum above 990_________________________________________
3:08 stop 990.5 -Moon's Node IS hot____________________________________________________________
3:06 passing Venus at 12:30 started this move-possible run to Venus price 993__________________
3:00 I decided I pressed stop too hard, and we either park at 990 or go higher-know Node is hot
2:54 rebought 990 stop 989 ___________________________________________________________________
2:48 notice how the 990 balance price stopped the rally-watch for struggle under Moon flux pair_
2:42 this is a mixed Tide day-red -Tide early, green +Tide mid day,red -Tide late ___________
2:37 that high is right on the -Tide 32 high_- stopped for +.5 _______________________________
2:32 stop 988.5 -Ode to Joy is playing________________________________________________________
2:28 stop 987-this is an accelerating rally-990 + is pretty likely____________________________
2:26 bought 988 stop 985 -_____________________________________________________________________
2:23 last trade may be coming early here-watching the pullback to the 20 EXMA _________________
2:12 She got him excited-not a planned trade time so I did not jump on it -look ahead___________
2:01 Crazy Harry just noticed Ms. Mercury-his head jerks when he sees a pretty girl_______________
1:55 when it is dull,one is tempted to see excitement where there is none-it will come-but wait for it
1:47 Still FFAAP-when things are dull I use my Face of God tool to see when it might end-2:15+??
1:33 I have my computer programmed to play Ode to Joy on the half hour. When it does, I get up
and do some Tai Chi to the music-really ups my energy and gets me into the "joy vibration" ___
1:28 many times Tide32 shows the 7 moves in a Chaos Clamshell-on Tide 32 chart 7 red moves to 2:30_
1:25 still flat-in the chat room we sing "Flat, flat as a pancake" to the tune of Born Free_
1:12 looks like the sell is setting up__________________________________________________________
1:08 coming out of this Tide turn can get either a continuation buy,or a 20/110 sell-stuck on Mars_
1:03 that flat section was in the Tide forecast-another reason I pressed my stop-get out of stalls
1:02 out +.5 - Mars and Moon fireball looking more probable_________________________________
12:58 small congestion here is a rising wedge-could be top - so I pressed stop_______________
12:54 stop 985.5 - half a quantum up from quantum 984- 990 possible___________________________________________
12:48 stop 985 _____________________________________________________________________________
12:46 stop 984.5 - it is fly or die time_____________________________________________________
12:43 back to Mars-could get a Mars/Moon fireball half circle top here-_______________________
12:42 pullback squated on 20 EXMA-stop 984____________________________________________________
12:36 jumped after passing Chiron, then Venus -good curl on EXMA's-stop 983.5_________________
12:30 stop 983-have to watch this carefully-sometimes get signals into and out of Tide turn__
12:27 early, but buying 985 stop 982-lots of curl on 110 EXMA__________________________________
12:22 getting a little motion after the Xchg passed Chiron-and a 20/110 buy again-trend weak up_
11:56 You can think of the S&P as a train, run by Crazy Harry, the conductor. He loves to run it
fast, then park for hours to see a girl. You have to jump on as a hobo, only when it is moving_
11:45 It really helps to have other things to do while daytrading, because 51% of the time the
market is flat-very hard to make any money-today I'm debugging the new clinic screen____________
11:23 red-Tide still looks to be in play-but trading range from Mer 980 to Plu 988______________
11:11 the next Tide turn is the broad one between 12:30 and 1:00 -will shop for a trade there___
one value of the MoonTide forecasts is that they let you leave the screen and take a break_______
11:06 so far, the turns are right on -Tide32. See the Tide32 chart ______________________________
11:02 if you look at the vertical timelines,Node=9:00,Moon=11:00,sun=13:00 -has set up a 2hr cycle_
10:53 If you want to see what is happening, look at the hex pattern - Sun,Moon,Node -___________
go List of Charts -> Hex Wheels Today ->last one _______________________________________________
10:45 stop has survived, but 110 EXMA has lost curl, so I am aborting 983.5 ____________________
10:38 110 stopped rally-so hang tough___________________________________________________________
10:36 here you just accept the risk, and watch the 110 EXMA -stop is just above it_______________
10:27 got support off the Mer/Nep flux lines-pretty choppy________________________________________
10:22 stop 984.5-use old grey clinic page-new one has broken again____________________________
10:17 sold 982.5 stop 985.5 on 20/110 sell -110 already has curled over_________________________
10:07 stop -1-very reasonable risk control.That failure to rally tells me a sell signal is coming
10:01 stop 984 - I often use the 3 point quantum prices for stops-hit 987, so stop 984_________
10:00 bought 985 stop 982_______________________________________________________________________
9:56 may get a continuation buy as per green +Tide -prices got support at the 110 EXMA and Node flux_
9:51 rally ran into trouble at Pluto electric field flus line-I'm watching for20/110 EXMA sell__
9:40 The new clinic page is, I think, now 100% working-today will test it thoroughly___________
9:38 Like yesterday, Mars is hot-be sure to read the new Moon in Action page___________________
9:31 rally underway as per red -Tide____________________________________________________________
9:04 looking flat from yesterday________________________________________________________________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

7/18/2003 02:12:26 PM Mountain Al:: not seriously, I thought being a copilot for 10 years would be boring-my preference was to fly one seaters-and I wanted to go to grad school
7/18/2003 01:54:42 PM Mountain wlj:: al, did you consider flying for airlines back then
7/18/2003 01:53:03 PM Mountain wlj:: agree, but always interested seeing whats new
7/18/2003 01:51:49 PM Mountain Al:: That's a T38 -from brake release to 50,000 feet in 2.4 minutes -fighter version is F5 -used by Nato-also used by the astronauts for currency time and to hop around the country
7/18/2003 01:49:52 PM Mountain G9:: wlj.........I've told y'all all you need to know to make big bucks...5pts a day X 10 contracts = cha ching
7/18/2003 01:45:46 PM Mountain wlj:: al, what plane is that ?
