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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 08/03/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

4:00 covered 1218.50 for +1.5-very noisy day and 5 hour flat made trading hard-see you next week__________
3:35 cover 1221 or better or at 4:00 .Bought 1217.Raise stop to 1215_____________________________________
3:23 bought 1217 put stop at 1214 - this is late rally mentioned in last night's email______
3:14 balance finally broken-stopped 1316-buy 1317 stop______________________________________
3:07 been stuck on the +M000 Full Moon flux for 5 hours!!-these fluxlines are powerful______
2:57 just sell 1213 and cancel sell 1211 stop -put stop at 1216_____________________________
2:53 still flat-a congestion, not a low, so lower prices ahead-sell 1212 stop--------------
2:48 crowd getting restless now-loosing patience-looks like distribution before a decline____
2:45 watching paint dray is more exciting-this is BALANCE-chaos follows when it is broken____
2:40 looks like inverted to green +Tide-buy 1215.5 stop _____________________________________
2:25 when market goes flat, XTIDE shows minor moves-it is "rumble of the rotating earth"______
2:20 stopped out for +.75 - pulled back into flux bundle-may hold into close-sell 1211 stop____
2:08 watch for drop now-needs to break away from flux bundle to stay on -Tide__________________
2:00 See the power of this flux bundle-it attracted prices and captured them___________________
1:44 sold 1214.75 lower stop to 1214 and hold Red -Tide targets 1203 ___________________________
1:40 Coming up on Uranus, which sent prices down all during the recent rally___________________
1:26 nice little thrust, but still stuck to flux bundle-just sit tight__________________________
1:05 Sell 1214.25 stop 1217 - No guts, no glory_-price bars looks like a kid scribbling________
12:56 From yesterday'shigh, we have 6 moves down. A Chaos clamshell has 7, so expect a decline__
12:44 passing moon turned market down-put a sell stop 1210.50, 1/2 quantum below 1212___________
12:40 OK-I'm back.Took a walk in the park & ate some lunch-nothing happened-still stuck on flux_
11:52 stopped again - time to take a break-I'll leave screen run and be back near 1:00__________
11:47 Most likely move is still up to about 1218 -but now stuck in mud of the flux bundle_______
11:28 bought 1213.50 move stop up to 1212-cover 1217____________________________________________
11:08 gaining some strength-buy 1213.50 stop 1210.50_____________________________________________
11:02 Prices have been attracted back toward the Moon/Sun/Mer/Nep flux bundle,probably til 1:00___
10:50 stopped on 1Aday for -3. Noise got me. Best now to wait until next Tide turn at 1:00______
10:44 Stopped on impulse trade-1Aday sold 1209, stop 1212________________________________________
10:35 Down move probably complete-Jup/Node/Ven price to time move-not 1ADAy but buy 1212,stop1209_
10:30 stabilized at 1212 quantum-buy 1215 stop, sell 1209 stop___________________________________
10:20 Still probing for support. For 1ADay we are waiting for price to stabilize at a quantum lvl_
10:02 now testing the Sun,Moon,Mer,Nep flux bundle near 1214-the key event for today=1:00_______
9:45 1ADay is on myscreen.gif-my guess is on red -Tide based on down move in it and market_______
9:39 sharp drop on opening-should find support on -M090 Moon electric field flux line___________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________

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