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Here are Al's comments
3:40 0 I'm going camping-see you next week-Aux chart shows -Tide 32 on this choppy day_
3:38 stop 979-it's free or not for me__________________________________________________
3:30 stop 980 ____break or hold 978 ___________________________________________________
3:24 getting separation of price, 20, and 110 EXMA______________________________________
3:21 looks like everyone went camping-now my dog Scout want to play ball-he's bored too_
3:10 been flat for 5 hours with out any buyers -flat or down ___________________________
3:05 high was on Moon/Saturn 991.5 -a break could reach 973.5 Moon/Sat__________________
3:03 sold 979 stop 982 -_________________________________________________________________
3:00 last high was on -Tide 32, which called the early drop-if break stop will be filled_
2:58 this is like a piece of iron being bent back and forth-cracks appearing but not break yet_
2:53 981 is balance-may hold until close - 979 is breakdown price-sell 979 stop________
2:53 just chop-easy to give away lots of small losses__________________________________
2:48 like I said, I should have gone camping _________________________________________
2:45 aborted that -1 __________________________________________________________________
2:38 resold 980 stop 983__-little continuation sell on 20/110___________________________
2:36 covered 980 for -1_________________________________________________________________
2:31 stop survived first rally-trade in doubt but I'll sit tight_________________________
2:18 sold 979 stop 982 ____________________________________________________________________
2:14 sharp drop after passing node-stop not yet hit________________________________________
1:58 first hit the Sun flux near 10:00-have now sat on it for 4 hours-1/6 of the day-common_
1:50 this thing could hold up into the close-parking a sell stop at 979-if tanks,will go fast
1:46 this has returned us to the Sun et. al. congestion zone, so just watch for now ______
1:42 coming into 2:00 turn may get a 20/110 sell__________________________________________
1:40 the good news is that the new blue clinic chart is running well under full load______
1:38 I'm going camping in the high country today-should have left this morning____________
1:33 at this point the bulls are dead-we are flat or down rest of the day_________________
1:31 Mercury and Uranus killed that rally-bearish for the outcome of the day________________
1:25 stopped for 0 -very choppy day-on thesere days it is hard to make money, so just keep
any losses small____________________________________________________________________________
1:21 looking good-I'll let this one run-stop 981.5__________________________________________
1:19 now can move stop to 980-_______________________________________________________________
1:12 right here prices are holding above both the 110 and 20 EXMA-good sign__________________
1:05 stop 979-will want to move slowly at first________________________________________________
1:01 on the clinic charts you see a double white diagonal line in the harmonic grid-it is support_
1:00 were I not long from the bifurcation entry,I would be buying now on the 20/110 buy+strength
12:57 or it could mean the red -Tide is for real________________________________________________
12:55 got a 20/110 buy for first timne today-may mean nothing given the dullness________________
12:45 elected long, protection is already in, wait for results-possibly on red -Tide____________
12:41 981 quantum is resistance, so I'll put a buy stop 981.5 -this is a "bifurcation" technique_
12:39 I put that stop .5 under the 978 3 point quantum- I knew it could be support here-it was_
12:36 I'll just park a sell stop at 977.5-tight congestion on SP9Day_________________________
12:29 coming into turn have a continuation sell setup-needs to break 978 to get me interested_
12:26 this is a "2 Moon" day-pattern looks to be moon-noon-moon, so may get modes PM rally_
12:20 but the S&P can go flat for 4 to 6 hours, so I may skip the next hotline trade________
12:09 volatility is getting lower and lower -volatility pinches preceed big moves__________
12:01 Prices are trapped in the Venus/Sun/Neptune flux bundle -may end after 1:00__________
11:48 out -2 - that says not going down-may get a 20/110 buy here___________________________
