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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 07/27/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:40 thanks for coming, see you next week. Be careful out there________________________________
3:35 cover 1209.5 for -1.5 and quit for the day, net +1.75-time to go camping in the Rockies____
3:32 Like watching paint dry-typical summer Friday afternoon____________________________________
3:25 still short from 1208 stop1211-Mercury resisting-1203 somewhat possible___________________
3:10 hmm-sold 1208-buy 1211 stop and see what happens __________________________________________
2:57 Position traders sold 1209 stop 1220 - only thing I would do today is sell 1208 stop_______
2:47 stopped for +.25 - this looks like the pit is trying to hold it up until close ____________
2:38 sold 1211 lower stop to 1210.75 cover 1205 - Right on the green +MoonTide__________________
2:30 again repelled by Mercury electric flux, which stopped first rally of the day______________
2:18 lower stop to 1212.25-sold 1211-cover 1205- Uranus has been strong this line_
2:10 sold 1211, lower stop to 1213-buy 1205 or better-be patient_______________________________
2:05 sold 1211 lower stop to 1214-buy 1205 OB-high came from Moon squaring Neptune and Sun_________________
1:55 sold 1211 protect with buy stop $+4=> buy 1215 stop________________________________________
1:53 note stop is just under 110 minute EXMA, so I won't raise it more__________________________
1:35 raise sell 1211 stop___-1Aday is on myscreen.gif___________________________________________
1:22 raise sell 1210 stop________________________________________________________________________
1:15 raise stop to sell 1209 stop________________________________________________________________
1:08 the 1Aday is to sell a 1 point break of a trendline under the lows-sell 1208 stop___________
12:50 1ADay is to trade counter trend after 1:00 by drawing a trend line for the trend-now up____
12:30 getting another rally as Exchange passes Mercury-makes sense since Mercury flux is hot_____
12:00 1Aday is on the next Tide turn. Tides give you a way to pick a few times to trade___________
11:43 stopped for +6 - Mercury electric flux killed it____________________________________________
11:36 bought 1203 move stop to 1209 and cover 1212________________________________________________
11:18 bought 1203 stop 1203 move cover to 1212 __________________________________________________
11:10 Got nice streak as Exchange pased the Moon's Node-bought 1203 move stop to 1203-cover 1209_
11:02 bought 1203 again. Sell stop goes at 1200.Bet is that green +Tide is working_____________
10:54 now put a buy stop at 1203________________________________________________________________
10:51 stopped out for -3.I was too aggressive,and wrong.But I wasn't wrong for long.____________
10:44 bought 1203, put sell stop at 1200 and be patient.________________________________________
10:37 following green +Tide. 1ADay is at 1:30.Here we can buy 1203 stop going into this Tide low_ 10:20 1206 = 270 degrees, a Chaos Balance level. Prices tend to just vibrate about it __________
10:05 In a trading range now between Mercury and Mars electric flux-inside is Jup/Node&Ven/Chiron_
10:01 low was 1203-at least for now-green +Tide working and still down_________________________
9:47 decline should find support near 1203 _-cluster of Mars/Sat/Pluto electric flux___________
9:43 Mercury flux stopped rally attempt-possibly on green -Tide________________________________
9:35 opening flat-overhead resistance is at Mercury flux, then Sun, Nep, and +M090 Moon _______
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________

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