Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 08/02/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:22 Covered 3 853 for +21-I think that's +30.5 today - love that Chaos-see you next week_____
3:05 the Green +Tide finally got Crazy Harry to move__________________________________________
2:56 Crazy Harry has been at lunch for 3 hours - 1/8 harmonic of the day_______________________
2:38 Crazy Harry is jerking the train around,trying to shake any hiding hobos loose____________
2:27 my target is 852, so I'll buy 3 853 or better______________________________________________
2:20 still short 3 from 860 X 869-got caught on the train in a station-hid from crazy Harry_____
2:04 Crazy harry is the conductor of the S&P train-he stopped here to pick up Mercury,Moon,Uranus_
1:55 the pattern recognizer has recognized a hex at 864-move from it should go 12 points_________
1:45 This is balance-the S&P balances 51% of the time-chaos follows the breaking of the balance_
1:31 my stop was not hit-action of EXMA's says this is a flat-be patient_____________________
1:25 I put back the 1 hour shift in green Tide suggested by tlj________________________________
1:15 took out all Tide adjustments-often a waste of time-Trackinindicators get you in the money_
1:00 I've been fitting the red -Tide to reality-may not work_______________________________
12:50 sell 3 860 stop 869 __________________________________________________________________
12:41 back to 1 day chart - Tide shows rally until after 2:00-_______________________________
12:36 I covered my 3 at 863.50 for +10.5 -I know 864 is a balance level and could go flat_
12:24 Chaos is natural-you can learn to cash in on it or suffer-it's youur choice__________
12:15 hotline subscribers check your email for a CHAOS TRADER'S EMAIL FLASH________________
12:02 So far this one Face of God pattern has made me enough to pay for the course__________
11:57 sold 2 more 867-short 3 again_-stop addjusted to 876___________________________________
11:55 Crazy Harry faked me out there-I thought he was stopping for lunch-happens-just go on__
11:52 sold 867.25 - stop goes 870.25_________________________________________________________
11:47 put stop 867.25 now ____________________________________________________________________
11:47 I was watching for a Tide turn at 11:30-I was alert to the need to cover-using 1 day cart_
11:39 just covered my 3 at 1174 for +15 -I didn't like the bound here-may now go flat-I may sell later_
11:32 this is boring-and profitable-money without working at it-ha-it takes alot of work__
11:21 sold 3 879 lowering stop now to 878-just be patient_____________________________________
11:12 FOG chart is now on of God course is on special this month______
11:02 if did 1ADay right, sold about 879 covered 872 -took patience-I'm holding short 3_
10:55 I'll post that chart in the FOGGER's ROOM on to have taken course to see_
10:44 I have a Face of God pattern telling me we may hit 852 by the close today___________
10:34 shifted green Tide right1 hour as per chat room suggestion___________________________
10:28 the 2 day pattern is thrust,congest,thrust,congest-next comes another thrust down____
10:17 This is a "gritchy" market-need to be patient,persistant,prepared and poised_________
10:14 sold 2 more 879 -stop on all 3 at 886 ______________________________________________
10:10 if I were not short, I'd be ready to sell here if the blue 110 EXMA curls down______
10:08 switched to 2 day chart to get a better perspective-it is just now setting up a sell_
10:01 resell 879 -use wider stop 886 for now ___________________________________________
9:57 stuck on Saturn/Venus electric field flux lines-passing Sat and squaring Venus now_
9:54 stopped for -3.OK,just be patient-life is not one trade, but a long series of trades_
9:50 goal is to cover on a 7 point gain, or at 871 -pretty slow srat-lots of noise_____
9:38 sold 878 put stop at 881 -"continuation sell" on 20/110 EXMA_______________________
9:36 Sell 878 stop _____________________________________________________________________
9:35 opening flat with a "pop up" -may be a "head fake" -1ADay looks to trade early_____
8:30 Good morning from Chaos Manor________________________________________________________
___Hope you all are enjoying this chaotic market _______________________________________

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