11:45 stop 981-looks like Crazy Harry is just having fun-need to be careful here____________
11:37 sold 979 on continuation sell - stop 982______________________________________________
11:32 out -1 _________OK not going anywhere__________________________________________________
11:31 stop 979_______________________________________________________________________________
11:29 that low was right on the green +Tide low-be patient___________________________________
11:15 I also used a Face of God overlay which told me Xchg passing Saturn could be a low____
11:12 stop 978-I think the green +Tide may be shifted left a bit____________________________
11:07 bought 980 stop 977 _________________________________________________________________
10:58 also, on the SP2Day chart, we have 7 moves in a down Chaos Clamshell from yday high__
10:56 coming into this Tide turn we have a possible 20/110 out of band buy set up_________
10:41 I use the 9 day chart for perspective on the day-on that chart we are oversold_______
10:35 tracking green +Tide-so down until near 11:00-look ahead-not back____________________
10:25 sometimes you get bounced out of a trade -just let it go - you can't get them all____
10:20 still probing for a bottom-I do not want to chase it-be patient-more trades later____
10:13 that low was on Sun flux,12 points -60 degrees-down from Moon/Sat high 8:20ish_______
that may be the range for the day__________________________________________________________
10:09 out for 0 -this is very choppy -may be on red -Tide _________________________________
10:04 that high came on Pluto/Moon price and time, telling us it was a strange repellor____
10:00 whee-stop 984_________________________________________________________________________
9:57 I may have pressed the stop too soon - 987 stopped the rallies-resold 984 stop 987______
9:50 out -1.5 - good trade because I followed the rules and controlled the loss______________
9:47 stop 985.5 __early trades have higher risk and higher rewards-so press stops____________
9:45 sold 984 stop 987 -_____________________________________________________________________
9:42 right now we have a contination sell setup on the 20/110 EXMA's-sell 984 stop___________
9:36 Monday and Wednesday were flat-alternate days-Friday may be too_________________________
9:35 opening slightly down but quite_________________________________________________________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

8/1/2003 01:05:51 PM Mountain cjm:: it's a friday afternoon. in the summer. in August. after a busy week. maybe everyone's gone camping?
8/1/2003 12:56:16 PM Mountain bkw:: This thing has been sittin and spittin for hours with no buyers-should crack??
8/1/2003 12:45:26 PM Mountain wlj:: just a guess, we end the day like yesterday near the open price,
8/1/2003 12:30:05 PM Mountain wlj:: little bounce came off up slope trend line of todays lows
8/1/2003 12:10:30 PM Mountain bkw:: That break of 980 was ominous I expect a test of 975 by the close we'll see-WLJ-no needles-I'm letting him play with the neighbours pit bull at the mo.
8/1/2003 12:05:52 PM Mountain Al:: bkw: you got any whoosh juice around?
8/1/2003 11:32:11 AM Mountain pl:: have a look at the 2day chart, its like a mirror of yesterday, if true than the real upmove should start into the close, curious if it works out, also the actual quite sharp pullback as yesterday
8/1/2003 09:43:22 AM Mountain wlj:: bkw, put the pin down, give the grasso doll a break
8/1/2003 09:41:26 AM Mountain bkw:: new low whoosh comin
8/1/2003 08:44:33 AM Mountain dst:: VIX and TRIN in the tank together
8/1/2003 08:39:05 AM Mountain wlj:: coming up on 90 deg from overnight high
8/1/2003 08:36:00 AM Mountain wlj:: 976 was support on the 25th
8/1/2003 08:30:28 AM Mountain wlj:: so far down about 18 + 9 from yesterday hi,,,968 is 18 + 18 down
8/1/2003 08:06:02 AM Mountain bkw:: It would be quite propitious to say "YEEHAW" here.
8/1/2003 08:03:33 AM Mountain Al:: guess not-our position traders just joined in
8/1/2003 07:58:23 AM Mountain Al:: must be time to buy then
8/1/2003 07:49:14 AM Mountain bkw:: AL- your old e waver buddy just went 100% short at 987 stop 1003.
8/1/2003 07:42:06 AM Mountain bkw:: Buckle up-rumour floating around the financial websites that Deutsche Bank has been blown out in the bond market and they ain't the only one-wowza.

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