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Here are Al's comments
3:17 our for +5.75 -I'm done for the day -see you next week-have a great weekend______________
3:07 stop 994.4_______________________________________________________________________________
3:04 stop 993.5 _____________________________________________________________________________
2:56 stop 993 - my Face of God pattern helped me catch this big fish__________________________
2:51 this rally has now gone parabolic-Uranus was midday base, could go to Uranus 1002________
2:43 stop 990-18 point Chiron to Chiron done, but I don't think this Pluto-Moon rally is over_
2:33 tricky green +Tide:red -Tide:green +Tide day -now green into close-Stop 988.75__________
2:30 looks like hold up or rally into close- Cont buy 988.75 stop 987 _______________________
2:24 parking a sell stop at 987 -____________________________________________________________
2:20 covering for 0-not working_______________________________________________________________
2:15 the moment of truth on an out of band trade is when it hits the 110 EXAM________________
1:58 stop 990___out of band trades are riskier than trend trades______________________________
1:52 have an out of band sell -sold 988.50 stop 990.50_________________________________________
1:49 sometimes you get a trade going into a Tide turn, and one coming out-got on going in_______
1:48 covering +4.5-can rebuy____________________________________________________________________
1:45 still OK___________________________________________________________________________________
1:39 stop 988.50________________________________________________________________________________
1:35 stop 988 -if rally dies, it is here________________________________________________________
1:33 looks like a runaway rally to the close-Typical of Pluto/Moon______________________________
1:25 here I must be careful, because dead on the red -Tide peak-stop 987_________________________
1:20 since 10:40 low was a +Tide low,I think we are on it,with the 12-1:30drop less than forecast_
1:18 stop 985-a Chiron to Chiron price move goes to 993-Satrun hot at 991.5____________________
1:14 one reason I jumped on that quick was that it was a -Tide32 low at a key pint in the fractal
1:02 early, but bought 985 stop 982__________________________________________________________
1:00 trend still up by the 110 EXMA-may get a continuation buy on this Tide turn_______________
12:54 Uranus was one of our hot prices in the email -stuck on it for now _______________________
12:35 this is now the noon hour doldrums_wait now for 1:30 trade ________________________________
12:28 covering 984 on 35 minute stall rule +1.5________________________________________________
12:20 holding up well just be batient here_-Tide 32 low _______________________________________
12:10 the 110 EXMA is now moving at 4.5 points per hour -above average for a trend move_________
12:02 stop 983 -so far, so good ________________________________________________________________
11:53 stop 981.5 This is a good 20/110 buy, with price separating from 20 EXMA and 20 sep. from 110
11:47 stop 980.50_______________________________________________________________________________
11:42 bought 982.5, stop 979.5 _________________________________________________________________
11:36 this little dip suggests might be on red -Tide and green +Tide32->rally comming____________
11:30 981 is a Chaos balance level-can vibrate near it all day________________________
11:23 here we will either get a 20/110 buy or a continuation sell ____________________
11:12 strong rally back up to 110 EXMA and Neptune price______________________________
11:07 stopped for 0-too much bounce-wait for 11:50 trade__________________________________________
11:01 got bounce of the Chiron electric field flux, up to the Sun's_____________________
10:48 first things first-stop 979.50-break even___________________________________________
10:46 we may get a big down day, according to the 10 day MoonTides-may hold this one all day _
10:40 stop 981.5 ________________________________________________________________________
10:34 sold 979.5 stop 982.5 -stop fired on 20/110 sell signal ___________________________
10:20 Tides suggested early flat, so stay out, but park a sell stop at 979.5 ____________
10:11 stalling out 984 for 0 _____________________________________________________________
10:06 made it through the rapids there-now can pick up some speed-_________________________
10:01 white-water rafting is a popular sport here in Colorado -and in thge S&P_______________
9:56 stop 982-the AUX page shows my Tide32 screen off one of my computers_____________________
9:53 may "streak" as we come to Pluto and Moon timeline-their price level is 988_______________
9:50 bought 984 stop 981________________________________________________________________________
9:48 out -3 -early trades are the riskiest, and also have the highest gains-20/110 buy-wait_____
9:46 lots of "buzz"-all I can do is leave the stop where it is and wait ________________________
9:39 now getting a continuation sell - sold 981 stop 984________________________________________
9:38 so far that is just a blip on the Mars time line____________________________________________
9:34 testing the 110 EXMA-can sell a break of the low____________________________________________
9:31 trend is down and working off of a preopen continuation sell signal -watch for a bit_________
9:28 very quiet going into the outcry open________________________________________________________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

7/25/2003 02:04:34 PM Mountain wlj:: thank you
7/25/2003 02:04:16 PM Mountain bkw:: minus 4.5 today-I count myself lucky.
7/25/2003 02:03:05 PM Mountain bkw:: WLJ- vix close 19.94-low-19.86
7/25/2003 02:00:01 PM Mountain wlj:: the program i use is so old it does not have vix,,,what is the number ?
