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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 07/20/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

4:00 Thanks for coming-see you next week-_____________________________________________________
3:58 stopped for no gain - totally flat day - looks like pit distribution before decline______
3:51 sold 1216.5 lower stop to 1216.5 and hold. Cover on close________________________________
3:42 today's range is about 9 points and still in center=balance.Chaos follows when broken_
3:35 I shifted red -Tide left 26 minutes to show potential move-sold 1216.5x1219.5 -hold______
3:25 -M270 again repelled price-high in green +Tide-sold 1216.5 stop 1219.5-just hold_________
3:20 I shift tides a few minutes left to see overnight shift-12 points-sometimes shifts into today-
3:08 Passing uranus turned market down-sold 1216.5 stop 1219.5 -just hold______________________
2:47 sold 1216.5 -put stop at 1219.5---M270 was resistance______________________________________
2:39 note the vibration about the Uranus flux line near 1217-coming to Uranus next-_____________
2:32 put sell stop 1216.5, just under Uranus flux_______________________________________________
2:29 OK -stopped out for -3-looks like +Tide did it-says not much rally left____________________
2:14 Uranus flux stopped rally-still short from 1215 stop 1218-be patient-Uranus next & hot_____
2:10 when it is flat, get a mix of MoonTides-minor rally from green +tide-Stop is in-hang loose-
2:00 lookes like a little "head fake" before heading south-yday a down thrust-today congest_____
1:50 coming to critical point-retesting the balance level_______________________________________
1:33 sold 1215-lower stop to 1218 -coming to critical point in Fractal of Pi-D5/U4______________
1:22 Chaos is a study of balance-the market balances, like at 1215, then breaks chaotically-s1215x1219.5______
1:15 now that we passed the Moon and Sun, congestion may end-s1215 stop 1219.5-chaos to come_____
1:00 passing Moon and Sun-A down Fractal of Pi says this is a minor high-s1215x1219.5____________
12:50 Notice the "slow roll" to the right-precursor to a chaotic break___________________________
12:33 sold 1215.Put stop at 1219.5, above -M270 Moon flux _______________________________________
12:13 this is a converging triangle move 4 in down Chaos Clamshell-sell 1215 stop__________________
11:55 stuck on the -M270 moon flux.Now we will wait until next MoonTide turn at 1:00_____________
11:35 stopped for -.75 on 1ADay___-note bounce off the 1215 blance level_________________________
11:19 sold 1218,lower stop to 1218.75 - focus on moving stop____________________________________
11:13 sold 1218. trail buy stop by 4, lower now to 1220.5-cover on 5 points,so buy 1213 or better_
11:02 Whoops, too late to cancel, sold 1218-put buy stop at 1221,cancel sell 1216_______________
11:00 official 1Aday starts now - sell 1219-3=1216 stop-cancel the "just in case" sell 1218 stop_
10:47 rally hit Venus and Mars flux lines-rising sign flux bundle=support yday,now resistance_
10:43 retesting the high. Sometimes I adjust 1Aday if I see it may come early-Sell 1218 stop___
10:32 Saturn flux stopped the rally.May retest this high to Mars flux-1ADay at 11:00,countertrend
10:15 Still at the 1215 balance level. Stay out of congestion. 1Aday on myscreen.gif__________
10:05 1212 is Earth/Moon flux pair level-probable support-been on red -Tide, ? swith to green+Tide_
9:52 the -M270 Moon electric field flux line was resistance,so prices trapped between it and +M180_
9:38 the Moon is past the rising sign, conjunct the Sun. Rising sign starts at 10:00___________
9:34 opening at the balance point 1215, half way between the +M180 and -M270 flux lines ________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________

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