7/18/2003 01:44:37 PM Mountain wlj:: g9, asked because the traders expo is in chicago end of month, thought you could give us a report on new stuff
7/18/2003 01:43:02 PM Mountain Al:: That's me as a young instructor pilot-you get to use the jet, too
7/18/2003 01:41:47 PM Mountain wlj:: great photo,al
7/18/2003 01:40:05 PM Mountain G9:: wlj.........I'm in Atlanta
7/18/2003 01:39:23 PM Mountain Al:: I replaced it with a smaller one
7/18/2003 01:37:29 PM Mountain wlj:: do not see will log off and on
7/18/2003 01:29:52 PM Mountain Al:: It's there-takes a few seconds to load
7/18/2003 01:28:17 PM Mountain wlj:: ok
7/18/2003 01:23:20 PM Mountain Al:: wlj, hang around and I'll post a picture of your hat in the AUX page
7/18/2003 01:07:23 PM Mountain wlj:: maybe first post of day
7/18/2003 12:47:27 PM Mountain wlj:: yup, a real babe magnet.
7/18/2003 12:40:28 PM Mountain Al:: yes, and you can wear it to the mall this weekend-getting it on Friday beats any other day
7/18/2003 12:34:51 PM Mountain dst:: yup
7/18/2003 12:34:34 PM Mountain wlj:: wings and a propeller on the hat i guess.
7/18/2003 12:33:11 PM Mountain wlj:: thank you
7/18/2003 12:31:13 PM Mountain Al:: " wlj:: maybe vert merc will get things moving "
Good call-you get the hat today!
7/18/2003 12:19:22 PM Mountain dst:: 900 TICK there - wlj
7/18/2003 12:12:51 PM Mountain dst:: voila
7/18/2003 11:57:21 AM Mountain dst:: now this is a balance point - no nose picking here boys, chaos must follow!
7/18/2003 11:56:16 AM Mountain dst:: now 4 5 min bars with = 85 open and close and .75 ranges
7/18/2003 11:55:23 AM Mountain dst:: 8 points is still a good story!
7/18/2003 11:53:39 AM Mountain wlj:: dst, on the 8 pts, you spoiled a good story with the truth,,,,,,i just glanced at the price/deg on left side of screen
7/18/2003 11:50:43 AM Mountain dst:: last three 5 min bars all have = open and close at 85
7/18/2003 11:44:41 AM Mountain wlj:: ura sup/res for about 3 hours
7/18/2003 11:38:33 AM Mountain dst:: VIX getting bullish here
7/18/2003 11:36:17 AM Mountain dst:: I show 8 points
7/18/2003 11:35:29 AM Mountain dst:: excellent point on the range -
7/18/2003 11:30:20 AM Mountain wlj:: very small range,6 points,,,,,sun and moon price have not come into play yet
7/18/2003 11:27:52 AM Mountain wlj:: maybe vert merc will get things moving
7/18/2003 11:26:24 AM Mountain dst:: TICK is really choppy
7/18/2003 09:56:05 AM Mountain wlj:: g9,,,, bkw, the bear is in the woods for a long week end,not here to day.
7/18/2003 09:50:15 AM Mountain wlj:: g9, are you in the chicago land ares ?
7/18/2003 09:49:34 AM Mountain G9:: and btw......I had to break out the ole bear suit on the close under 208/15m......all downhill from here into 9/10/03
7/18/2003 09:46:46 AM Mountain G9:: kinda slow in Moonland everybody hitt'in them?
7/18/2003 08:50:57 AM Mountain wlj:: hail g9
7/18/2003 08:44:45 AM Mountain dst:: yo
7/18/2003 08:39:41 AM Mountain Al:: hi G9
7/18/2003 08:32:21 AM Mountain G9:: Greetings Captain Chaos and friends
7/18/2003 08:06:29 AM Mountain Al:: the blue chart is computing right every minute, but not being include in the new web page ?? bug is still not fixed-looked good yesterday, but today is heavier load
7/18/2003 07:57:57 AM Mountain dst:: thanks Al - price looks stuck on blue - ok on grey
7/18/2003 07:46:20 AM Mountain Al:: dst: that diagonal line is not a planet-it is a special line I call the Angel of God - double did not prove useful so I dropped it
7/18/2003 07:41:59 AM Mountain dst:: there's a double dotted dark red harmonic grid line going from lower left to upper right - is that a Mars harmonic? why double? and its single on blue chart?
7/18/2003 07:40:34 AM Mountain wlj:: if we rally,,,, thur gap full sp 994 and change,,,,is 18 up from thur low.

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