7/25/2003 01:55:54 PM Mountain bkw:: WLJ- all time on the VIX today-no fear! astonishing!
7/25/2003 01:48:25 PM Mountain wlj:: public is heavy short side,,if it does break out to up side the shorts will run for the hills
7/25/2003 01:43:48 PM Mountain bkw:: WLJ- the top was in on JUNE 17 at 1015.33. Amazing it has held up this long!
7/25/2003 01:32:07 PM Mountain dst:: thar she blows
7/25/2003 01:22:01 PM Mountain wlj:: this is the 4th run at 9260 this month,,break through or party time for bkw,,,,,500 cash still 15-17 points from 1015 hi this month
7/25/2003 01:17:42 PM Mountain dst:: wlj - look at that TICK - dropped from 1200 to zero and price has gone down 2 pts
7/25/2003 01:13:31 PM Mountain dst:: cash Dow is about 20 from going over yest hi
7/25/2003 01:12:52 PM Mountain wlj:: dst,LOL
7/25/2003 01:11:44 PM Mountain bkw:: yesterdays high was 998.89 as long as it holds direction shpuld be down.
7/25/2003 01:10:54 PM Mountain dst:: you need a marguerita bkw
7/25/2003 01:09:30 PM Mountain wlj:: fedex just picked it up
7/25/2003 01:09:28 PM Mountain bkw:: whacked again-whoda thunk it-what happens now is critical!
7/25/2003 01:07:02 PM Mountain dst:: Got to send AL the hat, wlj - for catching this rally with 1 tick of heat after the entry!
7/25/2003 01:04:44 PM Mountain wlj:: this thing ate some spinach laced with viagra
7/25/2003 01:03:49 PM Mountain dst:: man o man
7/25/2003 12:51:39 PM Mountain wlj:: if higher, venus at vert mars
7/25/2003 12:49:10 PM Mountain bkw:: sold 993.50 stop 96.50
7/25/2003 12:36:58 PM Mountain wlj:: 7 waves up
7/25/2003 12:27:23 PM Mountain wlj:: may move up
7/25/2003 12:08:36 PM Mountain wlj:: this thing going to roll over or go for the 18 jump up to chrion ?
7/25/2003 11:58:09 AM Mountain bkw:: ditto on AL's sell.
7/25/2003 11:32:57 AM Mountain wlj:: adv issu have not gone to a new hi yet
7/25/2003 11:20:19 AM Mountain wlj:: change in trend
7/25/2003 11:19:05 AM Mountain mas:: What is a CIT call, please?
7/25/2003 11:00:25 AM Mountain bkw:: all together "to the tune of Born Free"!~
7/25/2003 10:15:23 AM Mountain dst:: other possibility is that the little dip was a minor low at the T32 turn time
7/25/2003 10:13:38 AM Mountain dst:: this may be tide 32 high
7/25/2003 09:59:54 AM Mountain Al:: UR welcome MM
7/25/2003 09:53:51 AM Mountain bkw:: whacked for three now it owes me two-it's still going to go down hard.
7/25/2003 09:41:31 AM Mountain mm:: Al, perfect 10:50 CIT call - just one minute off - thanks
7/25/2003 09:37:16 AM Mountain dst:: chat alert is stuck on an hour ago
7/25/2003 09:33:37 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 981 stop 984
7/25/2003 09:31:08 AM Mountain dst:: this is the open believe it or not
7/25/2003 08:54:30 AM Mountain bkw:: If we brk 974 bet the farm-cause 960 is the next stop.
7/25/2003 08:49:19 AM Mountain bkw:: YeeHaw 970 here we come!
7/25/2003 08:42:21 AM Mountain dst:: kinda hairy this am
7/25/2003 08:25:33 AM Mountain bkw:: I think AL is rite on the sell stop this thing looks it's going to crack in half.
7/25/2003 08:22:19 AM Mountain dst:: another propitious bkw exit!
7/25/2003 08:19:54 AM Mountain bkw:: out plus 4 and change-mo bettah!
7/25/2003 08:10:51 AM Mountain bkw:: it owes me 3 points sold 987 stop 990
7/25/2003 08:07:19 AM Mountain dst:: should be good to go now if holds above 86
7/25/2003 07:55:41 AM Mountain dst:: i show 5.75 as the floor trader pivot
7/25/2003 07:53:11 AM Mountain dst:: I saw - I should have made just a quick pass by the roses! oh well - second best to me making money is you guys making money!
7/25/2003 07:52:45 AM Mountain wlj:: third test of 985 with over nite
7/25/2003 07:51:08 AM Mountain wlj:: dst, you left to early to commune with the flowers yesterday, big drop
7/25/2003 07:44:22 AM Mountain dst:: ugh - another hook and go?
7/25/2003 07:39:23 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 983.50 stop 86.50

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